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Just to demonstrate what I was talking about before...

Image comparison )

I had to re-hook-up my old desktop and scrounge around in it to find the original image specifically so I could remaster it for the game, and now I can finally say I'm satisfied with the title screen. >w<


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:34 am
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Okay this may not seem too exciting to you guys, but I just found out a way to convert images to 256-color Bitmap with almost zero color loss. Holy shit this is amazing.

What that translates to is, I can now make custom graphics for the game without their colors looking shitty. I can finally ditch the default backgrounds and make my own!

My god I'm so excited

And on an unrelated note, looky my new icon. :D
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Video here. :D

Two brand new characters, fully sprited, fully animated, and... passably statted. See the description on the video for more info. :DDD
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I spent all day yesterday completely revamping character and battle animations. And now, I have a video up. :DDD

The whole thing with the characters jumping around the screen, plus the spell casting animations, are brand new. They came out awesome-looking, and I'm so excited about it. XD I just had to take a video of it; the fights in this game look WAY better now.

I'll be uploading a demo of some revamped dialogue sequences later today or tomorrow, possibly. I'll make a post when I do.
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Whoops! Cut for length )

Hah HAH.

Jul. 29th, 2009 11:38 pm
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So I finally figured out how to get the RPG Maker 2003 engine to do Instant Death and Petrify effects. X3

Only problem is that Petrify can't prevent enemies from targeting you. Instead, I compromised and made it so that all attacks miss against petrified characters.

I really do need Light/Dark damaging spells, so I'm not going to convert Hama and Mudo into instant death effects. Rather, I think I'm going to use Death and Break as the Dark- and Light-based insta-death spells; Light-users will learn Break spells, and Dark-users will learn Death spells, in addition to the damaging light/dark spells I've already implemented. I'm still gonna use the Persona framework for the spells, so Light will have Break, Mass Break, Final Break, Mass Final Break, and Samsara, while Dark will have Death, Mass Death, Final Death, Mass Final Death, and Die For Me.

Just like in Final Fantasy games, Petrify will be instant death to enemies, but will act slightly different on PCs.

(Incidentally, I also added in Slash, Strike, and Pierce attributes for weapons. X3)
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So. In what appears to be a temporary lapse in sanity, I've decided that I think I want to revive my old game project, Project Oracle. REMEMBER THAT OLD THING, GUYS?

I'm a much better writer now, I have a better handle on the difference between good ideas and bad ideas, I know a bit more about game design, I have better access to sound and graphics assets, and I generally know my head from my ass much better when it comes to technology than I was in High School when I started this thing. I'm kinda dying to get my hands dirty and make this thing not suck.

I still don't know how to balance a game, though, orz. I guess I'll have to improvise. Unless anyone knows how to balance stats in RPG Maker 2003? Heh, yeah, I'm not banking on it. Right now the game is on the wrong side of way too fucking easy.

However. What started as a self-insertion story involving me and my friends, I think I'm going to revise into an original story with original characters. Characters BASED on me and my friends, granted, but the cheese factor should be significantly reduced.

The basic story's still contrived and unoriginal, but I think I'm going to stop caring. I'm sure a lampshade here and there will make it all better. 8D

I'm already coming up with tons of ideas. )

^ Check out the cut if you're interested in the details of the game.
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So I was thinking about some stuff, and I felt like writing about it. I figured this was a fitting place for it; I've tried as hard as I could to make sure it wasn't another one of my boring technical rambles.

The Game Maker Paradox )
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Yup, it's time again for the finals. Here's a brief recap:

First period (Advanced Algebra): No final here until the 20th. We're still going over new material. x_x

Second period (Programming): No final test, but a final project, wherein we're supposed to make our own game. Just wrapped all that up yesterday, and you can find the game on the 6/8 update of my webpage.

Third period (Mythology): The worst of the lot as yet. It was a four-part test, but if we did the book report project earlier last month, then we're allowed to opt out of one part. The one I chose was the "hero journey" part, which involves making a scrapbook or some sort of visual... thing about our own personal "hero journey" of our choosing. The second part was Vocab, involving all the vocab words that we'd gone over throughout the semester. That part was easy. Not even worth comment. In the third part, "metaphor for life", we got a printout, then were told to write about a metaphor for our own life. I couldn't pick just one, so I chose both "prison" and "journey" from the given list of examples. The fourth part was a list of short essay questions, three of which we had to pick and write about. The ones I chose involved 1) what valuable lessons a world mythology class has to offer, 2) A comparison of Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies, and discussing how they could be combined to form an "ideal society", and 3) Whether or not the world is "empty of heroism", with "no more noble things to do". The last two parts I had to take home last night, and they had me up till 9:30. >_<

Fourth period (Japanese): First part was a listening test, which was pathetically easy. Second was a test on Katakana, which I'm fairly certain I did well on. Third was a kanji test, which was the first non-optional test that actually caught me unprepared. x_x I had to skip at least 6 of the vocab words for which I didn't know the kanji. The fourth part was a packet of writing-based activities from the textbook, which wasn't hard so much as time-consuming. Hoping to get the grade back soon.

Today was the last day for seniors, which means I'm going to be one of only three people left in my Mythology class for the rest of the school year (roundabout two weeks). o.o

Well, I gotta do homework now. God, I hate math class. x_x
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I'm really, really, a thousand times really happy now. A state brought on by a number of circumstances. First and foremost, I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with the internet connection on the computer in my room, so I'm no longer on 24/7 internet lockdown. I couldn't get on Livejournal for the longest time, because for the longest time the only computers I was allowed to use/ that were currently functioning were the ones at school, which filter out livejournal now for some odd reason. Yeah. Anyways, it's been many months since I lost internet in here, so I am recieving it VERY gladly. ^^
Second, I have a five-day weekend. Yup. Starting tomorrow. And only a very easy math assignment, and some reading for Mythology to get done.

My final for Programming is coming along VERY well; I'm about 99% done, and it will probably be finished tuesday when I go back to it. Then I may put the finished product up on my site, cuz I'm kinda proud of it. ^^ There are a few problems I don't know how to fix, or don't know how to fix without adding a ridiculous amount of code, rather. And there's already a ridiculous amount of code in the thing.

Just got double-team report carded today, at both my dad and my mom's. For the first time maybe in history, all A's and B's. ^^

Also, just recently started playing Megaman 7 again, for the first time in a long time. I have to say, and I don't know if I'm the only one that thinks this, but Burst Man is so hard, it's unholy. >_< And don't even get me started on the final battle, especially with that energy-draining pre-final battle that you have to go through to get to it. It's no wonder I never saw this game through from start to finish without cheating. x_x

As a final note, I'm thinking of releasing a Project Oracle alpha demo to a very select audience sometime soon, so's I can get some opinions on things and stuff.
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This note business is quite a bit more exasperating than it sounds... I've currently got 1 out of 4 sigs.
We had Advisory today, and we're now choosing classes for next year. I've decided to take Japanese 4 and 5, Intro to Psychology, Web Design, You and the Law, and the required courses for seniors. I need one more elective in order to fulfill my graduation requirements, and three alternates just in case I'm not able to get what I want. Stuck for ideas so far. x_x Also found out that the new High school, Bonney Lake High School, to which a good number of our student body are transferring next year, doesn't have a Japanese class. Poor saps. ^-^ *taunts the losers*
As of this moment, I'm missing assignment free, and working on a class project in Programming. We're making a Visual Basic version of the Casino Game "Craps" (Of course, tastefully renamed "Chance", since this is, after all, a school. -_-'). I know I'm going to guilt myself into taking it home to work on it over the weekend, since I was supposed to work on it yesterday, but was working on missing work, and should be doing it now, but am updating my Livejournal. Better get on that.
(PS: Japanese Field Trip squared away, I am officially going to Sakuracon! ^^ Looks like we're not going to the Uwajimaya this semester, a trip we look forward to every semester in Japanese, so we may schedule a trip for my upcoming birthday party. Hopefully with a full stock of gift money in wallet. :p)
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Boy, is it ever Sunday.
Our top story today: I won the auction, so I am now the proud owner of Banjo-Tooie on the N64. ^^ And it only set me back $8.25, too; pretty good, considering some auctions were going as high as $20.50. @_@
So, yeah. Been workin on PO a little bit; As well as a little Games Factory project I've started that's basically a Homestar fangame. So far, you can play as Homestar on the set of The Show (A reality/game show where the goal is literally to survive), Strong Bad in Techno-Chocolate land (As referenced in email "Monument", Based off the Aztec city Tenochtitlan), and the King of Town in the Dortugese Highlands (inspired by the Super Kingio Bros. Minigame in one of the H* halloween toons; don't worry, it's actually possible to win). At this point, Techno-Chocolate Land is the most finished world, with one and a half levels out of three finished; Dortugese Highlands has one, and The Show about one sixth. I may add The Cheat as a playable character later, and there will be hidden levels where you can occasionally play as hidden characters, such as Stinkoman and Strong Mad. It's not a project I expect to finish, but it's still fun to toy with. ^^
Anyways. Have no idea when that game is due to arrive, but I can honestly say I can't wait. :p
Oh, one more thing:

Become a God or Goddess.
by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofChildren
Animal Companion:Phoenix
Weak againstIce
Quiz created with MemeGen!

YES! Ph33r mah Phoenix! XD


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