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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate lawnmowing?

Because I hate lawnmowing.

With a passion that burns in a blaze unsurpassed by the fires of the sun or even hell itself.

Especially the little wilderness that passes for our backyard. The time since it was last mowed would be better measured in ages than in months.

And there's still more to finish tomorrow.

Maaaaaaan. My weekend. It dies.
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I did some Megaman X power-playing today and yesterday, and finally beat Megaman X and Megaman X3, the first X games I've ever beaten. So then, being at my dads with no access to internet or anything else entertaining, I was completely stuck as to what to do. I ended up going through X3 a second time to see if I could get the Golden Armor. x_x Those games are short anyways. Don't judge me! >_<

...Yeah. Summer Vacation is not all it's cracked up to be when you live a long ways away from your nearest friend. Especially over here, things get boring! ;_; Even avoidants like me need human contact, even if it's over the internet-- But it doesn't help that it seems none of my friends are ever online when I am on the weeks I'm here, and now Tay has to log off at 11:00, which is almost precisely the earliest time I'm able to get on at over here. x_x Am I going to have to walk down into the valley to get some human contact?

Various boredom-related lamentations aside, I...... 've got absolutely nothing. Oh well. x_x
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Gah. I'm not even taking the WASL, and it's still ruining my life. The rest of the juniors and seniors get to sleep in until school starts at 10:00 on testing days. But me? Dear me, no, that would be good. No, I don't have a means of getting to school at 10:00, because the busses still run normally. So, I have to hang out in the computer lab for the three hours that the sophomores are taking the test. And we can't get caught using the internet for anything non work-related. So what did I do today? I finished two chapters of the Sartenian Scriptures. That's a lot of fucking writing. And there's only 7 more days of that. joy.

I'll probably be posting chapter 2 of the Scriptures tomorrow. Otherwise, I don't really have anything else to say at the moment. Mostly because school lets out in less than a minute, and I don't have time to say anything else anyways.
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Have I ever complained about how life is so exhausting? Allow me to begin.
It seems like my weekday schedule consists of little or no free time. I get up at five in the morning (usually hitting the snooze alarm, at least allow me that), take a shower, get dressed, do everything I need to do in the morning, then fix up breakfast to eat in the car and leave at around 6:00, almost consistently late. I then wait for a scant ten minutes and walk for five minutes in the freezing cold out to my bus stop. I try to get some sleep in during the half hour or so bus ride, but it invariably ends too soon and leaves me feeling even more tired. I then go to school for around six hours, leaving with a fresh steaming pile of homework, which I spend a good number of hours doing. Between that, the ride back home to my mom's from ~5:50 to 6:20, and dinner, I usually find myself with, optimistically, an hour of free time. Please, stop the world, I wanna get off! ;_;
Thankfully, though, (and strangely enough) days at my dad's are a little better in that particular respect, and weekends are worlds better. And I get friday off this week. Yay extended weekends! ^^
Hoping to get a copy of Windows XP soon, it looks like that is the only solution now to my computer-related woes. Until then, I'm stuck with one computer that has no internet, and one that I can't use until after nine, where the connection comes and goes like the wind, and MSN Messenger seems to have mysteriously ceased functioning. Any day now. -_-'
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Wow. My life genuinely sucks.
Not only is the homework still piling itself onto me, slowly becoming sentient and planning to crush me once and for all, but the terms of the deal have once again been changed. I now have to complete a note EVERY WEEK. And he expects me to wait till the last possible moment (so he can get up-to-date info, I guess), when I have no time to take care of anything that pops up at the last second. Which is precisely what happened this time. A bunch of things in Programming class took me by surprise; it's looking like this one might be the "problem class" of the bunch. Fortunately, he's letting me save the notes for weeks at my Mom's until monday, if I don't have them finished. But that's the extent of it. My stance is, he needs to be LESS involved in my school life, and let me sink or swim of my own accord. But, nooooo. He just tightens his vice-grip on my everyday life. I have more important things to worry about than making sure I have zero missing assignments (A mark very few achieve) every hour of every fucking day, dammit! I feel like a fucking elementary schooler. >_<
In other news, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday. And of course, I felt obligated to get him a gift. Damn this conscience of mine.
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Well, this break has been pretty uneventful so far.
My stepmom maintains that it's a break from school, not a break from having to do stuff. So, I've had at least one job every day this week to do instead of the plain old resting that I've been wanting to do. I've gotten in a fair amount of that still, but she even tries to make me feel guilty for that.
Also, my dad has taken a bit of an interest in the sites that I visit. Maybe he thinks I'm going to sites that I shouldn't be going to (a patently ridiculous idea, beings that I know that he likes to keep a 1984-esque eye on the things I do on the computer already, and he knows I know), but at any rate, I now feel like I'm in a steel cage that prevents me from going to any site that he might misinterpret as bad.
Tomorrow is [ profile] hobbit_hunter's birthday party. My dad's supposed to be driving me there tomorrow, but he says that if he's called in for work, he won't be able to and I'll be stuck. >_< Not only that, but I have to take care of several (coughgiftcough)-related woes before noon tomorrow. Which is turning out to be a more definitive problem. x_x
As a slight un-burdening, it is REALLY annoying to have to listen to my stepmom and stepsister fight out in the living room (loud voices, especially from the latter). That's why I'm wearing headphones right now. ^^ *tunes out*
And, as a final note, I'm getting back into Chrono Trigger now that I have FF Chronicles, and secretly installed my old PSX at my mom's house in light of my restriction. :p
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Good news and bad news.
Good news: I did indeed get a note from all my teachers, and my privileges are restored for the break.
Bad news: As per his normal behavior*, my dad changed the conditions of the deal. Now I have to do one of those notes every other week before coming here in order to earn privileges for the following week. As if I have nothing better to do in class but prove that I'm not missing assignments. I just wish my dad would stay out of my fucking business, but no. He has to know everything about me every fucking waking moment. Not just this, either, but he expects me to tell him all the things I do on the internet, the only time he knocks before entering my room is when he tries to open the door and finds it locked (Not even the courtesy of knocking and coming in anyways, which is still pointless, but at least a little courteous) because I have no "right" to the privacy that I desire. I've tried to tell him many times over that it's not a matter of rights, it's not that I should get what I have legal rights to and nothing more, it's a matter of being NICE and granting me that little privacy that will hurt neither of us and do me a world of good.
OK, now that I'm done ranting about that.
I went to the bookstore yesterday; bought books 2-5 in the Narnia series (in the new distribution order). I've read the Magician's Nephew from the school library, and thoroughly enjoyed it; and I finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe earlier today. Loving the series so far. ^^
And, as my quota of herculean feats for this break, I managed to finish all my homework in one night. >_<
So, yeah. That's it.
(*He gets to know what he wants, when he wants to, honesty be damned.)
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Shit, dammit, fuck, and all that fun crap.
I have no idea if this and the previous update are in any way related, but the internet now doesn't work on my new computer. The inevitable result of which will be the reformatting of my brand-new and beloved hard drive. ;_; NOOOOO! EDEN WAS SO SWEET WHILE IT LASTED!!! *sobs*
Otherwise, I'm thoroughly loving and hating my new classes. Programming and Japanese are so far ruling, while Advanced Algebra and Mythology bring nothing but two unique piles of interminable homework assignments daily.
Other than this, not really much to say. This restriction is, however, taking a visible toll on my update frequency. However, my dad made a deal with me that if I bring back signed proof that I am completely caught up in all my classes, this gargantuan punishment will be destroyed in its infancy. So, I'm hoping that I actually WILL be able to provide such, because while I believe I'm caught up, things have an odd tendency of sneaking up and biting me in the ass at the least expected moment. And if I don't get it this week, I'll be going all through mid-winter break next week without those priveleges I've so longed for. Wish me luck, everyone! Out.
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Dammit. I thouroughly hate myself.
I JUST got my new computer working, with internet and everything, and now it's been infected with more spyware than some colorful metaphor I don't care to think of at the moment.
My homepage has been hijacked, I get tons of pop-ups, and my desktop keeps setting itself to some html document about spyware; and now, my web browser looks for key words in webpages and links them to questionable web sites. And the worst of it is, the people doing all this claim to be spyware removal... things. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this entry was being spied on as I type it. Is there anyone out there who can help me? ;_;
EDIT: Got eAccelerator StopSign, and that took care of the TopText (weird links) problem, along with probably countless others I haven't noticed; I've got to restart my computer before I see what else it resolved, but I don't want to just yet. As for the Homepage Hijacker, I'm supposed to be getting an email from the tech support guy with a link to a useful program (Hopefully more useful than HijackThis), along with instructions. So far, nothing. Here's hoping it actually does get here. ^^
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I know, I know, it's been a while. Right now, I'm in the last 5 minutes of my new Programming class, and I had to log on right now to say that at my Dads, I'm grounded indefinitely from computer and video games that aren't school-related. Thank god for my Mom's house, though, but it'll be a week until I'm back there. So, don't expect updates as commonly as before. At the very least, it WAS going to be until the end of the school year, but now it's just until my dad says so. More details later.
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OK. Time to put the un-burdening powers of a journal to the test.
I suppose that anyone actually reading this is wanting to know what I got today. Here we go:

1. Strongbad_email.exe DVD
2. Toaster *
3. $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (^^)
4. A new computer

I know I made it quite clear through my previous entries that I was very excited about the idea of getting those games. I'm really mad at myself for that now, because I was setting myself up for dissapointment, and I knew it. And yet, I still let it happen.
And then there's the matter of the new computer. My mother had to go out and spend what I'm sure is a ridiculous amount of money to get me a computer that I didn't ask for, nor particularly need.
And now I feel horrible for not liking the gifts, and it all jumbles up inside until I have no idea what I feel. -_-
All in all, I hope tomorrow gives me reason to feel better about myself.

* I've been complaining for the longest time about the toaster we have now-- a mickey one that plays the Mickey theme song every time it pops up. Minus the volume knob and off switch. Apparently, she listened. >_
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Well, while I'm on a roll, why not update for a third day in a row? Even though there's nothing at all outstanding about today except for the complete, aggravating lack of outstanding things. I think it's a little therapudic, writing in this journal, though... And it provides for a nice, if short, break in monotony. Jesus, this is not how I wanted to spend my Christmas Vacation... Er, make that "Decemberween Vacation". People aren't allowed to say "Christmas" anymore, are they? Feh.
In other news, my cold appears to be going away; but it's taking its sweet time at it. WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?
Ahem. Yes. You're probably going to be able to expect once-daily updates in this journal for the remainder of the break-- not counting those days I'm at my Dad's house, of course, where I've effectively been cut off from all technology except for the TV in the living room. All because of one late assignment. And one lie about a late assignment. And, have I mentioned that the punishment is to last for a few weeks? That's not all, either, folks-- because he can't regulate my technology usage at my Mom's house, which is roughly half the time, he extended that to a MONTH. I should be grateful about having contact with the outside world over here at least, but I'm still sour about that punishment. I can only hope that, like he's made a habit of doing in the past, he gives me a temporary reprieve for Christmas.
So, yeah. Still counting off the days. One by one by one by one by...


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