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Apr. 28th, 2006 04:27 am
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I totally managed to connect to the internet via PSP. At my dad's. >D

The catch? Very weak signal, and no time to do anything w/ it. x_x
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That's right... homework! Yeah, there are times when I seriously hate being such a procrastinator.

New developments in my beloved and brand new NES today. First: the left button on one of my controllers stopped working. Curse this cheaply-made third party shit. Second: The savegame for Zelda 2 into which I have put many hours and hard work is now gone. Why? Because I tapped the power button accidentally, turning it on for a nanosecond. And for some reason the human race has yet to understand, you have to hold RESET while turning off NES games to avoid "damaging saved data". So now I have one blank space (read: crater) and two effed-up save files on my cartridge. The crater, of course, is where MY saved game used to be. The other two, that still partially remain, were games that were at the very beginning and hadn't been played at all.

Have I mentioned how much I hate irony?

And in other news: Two of my favorite webcomics have now moved to only once-weekly updates. ><

And finally, I registered for the SATs. And now for that pesky studying issue...
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Wheee, I procrastinated the hell out of my summer homework for AP Lit, and it's finally biting me in the ass. ><

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer. -_-' I may have said it before, but I am not looking forward to the senior project at all. But if it weren't for that, I would actually be moderately excited for the up and coming school year. ><;;

I bought Super Mario Bros. for the NES at a second-hand store last week, and have been playing the hell out of it since. I wonder what it is about simple games that makes them so addicting. >.>

Been thinking on that whole Megaman Next sprite comic thing, and I decided to go through with it. Right now I have about eight pilot strips made, but I'm still debating over some elements of the main plot.

And in other news, I have done absolutely no work on Project Oracle recently. I need to get back on that.
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If there's one thing good for the soul at the foot of a three-day weekend after a hard week, it's staying up to an ungodly hour in the morning surfing the web! ^^
My birthday's in three days, but I get to open half my presents on sunday (due to me not being able to be in two places at once). The birthday trip to Uwajimaya is steadily drawing closer, but I've still yet to make any solid plans for it... A date is set, but not a time, nor even a final list of people who are coming. >_<
Not much else to say on the whole. Except that I'm now throwing in the towel and going to bed. *clicks off light*
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I know, I know, it's been a while. Right now, I'm in the last 5 minutes of my new Programming class, and I had to log on right now to say that at my Dads, I'm grounded indefinitely from computer and video games that aren't school-related. Thank god for my Mom's house, though, but it'll be a week until I'm back there. So, don't expect updates as commonly as before. At the very least, it WAS going to be until the end of the school year, but now it's just until my dad says so. More details later.


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