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"You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think, "Wait a minute. Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from it. One-word answers seldom help anyone."

1. First Name:

2. Age:

3. Location:
Federal Way, WA

4. Occupation:
Does "jobless college student" count as an occupation?

5. Partner:
Never had, except for a couple online things. Those didn't work out. At all.

6. Kids:
Probably never going to happen, but I don't want them anyway.

7. Brothers/Sisters:
Two sisters and a brother, by marriage and not birth.

8. Pets:
Currently, one ~2-year-old long-haired Dachshund, name of Duncan. He's my Mom's and not mine, and don't let her tell you anything different. >_>

Previously: My Mom loves Dachshunds, so we've had several over the course of my life. First was a short-haired one named Gretchen, who they had before I was born. Died at the age of 17ish, I think, while I was in elementary school still. Second was a younger one by the name of Cuddles, whom we wound up getting rid of because she was a real asshole. Third was a Dachshund/Terrier mix named Wrangler, who we got rid of due to being too damned energetic.

I used to fancy myself a dog lover as a kid, but now I'm really, really not. Still, even I have to admit that our current dog is much less of an abject failure than the previous two. I like him okay... for a dog.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
* School coming up soon (BUT YOU GUYS KNEW THAT because I can't shut up about it)
* Uh... that's about it. 8|

10. Parents:
Divourced while I was in elementary school. Dad remarried, Mom didn't. I still have a hard time imagining how they could ever have been compatible enough to have gotten married, but what am I complaining about, it worked out well enough for me. ;o

Related: it is very, very awkward to be talking to your mom and discover that she had been married once before your dad, and to have not found out about this until you were in high school. That was surreal. My dad said it was my fault for not knowing, but honestly, how am I supposed to think to ask about something like that!?

11. Who are some of your closest friends:
In no particular order: Taylor, Michael, Beth, Alpha... did I miss anyone?
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So I decided that, if my Dad and Stepmom bug me for a Christmas list again this year, I'm going to ask for replacements of all those books my Dad got rid of that I used to own.

So I'm digging through old LJ entries and stuff looking for hints and reminders of the stuff that's missing. Curse my imperfect memory.

So far confirmed missing are:

1. Understanding Comics (Scott McCloud)
2. Reinventing Comics (Scott McCloud)
3. More manga than I frankly care to replace. Including volumes of Case Closed, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh (some dating as far back as our first Uwajimaya field trip in High School!)
4. A Wrinkle In Time (Madeline L'Engle)
5. Godless (Pete Hautman)
6. A few volumes of Animorphs, Everworld, and Remnants (K.A. Applegate)
7. A Horse And His Boy, Prince Caspian (C.S. Lewis)

3 and 6 I'm not going to ask for because there were too many. 5 I won't ask for because I really don't care. 7 because I still won't have the complete series anyway. (Also applies to 6).

I really wish I had kept a record of the stuff I owned. I'm almost certain there are more books I owned that are gone now.
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I guess I ought to update on the stuff in my last entry.

My Dad opted to call my Mom instead of me. Typical of him-- he was probably too angry with me to talk to me. She told me he gave her quite the earful, too. Talked about how bad I was doing in Lit, and said I was "borderline failing" at Gov (which is utter bullshit, I currently have a B-. >o<) After that, my Mom called me up to talk to me-- My Dad had mentioned my shitload of missing work in Lit, and I told her that I'd already planned on finishing all of it over the weekend, to prove him wrong. It just so happens that I proceeded to do just that, too-- after my Dad had gone on forever about how it would be his responsibility to kick me into shape and get me to do that stuff. I figured that would get him to see the flaws in how he was treating me; after all, could I really be that inept if I could do all that myself, without being told even by my Mother?

Hah. I should know him better.

I got there today, and he gave me a lecture. I mentioned the fact that I'd finished ALL my late work without his intervention, but he just told me to be quiet and let him talk. Then told me to ask-- ASK, you understand-- before going to my Mom's early again. And he said if I was all caught up with my schoolwork, he would probably let me.

Dear GOD. Did I inherit a skull that thick!?

Needless to say, I think he somewhat spectacularly missed the point. I've half a mind to do it again just so I can have him ask me why I did it, and answer, "Because you didn't quite get it the first time." That would be SO satisfying. Maybe THAT would pierce his skull.

But alas, there's nothing I can do. You can't pierce diamond that easily, after all. -_-;;

EDIT: The point being that I left with the express purpose of escaping the highly stressful way he handles my schoolwork in the first place, in case you didn't get that yourself. >>;;
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I've always considered myself a linguist. Words are what I know best, after all. They're the tool I use to express myself, to make my thoughts into tangible reality. But why do they have to fail me when I need them most?

I decided to come over to my Mom's early this week. I didn't consult with my Dad about it, because I figured he wouldn't approve. I just got a call from Kris asking me why I came over.

I wanted to tell her the real reason. That I was tired of the way he handled things, and I wanted to prove that I could dig myself out of the hole I'm in in school without his help-- something he wouldn't ever let me prove. But when it came right down to it, what came out of my mouth?

"I wanted to."

DAMMIT. Where did THAT come from!?

I was put on the spot, I guess, and I got afraid. Like always. I got nervous and couldn't think. So, my words failed me. Like they always do.

I can NEVER say what I want to to either of them. I don't GET it. All the words are here in my mind. I want to tell them that I think they're treating me like a child, that I can be better if they let me, that I'm more than they think I am. But my own nerves won't let me. I stand in his shadow, and my gift leaves me. And so, he's left with his half-assed perspective of what kind of a person I am reinforced. What am I supposed to do!?

I hate it. There's nothing more stifling to me than lacking words. That may come as a surprise to some people that know me-- I'm not exactly the talker, after all-- but that only means I ration my words. I only use them when they count, and I use them to the best effect I can manage. But when I want to stand up to my Dad and Stepmom, I lose that ability. And it's sinking me deeper in with them.

The problem, I think, is the fear. I'm afraid of what they'll think. If I tell them everything that's on my mind, will they listen? Or will they knock my ideas down, like they always seem to do, and ridicule me for being thick-headed and childish? I don't know. But that's what I'm afraid of.

My Dad's probably home by now. Kris will have told him what I said. I'm waiting for his call, asking me to explain myself. And I don't know what to do.
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Holy fuck.

I'm now experiencing the last few hours of being seventeen years old. When the clock turns to midnight, I'll officially be an adult. My days as a kid will be officially... over. And do you know what? I'm not at all sure that I like it.

On the one hand, I'll be able to register to vote. That's a good thing. On the other, I'll have to register for the draft-- not a nice thing for a pacifist such as myself. I'll also be able to be arrested and tried as an adult; not that I plan on doing anything wrong, but it's not a terribly comforting thought at any rate. Think of it as the difference between somebody saying "Don't rob this bank," and someone saying "Don't rob this bank or I'll shoot you with this gun I'm pointing in your face." The fact that you're a good, law-abiding citizen provides little comfort. Then, there's the responsibility of being an adult; plus the thought of my comfy little high school life coming to an end in a few months. Frankly, it kinda scares me. Dammit, why can't I be excited about it like a normal human being?

I'd like to say this will mean that my dad will get off my back about stuff, but it will probably only mean an increase in the things he expects from me. I doubt he'll think of me as an adult anyway.

So what is it about the incidence of one day that makes one an adult? The obvious answer is, of course, nothing; I'm as much an adult now as I'll be when I wake up in the morning. So, should it scare me? I mean, it's not like an actual change; it's just the government looking in my direction and suddenly noticing that I'm not a kid anymore.

Now that I'm at the very verge, everything looks different. The big things look bigger, the small things look smaller. Why, for instance, am I worrying about when the next Final Fantasy or Rockman game comes out when I should be worrying about applying to college? Why am I idly reading webcomics when I've got a senior project festering in my backpack? Why am I updating my livejournal when I should be finishing my work for AP Gov? A whole bunch of whys, and not a whole lot of becauses. Will I still, as a legal adult, procrastinate and end up staying up late into the night so I'm falling asleep the next day? Will I still skirt my Sound and Sense work even though it's brought my grade down to a D? Will I keep hiding from my dad like some pigeon-hearted turtle? I don't know. I just don't know.

All I know is, I've got two lives ahead of me-- one about to end, and one just barely beginning. And I'm sure as hell not getting any younger.
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revised and updated )


I haven't felt like updating for quite a while now (still don't), so I've got kind of a surplus of things to talk about. I've forgotten most of them, so this won't take long. ^^;;

First, took the SAT today. It was... meh. Not too difficult, but I had a hard time switching back and forth between English and Math mode constantly. I probably bombed the essay, since mine was really short. Eh, as they say, brevity is the soul of wit. ¬¬

Second, I'm dissapointed in you people. I expected more comments on my last two entries (now pretty old, but whatever), especially on the new layout. HINT. >o<

Third. My dad has restricted me from my room. Let me know if and when I start to appear mentally ill. Something's fixing to snap here.

Fourth, Taylor has gotten me to play World of Warcraft. It = win.

Fifth: I've been feeling kinda depressed of late; I'm not really in a good mood very much anymore. I think it's just the sum total of everything that sucks in the world and my life is weighing on me right now; we'll see if I can get it figured out.

And finally: I watched High School Musical and liked it. Screw you if you have a problem with that.
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[\] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[\] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[X] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[\] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[O] Study for SATs
[ ] Cut down on video game/computer time
[X] Get up to date on Hamlet Journal ><
[ ] Senior Project work
>>[X] Come up with an idea
>>>>[ ] Get idea approved
>>[ ] Find a mentor
>>[ ] Start workin on the damned thing

Bleah. First off, I'm getting tired of leaving my Dad's house angry. I always go there thinking that I've exaggerated the troubles within my mind, and that it couldn't possibly be that bad... then I go there, and he CONSISTENTLY proves me wrong. I leave in a huff, and through the following week I cool off just enough to start the cycle over again. DAMMIT. Somebody stop the ride, I wanna get off. ><

Second, I finished Son of a Witch. And... I loved it. ^____^ I especially liked the romance between Liir and Trism, I thought that was really cool. And it's completely different from the first book in that-- Wicked pretty much gave closure and catharsis to the story, and a sequel was the last thing I expected, so that when I saw there WAS a sequel, it surprised the hell out of me. But Son of a Witch leaves NOTHING closed, there are just so many little things left open, they all coalesce, so that the ending is just one big loose end-- so now it feels like there HAS to be another book, when there's little to no chance there will be. Dammit. But I loved it.

Third, snow. Since I couldn't get on LJ last week, I couldn't write about it, but there was SNOW last week. HERE. That's saying something-- we don't get much in the way of snow where I live, and last year was an especially bleak year in that sense. But on Tuesday, we got a TON of snow, about during third period. That's AP Lit for me, and the flakes were absolutely huge. Ms. Dann was trying to keep us concentrating on the discussion, but everybody was distracted by the snow, so finally she let us get it out of our system-- "Alright, everybody, I want you to write down one simile to describe the snow. Write it on your notes." My simile-- the snow is like a shower of feathers. (And it really WAS.) That's when I thought to myself, If I see a red one, someone's gonna DIE. (I can feel Michael disowning me for that. XD) But yeah. We actually went outside into the snow during that period, because we were reading lines from a play and we had to shout. Got soaked, naturally. Then I saw Michael outside acting like an idiot, catching snowflakes on the tongue and such. Brilliant.

That snow didn't last long, though-- in fact, it had died by the end of that period. BUT. It snowed a TON on thursday (started at about the same time as on tuesday), and it stuck, and hung around all day. Next day was a snow day, but I would just as soon have gone to school for all the fun I had. The snow stubbornly resisted melting completely all weekend, even though not enough remained for another snow day. Not that I minded terribly.

Parental units have been bugging me about a christmas list. Ironically, I always have a hard time thinking of stuff to put on these lists, since I usually lack an idea of what to ask for. Buh, whatever.

Before I forget-- I have been inspired by Taylor to write about a geeky .hack-related dream I had this weekend. Well, it's only a snippet of a dream-- I can't recall dreams with the length and accuracy that Taylor apparently can. >___<
yaaaay for geekiness )

As a brief aside, I saw the Viewtiful Joe anime this saturday. Scary.

God. Ever notice how I don't make an entry unless I have a ton of stuff to say? that's why I don't update very often. >__<;; Guh, I need to shorten my entries.
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Bleh. I don't have a lot to say. My dad decided that since I don't have my license yet (and as he and my stepmom reason, despite my protests, won't), it was time that I start learning how to use the bus system. So, this week was filled with extremely tiring and exasperating research-based "homework" that involved finding bus routes from one specific place to another, and finding out how the fare system works. It took three or four days for me to get it right, since I tried it one day and he nitpicked it to a million pieces and told me to do it right the next day. We actually got into a fight over a misunderstanding we had with his directions, and my stepmom said that she had never heard us yelling at eachother like that. I still believe that I'm right, but I stopped fighting back since I'd have a considerably better chance of convincing a brick wall. Those who know my dad would be nodding in agreement and smiling knowingly right now. ^^;

Yeah. He also decided to get me up when he left for work the last two days because I didn't get up at a time he liked. That means I had to wake up at 6:30. For a grand total of 5 hours of sleep each night. This is even after I showed visible constraint and didn't go to bed at my favorite bedtime, 3:00. I would be HURTING right now if I didn't do that.

So, generally, I'm mad at my dad right now. I could rant on and on for several pages about all of the things he does that absolutely infuriates me, but I'll hold it back for now. It's a strain on my already weakening willpower, but I'll manage.

Otherwise, not a whole hell of a lot's going on. I recently got back into my dust-gathering Animorphs collection that I hadn't touched since elementary school. I own every book 1-30, including Megamorphs, the Andalite and Hork-Bajir Chronicles, and Alternamorphs (blech), except 4-11, which are the ones that my elementary school's library had, so I didn't need to buy them. In all the books past number one, the writing is fairly good, despite all the inevitable slang-based difficulties pre-requisite to books written in the early 90's. The first book had a lot of plot to introduce in a very short span of book (maybe as thick as your palm), so it seemed a bit rushed in spots, and was generally not very good, but it ironed out later. I may be reading under my level, but I like it for the nostalgia value. I still think that Applegate's Everworld series is much better than Animorphs.

I also beat Viewtiful Joe today. I didn't save after the final battle because I missed a lot of the dialogue in the last scene before the battle (courtesy of my talky stepsister, whom I hadn't seen in a while, coming into my room at that moment), so I'll have to fight the dissapointingly easy King Blue battle, and the moderately difficult Captain Blue battle, again.

And as a final note, I've started on a Megaman spriting project, hereby titled "Megaman Next". It started out when I decided out of the blue to make an 8-bit sprite of Milkman, a mock robot master from a Megaman flash I saw, then one of Bibleman-- an actual bible-based superhero you can watch on tv (hella funny stuff). The idea sparked in my head to make 8 custom Robot Masters and put them on a Megaman Stage Select screen. From there came Blademan Man (A shameless Homestar reference), w00tman, PoliticianMan (Name idea courtesy of Taylor ^^), Ushiman (ANYBODY in my group of friends will get this joke), Cinderellaman (neither a boxer, nor indeed a man as her name would imply), and PhDman (Someone I invented just so Bibleman could have a punchline-worthy weakness). I'm going to design a weapon order, and I've started with preliminary ideas for what their stages will be like. I've even done some of the boss chambers for an MMN sprite comic idea I had but will probably not do. It's difficult coming up with so many tilesets when all I have to use is edited Megaman 1 tiles. x_x

Er... I guess I DID have a lot to say. How bout that.
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Un...believable. A two-day school week (two half days and one normal), followed by a five-day weekend, and it still felt short. ;_; It's hardly going to be a day off tomorrow, because I'm going back to my dad's. I swear, I never feel like I'm enjoying myself when I'm over there; It's a terrible thing to think, I know, but it's true. I really don't want to go back.

In other news, I have a new addition to my list of favorite animes... One Piece. Pirates rock ur proverbial sox. ^.^

Tommorrow I'm getting a new mp3 player to replace the one that went boom on me a few weeks ago; but I'm doing it in exchange for weeding around the retaining wall on the edges of our backyard. It's more difficult than it sounds; the thing is like one big weed. x_x I tried to finish it off today, but the battery-powered weed-eater, which had been charging for maybe four days since its last use, went out within 5-10 minutes of my starting. X__X So, I'm going to have to actually get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow in order to finish, or at least start finishing, the job. Bah, I'll never understand you early birds.

Also-- the Stinkoman game on rocks. It rocks like nothing has ever rocked before. Play it now, 1-up commands you. ^^


May. 7th, 2005 06:24 pm
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I'm happy. Why? After at least two weeks of not being able to use this computer because I thought I threw away the disk and cost my Mom more money on my new computer, I find out that the mistake wasn't mine, and in fact no mistake was made whatsoever. Today she decided to let me on this computer so I could look for a downloadable driver for the sound card. I google my sound card and the word "driver", and I get a help page that says the drivers aren't available for download. Why? Because the card is connected directly to the motherboard in the computer, so the motherboard companies prefer to do the driver business themselves. That's when it clicked-- the only disk that I still had that came with my computer was the disk for the motherboard. So, I dash into my room, grab the disk, pop it in, and a menu comes up, one of the options of which is for my specific sound card. I install it, restart the computer, and am greeted with a very lovely startup sound. I. Am. Happy. ^^

But yeah. After more than two weeks of not being able to get onto livejournal (No internet in my room in either house because my dad turned on encryption on his, and the school computers now filter out lj), I had at least three, probably more pages of friends entries to catch up on. Guhhhh.

I also have an essay to get to, which I still don't completely understand. And I'm in a bit of a tough spot because I promised to make one of my mom's favorite meals, Chicken Fettuccini, tomorrow for Mother's day, but don't have the recipe (long story), and we're going to be going shopping for ingredients tomorrow. *dramatic pose* To the internet!

Also, I left my flash drive over at my dad's, so no Project Oracle this weekend. -_-'
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Have I ever complained about how life is so exhausting? Allow me to begin.
It seems like my weekday schedule consists of little or no free time. I get up at five in the morning (usually hitting the snooze alarm, at least allow me that), take a shower, get dressed, do everything I need to do in the morning, then fix up breakfast to eat in the car and leave at around 6:00, almost consistently late. I then wait for a scant ten minutes and walk for five minutes in the freezing cold out to my bus stop. I try to get some sleep in during the half hour or so bus ride, but it invariably ends too soon and leaves me feeling even more tired. I then go to school for around six hours, leaving with a fresh steaming pile of homework, which I spend a good number of hours doing. Between that, the ride back home to my mom's from ~5:50 to 6:20, and dinner, I usually find myself with, optimistically, an hour of free time. Please, stop the world, I wanna get off! ;_;
Thankfully, though, (and strangely enough) days at my dad's are a little better in that particular respect, and weekends are worlds better. And I get friday off this week. Yay extended weekends! ^^
Hoping to get a copy of Windows XP soon, it looks like that is the only solution now to my computer-related woes. Until then, I'm stuck with one computer that has no internet, and one that I can't use until after nine, where the connection comes and goes like the wind, and MSN Messenger seems to have mysteriously ceased functioning. Any day now. -_-'
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Wow. My life genuinely sucks.
Not only is the homework still piling itself onto me, slowly becoming sentient and planning to crush me once and for all, but the terms of the deal have once again been changed. I now have to complete a note EVERY WEEK. And he expects me to wait till the last possible moment (so he can get up-to-date info, I guess), when I have no time to take care of anything that pops up at the last second. Which is precisely what happened this time. A bunch of things in Programming class took me by surprise; it's looking like this one might be the "problem class" of the bunch. Fortunately, he's letting me save the notes for weeks at my Mom's until monday, if I don't have them finished. But that's the extent of it. My stance is, he needs to be LESS involved in my school life, and let me sink or swim of my own accord. But, nooooo. He just tightens his vice-grip on my everyday life. I have more important things to worry about than making sure I have zero missing assignments (A mark very few achieve) every hour of every fucking day, dammit! I feel like a fucking elementary schooler. >_<
In other news, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday. And of course, I felt obligated to get him a gift. Damn this conscience of mine.
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Well, this break has been pretty uneventful so far.
My stepmom maintains that it's a break from school, not a break from having to do stuff. So, I've had at least one job every day this week to do instead of the plain old resting that I've been wanting to do. I've gotten in a fair amount of that still, but she even tries to make me feel guilty for that.
Also, my dad has taken a bit of an interest in the sites that I visit. Maybe he thinks I'm going to sites that I shouldn't be going to (a patently ridiculous idea, beings that I know that he likes to keep a 1984-esque eye on the things I do on the computer already, and he knows I know), but at any rate, I now feel like I'm in a steel cage that prevents me from going to any site that he might misinterpret as bad.
Tomorrow is [ profile] hobbit_hunter's birthday party. My dad's supposed to be driving me there tomorrow, but he says that if he's called in for work, he won't be able to and I'll be stuck. >_< Not only that, but I have to take care of several (coughgiftcough)-related woes before noon tomorrow. Which is turning out to be a more definitive problem. x_x
As a slight un-burdening, it is REALLY annoying to have to listen to my stepmom and stepsister fight out in the living room (loud voices, especially from the latter). That's why I'm wearing headphones right now. ^^ *tunes out*
And, as a final note, I'm getting back into Chrono Trigger now that I have FF Chronicles, and secretly installed my old PSX at my mom's house in light of my restriction. :p
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Good news and bad news.
Good news: I did indeed get a note from all my teachers, and my privileges are restored for the break.
Bad news: As per his normal behavior*, my dad changed the conditions of the deal. Now I have to do one of those notes every other week before coming here in order to earn privileges for the following week. As if I have nothing better to do in class but prove that I'm not missing assignments. I just wish my dad would stay out of my fucking business, but no. He has to know everything about me every fucking waking moment. Not just this, either, but he expects me to tell him all the things I do on the internet, the only time he knocks before entering my room is when he tries to open the door and finds it locked (Not even the courtesy of knocking and coming in anyways, which is still pointless, but at least a little courteous) because I have no "right" to the privacy that I desire. I've tried to tell him many times over that it's not a matter of rights, it's not that I should get what I have legal rights to and nothing more, it's a matter of being NICE and granting me that little privacy that will hurt neither of us and do me a world of good.
OK, now that I'm done ranting about that.
I went to the bookstore yesterday; bought books 2-5 in the Narnia series (in the new distribution order). I've read the Magician's Nephew from the school library, and thoroughly enjoyed it; and I finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe earlier today. Loving the series so far. ^^
And, as my quota of herculean feats for this break, I managed to finish all my homework in one night. >_<
So, yeah. That's it.
(*He gets to know what he wants, when he wants to, honesty be damned.)
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I know, I know, it's been a while. Right now, I'm in the last 5 minutes of my new Programming class, and I had to log on right now to say that at my Dads, I'm grounded indefinitely from computer and video games that aren't school-related. Thank god for my Mom's house, though, but it'll be a week until I'm back there. So, don't expect updates as commonly as before. At the very least, it WAS going to be until the end of the school year, but now it's just until my dad says so. More details later.
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First matters: I was released from the bondage of restriction (<--redundant) at my dad's. Which is here. I was slightly sour to find out today that I had actually been officially released for a day or two already. IF YOU'RE LETTING ME OFF, DON'T JUST SAY YOU'RE "THINKING ABOUT IT", DAMMIT! >_<
Anyways, I should get right into what happened when I first arrived at my dad's house, on the same day as my last entry...

Full Report )

In other news, I hate the computer here. First, I'm not allowed to change the resolution on the monitor because it makes the computer run a miniscule amount slower. At the consequence of rendering 50% of the sites on the internet completely incoherent. So, here it is, at the 640x480 resolution that I would swear hasn't been used since the stone age. And, to add to that, the equally ancient monitor is apparently acting up today... because right now, everything on the screen is tinted a slight, yet still annoying, shade of blue. Occasionally flickering for a few seconds back to normal colors.
And, on another note, I finally finished that horrible insult to school-assigned reading, The Grapes of Wrath, late last night. OK, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but the thing just didn't catch my interest. At all. And picking it up and reading it was an even more herculean feat of willpower after having bought the much more interesting "Wicked".
Which, by the way, I finished today. It really is a strange book; no matter what you hear on the net, it's not based entirely on the book or the movie, but a wierd medium between the two. That's not to say it's a bad book, on the contrary, it's excellent. Finishing it gave me that same wierd feeling that I got when I finished Nuklear Age... Not sure exactly what to think; It just made my brain work so much thinking about unanswered questions and all sorts of matters that the book brought to my attention, that I seriously felt like going to sleep right there. It's only really good books that can do that to me. :p
And, as a final note, I've recieved word that the game arrived. Now it's just a matter of time, and I'll finally have it! ^^
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First off, take a look at my shiny new icon! Well, as shiny as my limited photoshop skills will allow, at least. Homestar joke. ^^
Second, yesterday I went out to break my new Barnes & Noble Gift Card in, and from that I got volume 6 and 7 of the english Yu-Gi-Oh Manga (my favorite so far) and the novel Wicked, by Gregory Maguire (Which is turning out to be excellent so far ^^). There was a lot more that I wanted to get, but I had to resist for the sake of having spending money left on the thing. ^-^'
And third, I probably won't update for the rest of the week, cuz I'm back to my Dad's later today, which means back to technology restriction. Graahhh... >_<
And now, please excuse me, for I have to finish a one-page paper that I just remembered I had yesterday before that time comes. Ja, mata!


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