Jan. 3rd, 2010

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Leaving for Bellingham today. Classes start Tuesday.

I would be a whole lot less stressed out about this, though, if my student loans didn't have to be such a federal fucking issue!

The money from my loan for this quarter was supposed to have been credited to my student account on Thursday. It wasn't.

I waited another few days to see if they sent it in late. They didn't.

So now I'm stuck with a $4893.60 outstanding balance on my student account, and the loan I was supposed to use to pay it is MIA.

Weekend won't work for calling the school, so I'm going to have to call them on Monday. Which is one day before the payments are due.

I am so stressed out about this you wouldn't believe. If something goes wrong? If for any reason I can't get that money credited to my account before Tuesday? We'll have to foot the bill out of pocket. Else I could get evicted from student housing.

I am so sick of these games. There is always an issue. ALWAYS. I have not had a snag-free moment since applying for this damn school.

I should be getting sleep right now. There's no way that's happening.
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Moved in and got the internet set up in my dorm room.

Roommate's stuff was moved in when I got here, but otherwise he's been a no-show. I can only assume he'll be here later tonight.

(EDIT: Roommate arrived, and I met my suitemates too. Man, I'm gonna have a hard time fitting in with this crowd.)

Dinner in the commons is at 5. I've basically just been killing time till then.

Probably make a more detailed post later, after more stuff has happened. >>;

(P.S.: Taylor, get a twitter! >8U )

EDIT: Augh I completely fucking spaced and forgot to get my student card. No dining hall for me tonight. :c


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