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Well, student loans aren't gonna cover the laptop. It's gonna have to come out of pocket.

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Took care of my FAFSA and my student housing application the other day. That's a relief, but also, holy shit is it surreal. It's like, seriously, I'm having an impossibly hard time imagining myself living in a dorm. And holy shit I'm going to be even further away from my friends than I already am! Aaaaagh nuuu ;;

At the same time, though, man am I glad I'm gonna have a meal plan. One less thing to worry about.

Incidentally, I didn't actually need to get another measles shot. My mom and I both misread my immunity records; the info for the first shot was transcribed from a different institution, so only the date was filled in-- which made it look blank unless you were paying attention. So, yay for not having to get stuck with needles?

[Project Oracle]

Also incidentally, I updated the Project Oracle page with info on a few new characters.


Did I mention I got a copy of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons from my dad a week or two back? 'Cause I did. I've been screwing around linking back and forth between Ages and Seasons now that I can. Gives me a good excuse to replay Ages, now that I've finally found my fucking copy of it.

And now that I've played through both of them? I can say that Ages is definitively the better game. The season-changing mechanics of Seasons was interesting, and it had the better music of the two for the most part (not a small thing in my book), but the plot was dull as all hell. You can tell that Ages was made after Seasons, because it plays around with the plot a lot more; stuff actually happens between the beginning and end of the game, instead of just having you going around collecting MacGuffins. And the villain in Ages is more interesting; Onox is just kind of a generic "rawr I am a bad guy" type villain, but Veran is... well, she's also that, but her methods are a lot more interesting.

I imagine most of the plot of Seasons was written back when it was still going to be a remake of the first Zelda game; whereas Ages was probably written after they decided not to do that, so they realized that they actually had to make the plot workable on its own merit.

Still, I'm glad I have both games now. They make for a pretty interesting experience as a pair.


Nintendo had a deal for Wii owners that originally bought the Internet Channel for 500 Wii Points; now that they're offering it for free again, they give you a free NES game-- so long as the game in question costs 500 Wii Points, of course. I'm a little annoyed at this; I would much rather have just had my Wii Points refunded, but what can you do. So I got Ghosts and Goblins.

Wouldn't you know, I can't get past the first area. Fucking flying... gargoyle... thing.

[Computer] still falling apart. The down key is pretty much fucked now; it works about 30% of the time. Firefox is randomly crashing; I have no idea if that has to do with the computer or what, but it's annoying. It still has problems with overheating. And it's still got the hinge problem I'm sure I've complained about here already.

On the upside, I'm probably going to be using my student loan to get a new one... so there's that.


I got a hold of Chip Tuned Rockman. It's pretty cool; not revolutionary, but cool nonetheless.

Also, I figured out how to rip sound effects and music from WoW's data files. This is very useful, especially the sound effects.


GUYS it's actually starting to get cold. Like, I finally had to turn on my heater and I got the urge to make hot cocoa the other day type cold. Man oh man do I ever love autumn. Because who doesn't love freezing to death?


I still have nothing. Like every Halloween for the past... how many fucking years? Ugh. I can't tell you what I'd give to be out of the house and not having to deal with trick-or-treaters.


Oct. 6th, 2009 04:45 am
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So apparently, some people can see this site and some people-- like me-- will only see the "domain has expired" page with a bunch of random advertisements on it.

Here's the thing. I need some sprites from this site.

If anyone on my flist can see the site, would you send/re-upload a sheet for me? It should be located at Other > F > Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, and it's probably labeled "NPCs" or something like that.

Can anyone help? ;;'
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So I woke up to a message on my computer saying that my hard drive was low on space.

I wound up having to uninstall Mabinogi. I know that I don't actually play it anymore, but this makes me a bit sad. I did enjoy the game, after all, and there are a lot of fond memories there. I only quit because I didn't have anyone to play with anymore, which continues to be the only thing holding me back from it-- combined, perhaps, with my inability to afford the Fantasy Life Package. Painful as it is, 900 megabytes' worth of a game I'm not active in anymore just isn't going to cut it.

SMT: Imagine was an okay experience, but at over 3,500 megabytes? Fuck that. I deleted that shit with prejudice. After saving a few songs from the soundtrack, of course.

And of course lol, the BIGGEST thing on there was World of Warcraft, clocking at over 16,000 megabytes. But I can't delete that because I have very specific plans of coming back once I can afford it, orz.

And on another note entirely:


I think I'm the only one that's not inordinately worried about this. H2G2 needed a stronger conclusion, and Adams planned on writing one before he, um. Died. I see no particular reason to think that Colfer won't kick ass at this.


Jun. 13th, 2009 01:13 pm
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So, one of the things I've been afraid of for a while now has finally happened. One of the hinges on my laptop broke.

Not completely, mind you, but enough to be an inconvenience. It looks like the part of the computer's body the hinge was screwed to kinda snapped off. So now, whenever I try to open the thing, it tries to yank up a piece of the computer's casing with it. AND it broke off the casing that was COVERING that hinge. Ech.

I really wish I could afford to repair or replace this thing. It's had me walking on eggshells for a while now, and I honestly don't know what to do with it.

Trading it in isn't an option. Computers lose value really fast, and I've had this thing for several years now... and any value it might have had is now officially shot to hell, thanks to these latest developments.

Obviously it still works-- fairly well-- or I wouldn't be able to be posting this. But yeah, it's less than comforting to know that my computer is falling apart.
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So I downloaded the demo for RosenkreuzStilette: Freudenstachel.

The .RAR archive contained a .bin file and a .cue file. Nothing else of note.

All sources seem to assume that anyone downloading the game will simply know what to do with these files.

I do not.

Anyone knowledgeable?


Dec. 21st, 2008 06:32 am
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So my computer is currently angry at me for letting it overheat. And I'm currently angry at it for constantly shutting off while I'm playing WoW.

Honestly, whose bright idea was it to put the vents on a laptop computer on the bottom? Where the lap goes?

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Um... I have nothing to say for the standard intro sentence. So, straight into the rambling on about my life that undoubtedly nobody cares about.

The party happened, and was pretty much a success. There were some crashing problems with rm2k3, so part of the PO debut had to happen on my Mom's computer. Of course, I went too fast past the dialouge in the first scene cuz it's really bad and I didn't want anyone to read it. But yeah.

We also got Taylor to play an 8-bit Megaman for the first time. Megaman 3. It's a fairly easy game, but she chose Gemini man's stage first. The poor girl. She also got to experience the evil of the Vanishing Blocks for the first time, in MagnetMan's stage. That one was pretty tame, though, Tay... You should see the Vanishing Block segments in Heatman's stage. They're enough to make grown men cry.

Also, I finally saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail during the party. So... now fifty percent of the inside jokes my friends have I now get. ^^

Oddly enough, less than a day went by between the time I finally got back the copy of Nuklear Age I'd loaned to Joey in time immemorial and the time I loaned it to Michael in exchange for borrowing Megaman Anniversary collection. A worthy trade. ^^ I think that, in my summer boredom, I'm ripping through it entirely too fast; I've already beaten Megaman 1, 3, and 6. Right now I'm at the final battle for 5 (and I'd have won by now if I'd had one more energy tank. ><). And, am I the only one that thinks that the remixed YamatoMan's theme completely rocks?

Finally, I'm doing Take II of the "Anyone Out There" call, meaning if you're reading this entry, please comment. And yes, I do allow anonymous comments if there are any anonymous readers. Please don't make me regret it.
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For some reason, I'm not updating as often as I used to. ¬¬

First of all, I finally got an NES! Well, it's been shipped at least. It's a top-loader system, so I don't have to deal with any of those nasty problems with the connectors or the moving parts. I also got Megaman 4 and Krion Conquest (Magical Doropie in Japan) to go with it. They haven't arrived yet either.

Second, my friends and I are going to get together tomorrow at my house. Whooo! I haven't seen any of them all summer. There's going to be game playing and movie watching and all kinds of cool stuff. And Project Oracle will make its first debut! ^^

Third, my computer's been acting up. I'm beginning to suspect it's suffering from overuse, it hasn't been quite right since it somehow turned itself on while I was away and stayed on for an entire week. If any of my friends on Messenger are reading this, the reason I haven't and won't be on messenger as much is because I'm giving the thing time to rest. I'm not dead, and neither is my computer!

The problem, more specifically, is this. Programs such as Windows Media have been crashing constantly, and the computer has spontaneously rebooted a few times. One of those times it wouldn't start back up again for a while, it would just keep rebooting when it tried to load the OS. If that ever happens and doesn't fix itself, then we may have a repeat of the Great Hard Drive Reformatting of '04, since that's sort of how it started.

Also, I need to get started on my summer homework for AP Literature. It keeps... staring at me. o.o
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I'm really, really, a thousand times really happy now. A state brought on by a number of circumstances. First and foremost, I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with the internet connection on the computer in my room, so I'm no longer on 24/7 internet lockdown. I couldn't get on Livejournal for the longest time, because for the longest time the only computers I was allowed to use/ that were currently functioning were the ones at school, which filter out livejournal now for some odd reason. Yeah. Anyways, it's been many months since I lost internet in here, so I am recieving it VERY gladly. ^^
Second, I have a five-day weekend. Yup. Starting tomorrow. And only a very easy math assignment, and some reading for Mythology to get done.

My final for Programming is coming along VERY well; I'm about 99% done, and it will probably be finished tuesday when I go back to it. Then I may put the finished product up on my site, cuz I'm kinda proud of it. ^^ There are a few problems I don't know how to fix, or don't know how to fix without adding a ridiculous amount of code, rather. And there's already a ridiculous amount of code in the thing.

Just got double-team report carded today, at both my dad and my mom's. For the first time maybe in history, all A's and B's. ^^

Also, just recently started playing Megaman 7 again, for the first time in a long time. I have to say, and I don't know if I'm the only one that thinks this, but Burst Man is so hard, it's unholy. >_< And don't even get me started on the final battle, especially with that energy-draining pre-final battle that you have to go through to get to it. It's no wonder I never saw this game through from start to finish without cheating. x_x

As a final note, I'm thinking of releasing a Project Oracle alpha demo to a very select audience sometime soon, so's I can get some opinions on things and stuff.


May. 7th, 2005 06:24 pm
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I'm happy. Why? After at least two weeks of not being able to use this computer because I thought I threw away the disk and cost my Mom more money on my new computer, I find out that the mistake wasn't mine, and in fact no mistake was made whatsoever. Today she decided to let me on this computer so I could look for a downloadable driver for the sound card. I google my sound card and the word "driver", and I get a help page that says the drivers aren't available for download. Why? Because the card is connected directly to the motherboard in the computer, so the motherboard companies prefer to do the driver business themselves. That's when it clicked-- the only disk that I still had that came with my computer was the disk for the motherboard. So, I dash into my room, grab the disk, pop it in, and a menu comes up, one of the options of which is for my specific sound card. I install it, restart the computer, and am greeted with a very lovely startup sound. I. Am. Happy. ^^

But yeah. After more than two weeks of not being able to get onto livejournal (No internet in my room in either house because my dad turned on encryption on his, and the school computers now filter out lj), I had at least three, probably more pages of friends entries to catch up on. Guhhhh.

I also have an essay to get to, which I still don't completely understand. And I'm in a bit of a tough spot because I promised to make one of my mom's favorite meals, Chicken Fettuccini, tomorrow for Mother's day, but don't have the recipe (long story), and we're going to be going shopping for ingredients tomorrow. *dramatic pose* To the internet!

Also, I left my flash drive over at my dad's, so no Project Oracle this weekend. -_-'


Apr. 29th, 2005 06:59 pm
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A bit has happened between the last update and this one. First, I installed XP on my new computer, but now it doesn't recognize my sound card. This wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a 90% chance that I threw away the driver disk. >_< So, being very angry at me for screwing it up, my mom told me I couldn't use this computer. Which is why I haven't updated until now.

Second, my mp3 player/flash drive went boom. And I had all the chapters of the scriptures stored on it. Which makes it a very good thing that I posted the first three chapters on here; I only had to rewrite chapter four.

Speaking of the scriptures, it may be worth it to note here that I don't use my normal writing style when I write them; I try to emulate the style I see most myths written in, just to get the myth "feel" into it. I decided after finishing chapter three that I thouroughly hate that style, so for the sake of consistency, I'll finish chapter four in it, then change back when I write the Hero Epic and Armageddon story. The former I plan to write in my normal style, and the latter will be written as a poem.

Oh, and I did end up presenting that philosophy thing. Because not presenting it would have meant an automatic zero. x_x
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Have I ever complained about how life is so exhausting? Allow me to begin.
It seems like my weekday schedule consists of little or no free time. I get up at five in the morning (usually hitting the snooze alarm, at least allow me that), take a shower, get dressed, do everything I need to do in the morning, then fix up breakfast to eat in the car and leave at around 6:00, almost consistently late. I then wait for a scant ten minutes and walk for five minutes in the freezing cold out to my bus stop. I try to get some sleep in during the half hour or so bus ride, but it invariably ends too soon and leaves me feeling even more tired. I then go to school for around six hours, leaving with a fresh steaming pile of homework, which I spend a good number of hours doing. Between that, the ride back home to my mom's from ~5:50 to 6:20, and dinner, I usually find myself with, optimistically, an hour of free time. Please, stop the world, I wanna get off! ;_;
Thankfully, though, (and strangely enough) days at my dad's are a little better in that particular respect, and weekends are worlds better. And I get friday off this week. Yay extended weekends! ^^
Hoping to get a copy of Windows XP soon, it looks like that is the only solution now to my computer-related woes. Until then, I'm stuck with one computer that has no internet, and one that I can't use until after nine, where the connection comes and goes like the wind, and MSN Messenger seems to have mysteriously ceased functioning. Any day now. -_-'

Break time

Feb. 18th, 2005 10:42 pm
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Well, the last week of school before mid-winter break has officially drawn to a close.
One thing: I got signatures from all four of my teachers, even in programming, where circumstances seemed dead set against me succeeding. How is it that three separate assignments that I did and turned in could just dissapear into the void, anyways? Yeah, that caused a little bit of a pain in the ass for me, but I managed to wrap it up today.
Another: For the first time this semester, I managed to get homework in all four of my classes. o.o That means that I have Adv. Algebra (Story problems for systems of equations with three variables. Not fun. x_x), Programming (Making a game where you mix and match hats, heads, bodies, etc. to create a character), Mythology (ten essay-type questions on The Last Unicorn, which was actually a fairly decent movie), and Japanese (A Sakubun. This is going to be common terminology for me now, so it's a composition, basically a Japanese free-write). In other words, predictably enough, I got an amount of homework proportional to the amount of time I have off. Mochiron.
And another: STILL haven't fixed the internet on my new computer, which is turning out to be a major pain in the ass. And to exacerbate the matter, I'm being told not to use my old computer until I fix it, which effectively cuts me off from the internet. Which is why I had to wait until such an ungodly hour to post this. Shush! Naijo da.
As for the specifics, they have me baffled. The USB chord is firmly connected, the computer acknowledges a connection, everything. The only thing that's missing is the actual internet.
So, that's all for this session. I currently lack a clever way to close this entry. So, yeah.
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Shit, dammit, fuck, and all that fun crap.
I have no idea if this and the previous update are in any way related, but the internet now doesn't work on my new computer. The inevitable result of which will be the reformatting of my brand-new and beloved hard drive. ;_; NOOOOO! EDEN WAS SO SWEET WHILE IT LASTED!!! *sobs*
Otherwise, I'm thoroughly loving and hating my new classes. Programming and Japanese are so far ruling, while Advanced Algebra and Mythology bring nothing but two unique piles of interminable homework assignments daily.
Other than this, not really much to say. This restriction is, however, taking a visible toll on my update frequency. However, my dad made a deal with me that if I bring back signed proof that I am completely caught up in all my classes, this gargantuan punishment will be destroyed in its infancy. So, I'm hoping that I actually WILL be able to provide such, because while I believe I'm caught up, things have an odd tendency of sneaking up and biting me in the ass at the least expected moment. And if I don't get it this week, I'll be going all through mid-winter break next week without those priveleges I've so longed for. Wish me luck, everyone! Out.
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Dammit. I thouroughly hate myself.
I JUST got my new computer working, with internet and everything, and now it's been infected with more spyware than some colorful metaphor I don't care to think of at the moment.
My homepage has been hijacked, I get tons of pop-ups, and my desktop keeps setting itself to some html document about spyware; and now, my web browser looks for key words in webpages and links them to questionable web sites. And the worst of it is, the people doing all this claim to be spyware removal... things. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this entry was being spied on as I type it. Is there anyone out there who can help me? ;_;
EDIT: Got eAccelerator StopSign, and that took care of the TopText (weird links) problem, along with probably countless others I haven't noticed; I've got to restart my computer before I see what else it resolved, but I don't want to just yet. As for the Homepage Hijacker, I'm supposed to be getting an email from the tech support guy with a link to a useful program (Hopefully more useful than HijackThis), along with instructions. So far, nothing. Here's hoping it actually does get here. ^^


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