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So I actually reinstalled and tried Maple yesterday.

Tried out the Knights of Cygnus and the Aran. It was actually surprisingly enjoyable-- especially the latter, which is surprising since normally I won't touch melee classes with a 40-foot pole.

Quests have, in fact, been balanced out. There are storyline quests now that will actually take you from level 1-17 on quest experience alone, which is a major turnaround from the Maple of my day, where the sole method of leveling up from like level 5 on was just whacking a bunch of monsters for hours on end.

Other quests seem to give better experience now, too. I'm curious to see how far I could get on quests alone, without any aimless grinding. Though the gaps between the storyline quests are getting larger with each successive quest, which may make that difficult.

But I suppose the point is moot anyways. A lot of shit went down last night, and it looks like I may be quitting both Maple and Mabi again.

So it goes.
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Can I have fewer reasons to think my crippling, irrational social anxiety is justified? Rather than more?



Mar. 14th, 2009 09:14 pm
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Should I take the... enthusiastic response to my previous entry to mean that I shouldn't indulge in meme posts in the future?

Unrelated: What.


Feb. 13th, 2009 03:33 pm
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I just...

...I don't know.
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So why do I suddenly feel like every moment of the day is wasted time? Like it could be better spent doing something... else?

It's not a nice feeling, and so long as I don't actually have anything else to do, I would like it to go away.
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It happened again.
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What does someone who values harmony as highly as I do, do, in such a chaotic little world as this?

People don't always get along. It's a simple fact of reality. But I don't choose to be torn up by it. It's just... how I am. I can't function when someone I care about is mad at someone else I care about, or at me.

I try my damndest to help and patch things up where I can, but with every patch, two new leaks spring forth.

I can't fix things, but I can't be satisfied with them broken. So, what do you do?
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Maybe you've heard the term "failing at life".

Maybe you've even wondered what it might mean, in a literal sense.

Be glad you don't have first-hand knowledge.
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Socrates once said, "Wise is he who understands that he knows nothing at all."

I was thinking about a lot of things today, and somewhere between philosophical musings, I realized just how wise Socrates was to have realized that.

Maybe later I'll go into detail about some of the things I figured out today while thinking... but I want to think some more about them first. I really do know nothing at all, after all.


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