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Jun. 10th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Well. I've graduated. I've got photos now, I may update with my thoughts and stuff later.

Here they are )

Taylor, Michael, Beth: IM me for copies, photobucket lowered the resolution of these ones.
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Today... was the last day.

I guess I should be happy-- god knows everybody else is-- but I can't help but think more about the people I'm leaving behind than my newfound freedom from getting up at 5:00 in the morning. There are lots of people I talked with today that I may never see again, at least not after commencement. Then there are still others who I'll try my best to keep in contact with, but who I really fear I won't be able to. Add that to fears about college (still haven't applied, don't know how I'm gonna pay for it, etc.), and graduation really doesn't bring me any excitement at all. I guess I'd fooled myself into thinking I had a social life, but now that school's out I realize how integral a part it played in said social life. Now that it's out, how long are me and my friends going to keep in contact? Will I be able to make any more friends in college with my crippling social anxiety?

That's it. I just figured it out. For a long time, until near the end of Junior High, I really didn't have any friends. But now that I'm a Senior, I have a lot of them; my AP classes were especially opportune for making new friends this year, for example. But now that I'm leaving school, I'm realizing that all that progress is pretty much gone, and I'm starting with a clean slate. Maybe I'm just afraid of losing all that ground when it's so newly gained. It really felt good to have that for the short time I had it, so I guess the wide world and all its strangers daunts me a little.

But I should really cut out the sad stuff and get to the good parts of the day, shouldn't I? I decided to take my Mom's digital camera with me on the last day so I could take photos of all the people that made my school experience such a great part of my life. It's the end of an era, and it should be preserved as such. I took about 110 photos in total, but I have selected my favorites out of them to show to you guys here.

Here they are )

Well, from here I can only go forward. Go forward, and make a life worth looking forward to.

I'll let you know how that goes. >>;;
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I guess I ought to update on the stuff in my last entry.

My Dad opted to call my Mom instead of me. Typical of him-- he was probably too angry with me to talk to me. She told me he gave her quite the earful, too. Talked about how bad I was doing in Lit, and said I was "borderline failing" at Gov (which is utter bullshit, I currently have a B-. >o<) After that, my Mom called me up to talk to me-- My Dad had mentioned my shitload of missing work in Lit, and I told her that I'd already planned on finishing all of it over the weekend, to prove him wrong. It just so happens that I proceeded to do just that, too-- after my Dad had gone on forever about how it would be his responsibility to kick me into shape and get me to do that stuff. I figured that would get him to see the flaws in how he was treating me; after all, could I really be that inept if I could do all that myself, without being told even by my Mother?

Hah. I should know him better.

I got there today, and he gave me a lecture. I mentioned the fact that I'd finished ALL my late work without his intervention, but he just told me to be quiet and let him talk. Then told me to ask-- ASK, you understand-- before going to my Mom's early again. And he said if I was all caught up with my schoolwork, he would probably let me.

Dear GOD. Did I inherit a skull that thick!?

Needless to say, I think he somewhat spectacularly missed the point. I've half a mind to do it again just so I can have him ask me why I did it, and answer, "Because you didn't quite get it the first time." That would be SO satisfying. Maybe THAT would pierce his skull.

But alas, there's nothing I can do. You can't pierce diamond that easily, after all. -_-;;

EDIT: The point being that I left with the express purpose of escaping the highly stressful way he handles my schoolwork in the first place, in case you didn't get that yourself. >>;;
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[\] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[\] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[ ] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[\] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[ ] Study for SATs
[ ] Cut down on video game/computer time
[ ] Get up to date on Hamlet Journal ><

Began researching scholarships and visited Green River's web site last night. Also, I read the handouts from Beyond High School, but I will still need to look at them again. All of those constituted a half-mark on the checklist, meaning "begun, but not quite finished".

Also, I'm renewing my permit on monday. Finally.
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Question: What do you do when you just realized you've screwed your life up in a terrible and murderous fashion?

Answer: Start picking up the pieces.

I've created this handy checklist to gauge my progress.

[ ] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[ ] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[ ] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[ ] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[ ] Study for SATs
[ ] Cut down on video game/computer time
[ ] Get up to date on Hamlet Journal ><

So... am I up to it?

*looks at list*

I've got some work to do. x_x
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Yay, registering for da SATs. -_-

Also, I still get a lot of homework. I managed to get TWO ESSAYS to do over the weekend, plus some revisions on two essays I did in the past. Then more stuff in Japanese (That STILL ended up being review ><). Plus two book assignments in Physics. I'm ready to collapse over here.

Oh, and when I said I might be putting my pictures up... I meant that there was no chance I would. So, yeah.

And in other news: Life is pain. Thank you, and good night.
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I get too much homework from my AP classes. What on earth was I on when I decided to take two at a time? ><;; Blech.
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Moving right into the play-by-play:

The bus problems apparently haven't been fixed. I had to ride on a train of two busses because the first was completely full when it got to my stop. The upside is that it filled up right before I got on, so I got to get on the completely empty second bus. ^^

First period was OK, we got our textbooks. However, today we started in on the review. Blech, I don't like review. At all. ><

Second period, we also got textbooks. Started with the work, that was fun. >< Funny thing about metrics, seems like nobody in this entire damned country knows how to use them, but they're actually much easier than our normal system. But everybody says they're hard because they're different.

Lunch. Packed with people, since this year we're newly restricted to eating in the commons and the gym lobby. Michael's the only person I know with that lunch, that's awkward. >>;

Third period was kind of bleh. We discussed the one-pager from yesterday because we didn't have enough time yesterday (even though I've more than enough experience doing these accursed things >.>). Then we took a test based on the summer homework, and I probably got a C on it. Bah, it's only the things you miss that are on the test.

Fourth period was nice, though. We discussed current events, like Hurricane Katrina and the stampede in Iraq. (it wasn't the stories, but the discussions that were nice. ><) I think I'm probably going to like that class. ^^

In other news, I might finally be moving downstairs at my mom's sometime soon. So long as we run the cable down there, I'll have internet, plus TV, and be able to actually use my NES in my own room. Plus, the space! ^^

Also, I might get a cellphone soon. *left behind by technology* >.>
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whew. The only word that could accurately describe the first day of school is "chaotic". ><

Started out at 5:00, cuz I STILL have to get up early, since my mom goes to work too late to drop me off. Get everything ready and leave at 6:00, as per usual, and get to my dad's at 6:30ish. Five hours of waiting then, because now that 9th graders have been added to the school, half the student body needs an orientation. Ride a bus route that was changed since last year, probably because of the addition of Bonney Lake High School. Get to school at 12:15 or so and talk to friends for a few minutes, then it's off to the stadium for an assembly discussing new rules and stuff this year. Then classes start; since it's less than even half a normal day, each class is about twenty minutes long.

Period 1: Japanese. The only class in which I have friends. v_v Got a small packet to do, but otherwise it was fairly uneventful.

Period 2: Physics. Once again, got a packet, uneventful.

Period 3: AP Lit & Comp. Discussed the summer homework and found out that my Characters page was a little too sparse to get me a good grade, so I ended up having to add on to it tonight. Got a "before and after one-pager" assignment that I've gotten now three times since I started high school, and I swear that the assignment sheet has been identical every time. It's a one-page construction paper-style assignment that has information about ourselves, as well as "before" (before we started school) and "after" (more recent) photos of us. That's due monday, but I'm going to borrow a couple of things from my previous one since I haven't exactly changed significantly in the last year.

Period 4: AP Gov't & Politics. Got the summer homework that I'd missed since I registered for this class late. Talked about some current events, but that discussion didn't exactly last long because twenty-minute classes aren't really conducive to discussions of any sort.

Then came the bus ride. Oh, the bus ride. Apparently, the people that run the bus routes don't exactly excel at planning. Everything was fine in the morning because no freshmen, sophomores, or seventh/eighth graders were riding the bus. But in the afternoon, when everyone had to ride the bus, it overflowed. The route had to be split between two busses. At least that gave me time to hang out before the second one arrived, though. That's pretty much the only silver lining. The bus had a driver that knew nothing about the route, nor the area, and was full of whiny freshmen all trying to direct her at once. It was nothing but "Can't you stop here? My house is right there!" and "I'm gonna be late because of you!" the whole way there. That's an experience I'm none too eager to relive.

Fast forward to tonight, when I finish off my summer homework and start gathering stuff for the other two AP assignments. At least the one in AP Gov't has stuff that focuses on our personal political views. ^^

All in all, I don't think I can accurately judge what the coming year will be like until I actually go through a whole day of it. There will probably be an update tomorrow.
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Wheee, I procrastinated the hell out of my summer homework for AP Lit, and it's finally biting me in the ass. ><

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer. -_-' I may have said it before, but I am not looking forward to the senior project at all. But if it weren't for that, I would actually be moderately excited for the up and coming school year. ><;;

I bought Super Mario Bros. for the NES at a second-hand store last week, and have been playing the hell out of it since. I wonder what it is about simple games that makes them so addicting. >.>

Been thinking on that whole Megaman Next sprite comic thing, and I decided to go through with it. Right now I have about eight pilot strips made, but I'm still debating over some elements of the main plot.

And in other news, I have done absolutely no work on Project Oracle recently. I need to get back on that.
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Whee, many things.

First: I made a modest title screen for Megaman Next, and I overhauled the stage select screen.

Clicky clicky yo. )

I've decided that I may make a sprite comic out of this after all, and make it a joint project with Taylor and Michael.

Second: I finally got to play my new NES, and it's fekking AWESOME. But I'm feeling the distinct sting of not having the option of using save states with Krion Conquest. ><
Apparently, this thing wasn't made by Nintendo. I'm not complaining about that, it's a spiffy little number, and it works fine. But it was originally designed for Japanese carts, which are considerably smaller than US carts, and it requires a rather large adaptor to use US carts. Not a friendly combination. The end result is that the cartridge sticks out further than the actual console is wide. With such a high center of gravity, and with the fact that it connects outside of the console with the adaptor, the cart is very sensitive to movement. A small nudge is enough to crash the game. The official term among my group of friends for crashing it in this way is "bleep". ^^;

Third: I got my classes. ^^ I have:

-semester 1-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Physics
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

-semester 2-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Psychology
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

whee, six out of my eight classes are full-year... which means that at the semester, I only change one class. x_x

Fourth: I went to Michael's Birthday party yesterday. There was much SSBM-ing and burger eating and NES Playing and Megaman discussions and cake and a whole bunch more ands than I care to go into detail about. T'was much fun. ^^

Fifth: I've started writing a Megaman/Megaman X story that's my interpretation of the connection between the original Megaman series and the X series. I'd post an excerpt, but I don't have enough written and this entry is getting long enough anyways.

Sixth, and finally: The "Anyone Out There" call from my last entry still stands. Comment!
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Thing one-- Took the math final, I think I did pretty well on it. ^^

Thing two-- Today was the last day of school, and I am now officially a Senior. Its not so much that I'm afraid of graduating, but I'm worried about the Senior Project next year... I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for it. >_< And I also have some homework for AP English Lit over the summer... which involves reading the Bible in order to gain understanding about biblical allusions in literature. I also probably have summer homework for AP Gov't and Politics, but I didn't get it from the teacher, so I'll have to email her for it. x_x

Thing three-- I got a MySpace Account finally... I've been hearing people talking about it ad nauseum around school and everywhere else, so I decided to see what the deal was. It's pretty cool... To me, though, it looks like it's mainly a way of meeting new people, because its blog features are pretty much a watered-down version of Livejournal's. I did a search, and there's about 70 pages of results for people that attend or have attended my school. o.o

Thing four--


-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

It's wierd... the description for Avoidant personality disorder fits me almost exactly. o.o The rest aren't like me at all, though. I may have to do some research on this thing...
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Yup, it's time again for the finals. Here's a brief recap:

First period (Advanced Algebra): No final here until the 20th. We're still going over new material. x_x

Second period (Programming): No final test, but a final project, wherein we're supposed to make our own game. Just wrapped all that up yesterday, and you can find the game on the 6/8 update of my webpage.

Third period (Mythology): The worst of the lot as yet. It was a four-part test, but if we did the book report project earlier last month, then we're allowed to opt out of one part. The one I chose was the "hero journey" part, which involves making a scrapbook or some sort of visual... thing about our own personal "hero journey" of our choosing. The second part was Vocab, involving all the vocab words that we'd gone over throughout the semester. That part was easy. Not even worth comment. In the third part, "metaphor for life", we got a printout, then were told to write about a metaphor for our own life. I couldn't pick just one, so I chose both "prison" and "journey" from the given list of examples. The fourth part was a list of short essay questions, three of which we had to pick and write about. The ones I chose involved 1) what valuable lessons a world mythology class has to offer, 2) A comparison of Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies, and discussing how they could be combined to form an "ideal society", and 3) Whether or not the world is "empty of heroism", with "no more noble things to do". The last two parts I had to take home last night, and they had me up till 9:30. >_<

Fourth period (Japanese): First part was a listening test, which was pathetically easy. Second was a test on Katakana, which I'm fairly certain I did well on. Third was a kanji test, which was the first non-optional test that actually caught me unprepared. x_x I had to skip at least 6 of the vocab words for which I didn't know the kanji. The fourth part was a packet of writing-based activities from the textbook, which wasn't hard so much as time-consuming. Hoping to get the grade back soon.

Today was the last day for seniors, which means I'm going to be one of only three people left in my Mythology class for the rest of the school year (roundabout two weeks). o.o

Well, I gotta do homework now. God, I hate math class. x_x


Apr. 29th, 2005 06:59 pm
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A bit has happened between the last update and this one. First, I installed XP on my new computer, but now it doesn't recognize my sound card. This wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a 90% chance that I threw away the driver disk. >_< So, being very angry at me for screwing it up, my mom told me I couldn't use this computer. Which is why I haven't updated until now.

Second, my mp3 player/flash drive went boom. And I had all the chapters of the scriptures stored on it. Which makes it a very good thing that I posted the first three chapters on here; I only had to rewrite chapter four.

Speaking of the scriptures, it may be worth it to note here that I don't use my normal writing style when I write them; I try to emulate the style I see most myths written in, just to get the myth "feel" into it. I decided after finishing chapter three that I thouroughly hate that style, so for the sake of consistency, I'll finish chapter four in it, then change back when I write the Hero Epic and Armageddon story. The former I plan to write in my normal style, and the latter will be written as a poem.

Oh, and I did end up presenting that philosophy thing. Because not presenting it would have meant an automatic zero. x_x
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Gah. I'm not even taking the WASL, and it's still ruining my life. The rest of the juniors and seniors get to sleep in until school starts at 10:00 on testing days. But me? Dear me, no, that would be good. No, I don't have a means of getting to school at 10:00, because the busses still run normally. So, I have to hang out in the computer lab for the three hours that the sophomores are taking the test. And we can't get caught using the internet for anything non work-related. So what did I do today? I finished two chapters of the Sartenian Scriptures. That's a lot of fucking writing. And there's only 7 more days of that. joy.

I'll probably be posting chapter 2 of the Scriptures tomorrow. Otherwise, I don't really have anything else to say at the moment. Mostly because school lets out in less than a minute, and I don't have time to say anything else anyways.

Uh... Wow?

Apr. 7th, 2005 12:15 pm
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Amazingly enough, I have actually been able to breathe through my nose for most of the day today... I don't want to jinx it, but it actually seems like my cold will be gone in time for the SakuraCon field trip tomorrow. ^^

Yeah, today was a late start. Went to bed an hour later than usual, and got up two. Life... is good. ^^ So, naturally, here I am goofing off in second period, directly contrary to my screaming conscience. That means that I will probably be getting back to work soon.

By the way, I never mentioned that my creation myth was presented earlier this week. I use a passive verb form because, since I was unwilling to present it myself, Ms. King read it herself. Yeah, it may be difficult to understand if you're not a writer, but that kind of thing is hard for me... It was a piece that I came up with and wrote entirely as an out-of-school writing project, so a lot of the ideas in it are very personal... add to that the fact that it basically is, unintentionally, a bash on christian beliefs, when I'm 99.9% sure that a few of my Mythology classmates are christian, and I just couldn't do it. However, people seemed to like it, even though I have more than a few complaints about how she read it: She mispronounced the names of the two main deities, Sartenia and Arkelis, and she pretty much read it in the same almost-monotone that she reads the textbook myths in. And also, when she read the part about Arkelis "laugh[ing] nervously", she let out a very loud, not to mention decidedly un-nervous sounding, laugh, that induced me to wince a little. Such an act had no precedent or follow up, fortunately.

So, yeah. I've got some code documentation to be done by the end of the period, since I can't turn it in tomorrow while at SakuraCon. Out!
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Classes are all squared away. It's a weird feeling, knowing that all my classes until graduation are now predetermined, set in stone; also slightly unsettling, because it makes graduation seem that much closer. o.o
Yeah. So, first semester I have: Contemporary World, AP English, Intro to Psychology, and Japanese IV. For second semester: Web Design, You and the Law, AP English, and Japanese V. Not necessarily in that order. For alternatives: Poetry, Chemistry, and Media & Society.
Seems that plans for the trip tomorrow have hit an unexpected hitch... Joey, one of my friends that's going along, hasn't been in school lately, so making plans as far as he's concerned has become somewhat complicated.
hoi... *yawn* How can I feel this tired this early? -_- School is the only feasible explanation.
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Yup, that time of year is here again... As of ~8:10 this morning. Another year, another...what? I honestly don't know. I'm not 18 yet, so there's still no hope tha my dad will back off of me. since I'm still in school now, I've yet to actually open gifts, so, still waiting for that. But, the birthday trip has been squared away, so that's good. ^^
In other news, we were talking about that lady in the almost-coma (forget her name right now) in Mythology... I can't believe that there're any people that side with her parents! I mean, come on, she's grown up now, her parents aren't responsible for that decision, plus she's married, and her husband said to take the tube out... So, where's the argument? If you ask me, the moment they sidestepped her last wish, they were no longer giving her the right to live; they're giving her an obligation to it. just let the poor woman die! >_<
Well, looks like I have to get back to class now. Ja!
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This note business is quite a bit more exasperating than it sounds... I've currently got 1 out of 4 sigs.
We had Advisory today, and we're now choosing classes for next year. I've decided to take Japanese 4 and 5, Intro to Psychology, Web Design, You and the Law, and the required courses for seniors. I need one more elective in order to fulfill my graduation requirements, and three alternates just in case I'm not able to get what I want. Stuck for ideas so far. x_x Also found out that the new High school, Bonney Lake High School, to which a good number of our student body are transferring next year, doesn't have a Japanese class. Poor saps. ^-^ *taunts the losers*
As of this moment, I'm missing assignment free, and working on a class project in Programming. We're making a Visual Basic version of the Casino Game "Craps" (Of course, tastefully renamed "Chance", since this is, after all, a school. -_-'). I know I'm going to guilt myself into taking it home to work on it over the weekend, since I was supposed to work on it yesterday, but was working on missing work, and should be doing it now, but am updating my Livejournal. Better get on that.
(PS: Japanese Field Trip squared away, I am officially going to Sakuracon! ^^ Looks like we're not going to the Uwajimaya this semester, a trip we look forward to every semester in Japanese, so we may schedule a trip for my upcoming birthday party. Hopefully with a full stock of gift money in wallet. :p)
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Wow. My life genuinely sucks.
Not only is the homework still piling itself onto me, slowly becoming sentient and planning to crush me once and for all, but the terms of the deal have once again been changed. I now have to complete a note EVERY WEEK. And he expects me to wait till the last possible moment (so he can get up-to-date info, I guess), when I have no time to take care of anything that pops up at the last second. Which is precisely what happened this time. A bunch of things in Programming class took me by surprise; it's looking like this one might be the "problem class" of the bunch. Fortunately, he's letting me save the notes for weeks at my Mom's until monday, if I don't have them finished. But that's the extent of it. My stance is, he needs to be LESS involved in my school life, and let me sink or swim of my own accord. But, nooooo. He just tightens his vice-grip on my everyday life. I have more important things to worry about than making sure I have zero missing assignments (A mark very few achieve) every hour of every fucking day, dammit! I feel like a fucking elementary schooler. >_<
In other news, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday. And of course, I felt obligated to get him a gift. Damn this conscience of mine.


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