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[\] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[\] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[X] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[\] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[ ] Study for SATs
[ ] Cut down on video game/computer time
[\] Get up to date on Hamlet Journal ><

Finally renewed the permit. I have to say, I'm freaked out. For my entire life, I've never been very photogenic, and I've always hated having my photo taken. But, since the start of this year, I've actually been liking the way I look in photos... Easily seen when I compare the renewed permit's photo to the old one taken more than a year ago. Suffice it to say, I have no idea where this came from. O.o

School work is still piling up. But I have to do a minor rant about Japanese class.

Our japanese class has a mix of students from levels 2 through 5 in it, so we're all in different places. In the beginning of the year, we all did the same review as a unit, so the lower leveled students were being left in the dust, and the higher leveled students, like me and Taylor, were falling asleep. i.e., it sucked.

Now, though, she's separated us out into two groups-- kouhai, the bulk of the class, and senpai, me and about 5-7 other kids who do more advanced work.

And guess what? It sucks.

I'm still doing review, albeit review that's ahead of the rest of the class's review. (They're doing the -te form again, wtf? And the whole class is acting like it's something new or something.) And, I still feel completely segregated from the rest of the class, and whenever she assigns homework to the kouhai that the senpai don't have to do, I feel like people are glaring back and whispering, "What smartasses...".

And I probably got some glares when I finished an assignment ahead of the rest of the senpai, and Ms. Jones told me to check everybody else's paper. (Class: OMG glare. Me: wtf? Why me? o.o) And I admit I am something of a smartass when I think, "How do you not know this stuff? We've already gone over all of this! Some of it last week!". Plus I certainly feel like a smartass when I remember how to use "hazu" and "tsumori" from memory, but the rest of the senpai have to consult the textbook. (._.;;) But I just find it ironic that now what I wanted all the first month has this month become my nightmare.

Really, I'm average, if not below average, at everything else. Why is there this stigma on being ahead of everyone else? It sometimes seems to suck just as much as being behind. Why should I have to feel ashamed of it? This is all I'm good at! >__<;;

But yeah. That's all. o.o;;
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Yay, registering for da SATs. -_-

Also, I still get a lot of homework. I managed to get TWO ESSAYS to do over the weekend, plus some revisions on two essays I did in the past. Then more stuff in Japanese (That STILL ended up being review ><). Plus two book assignments in Physics. I'm ready to collapse over here.

Oh, and when I said I might be putting my pictures up... I meant that there was no chance I would. So, yeah.

And in other news: Life is pain. Thank you, and good night.
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whew. The only word that could accurately describe the first day of school is "chaotic". ><

Started out at 5:00, cuz I STILL have to get up early, since my mom goes to work too late to drop me off. Get everything ready and leave at 6:00, as per usual, and get to my dad's at 6:30ish. Five hours of waiting then, because now that 9th graders have been added to the school, half the student body needs an orientation. Ride a bus route that was changed since last year, probably because of the addition of Bonney Lake High School. Get to school at 12:15 or so and talk to friends for a few minutes, then it's off to the stadium for an assembly discussing new rules and stuff this year. Then classes start; since it's less than even half a normal day, each class is about twenty minutes long.

Period 1: Japanese. The only class in which I have friends. v_v Got a small packet to do, but otherwise it was fairly uneventful.

Period 2: Physics. Once again, got a packet, uneventful.

Period 3: AP Lit & Comp. Discussed the summer homework and found out that my Characters page was a little too sparse to get me a good grade, so I ended up having to add on to it tonight. Got a "before and after one-pager" assignment that I've gotten now three times since I started high school, and I swear that the assignment sheet has been identical every time. It's a one-page construction paper-style assignment that has information about ourselves, as well as "before" (before we started school) and "after" (more recent) photos of us. That's due monday, but I'm going to borrow a couple of things from my previous one since I haven't exactly changed significantly in the last year.

Period 4: AP Gov't & Politics. Got the summer homework that I'd missed since I registered for this class late. Talked about some current events, but that discussion didn't exactly last long because twenty-minute classes aren't really conducive to discussions of any sort.

Then came the bus ride. Oh, the bus ride. Apparently, the people that run the bus routes don't exactly excel at planning. Everything was fine in the morning because no freshmen, sophomores, or seventh/eighth graders were riding the bus. But in the afternoon, when everyone had to ride the bus, it overflowed. The route had to be split between two busses. At least that gave me time to hang out before the second one arrived, though. That's pretty much the only silver lining. The bus had a driver that knew nothing about the route, nor the area, and was full of whiny freshmen all trying to direct her at once. It was nothing but "Can't you stop here? My house is right there!" and "I'm gonna be late because of you!" the whole way there. That's an experience I'm none too eager to relive.

Fast forward to tonight, when I finish off my summer homework and start gathering stuff for the other two AP assignments. At least the one in AP Gov't has stuff that focuses on our personal political views. ^^

All in all, I don't think I can accurately judge what the coming year will be like until I actually go through a whole day of it. There will probably be an update tomorrow.
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Yup, it's time again for the finals. Here's a brief recap:

First period (Advanced Algebra): No final here until the 20th. We're still going over new material. x_x

Second period (Programming): No final test, but a final project, wherein we're supposed to make our own game. Just wrapped all that up yesterday, and you can find the game on the 6/8 update of my webpage.

Third period (Mythology): The worst of the lot as yet. It was a four-part test, but if we did the book report project earlier last month, then we're allowed to opt out of one part. The one I chose was the "hero journey" part, which involves making a scrapbook or some sort of visual... thing about our own personal "hero journey" of our choosing. The second part was Vocab, involving all the vocab words that we'd gone over throughout the semester. That part was easy. Not even worth comment. In the third part, "metaphor for life", we got a printout, then were told to write about a metaphor for our own life. I couldn't pick just one, so I chose both "prison" and "journey" from the given list of examples. The fourth part was a list of short essay questions, three of which we had to pick and write about. The ones I chose involved 1) what valuable lessons a world mythology class has to offer, 2) A comparison of Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies, and discussing how they could be combined to form an "ideal society", and 3) Whether or not the world is "empty of heroism", with "no more noble things to do". The last two parts I had to take home last night, and they had me up till 9:30. >_<

Fourth period (Japanese): First part was a listening test, which was pathetically easy. Second was a test on Katakana, which I'm fairly certain I did well on. Third was a kanji test, which was the first non-optional test that actually caught me unprepared. x_x I had to skip at least 6 of the vocab words for which I didn't know the kanji. The fourth part was a packet of writing-based activities from the textbook, which wasn't hard so much as time-consuming. Hoping to get the grade back soon.

Today was the last day for seniors, which means I'm going to be one of only three people left in my Mythology class for the rest of the school year (roundabout two weeks). o.o

Well, I gotta do homework now. God, I hate math class. x_x
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I've actually managed to get used to this wierd schedule... That doesn't mean I'm happy about not being able to sleep in like the other half of the students, but hey, whatever.

I managed to screw up last week's note, though. Got three out of the four signatures I needed, then gave it to Jones-sensei, and never got it back. x_x So, this weekend was kind of boring. And I managed to get a truckload of homework, even despite having only half my classes. -_-

I'm thinking now that I want to post chapter three of the scriptures... but I don't really know if I'm done making all the alterations I want to. Ah, I suppose I'll post what I have.

Chapter 3: The Development of Religion )

Yeah, this one's really short compared to the other chapters.

Over the weekend, I had to do a homework assignment for Mythology on my philosophy concerning good and evil. It was, despite all expectations, kind of fun. >_< Never thought I'd be saying that about something we were assigned in Mythology. Anyways, I borrowed a little bit from what has now earned the name "Sartenian Philosophy", which is not intrinsically related to my myths, but rather it's philosophy I came up with while inventing the myths. I just may post a little exposé on it later on, cuz I'm actually kind of proud of it. ^^
...however, I'm supposed to present it in front of class on tuesday. Which I plan on refusing to do.
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I got up at about 8:00 today thinking for some reason that it was 11:00. x_x
So... I'm tired.

I was sorta wrong about my cold... it's still steadfastly clinging on. The stuffiness isn't quite as bad as it used to be, but I still have a very annoying cough.

As for the field trip... meh. I didn't bring any money, and I didn't take the time to look at every individual thing there, so it was kind of a dissapointment.

In other news... for the first time in a while, I've actually taken time out to work on Project Oracle a little bit. ^^ I just may try shocking the masses by updating the site next. :P

Would have shown you the content for the update here, but the people that run Angelfire are selfish bastards that keep all their web content to themselves. ;_;
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Classes are all squared away. It's a weird feeling, knowing that all my classes until graduation are now predetermined, set in stone; also slightly unsettling, because it makes graduation seem that much closer. o.o
Yeah. So, first semester I have: Contemporary World, AP English, Intro to Psychology, and Japanese IV. For second semester: Web Design, You and the Law, AP English, and Japanese V. Not necessarily in that order. For alternatives: Poetry, Chemistry, and Media & Society.
Seems that plans for the trip tomorrow have hit an unexpected hitch... Joey, one of my friends that's going along, hasn't been in school lately, so making plans as far as he's concerned has become somewhat complicated.
hoi... *yawn* How can I feel this tired this early? -_- School is the only feasible explanation.
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If there's one thing good for the soul at the foot of a three-day weekend after a hard week, it's staying up to an ungodly hour in the morning surfing the web! ^^
My birthday's in three days, but I get to open half my presents on sunday (due to me not being able to be in two places at once). The birthday trip to Uwajimaya is steadily drawing closer, but I've still yet to make any solid plans for it... A date is set, but not a time, nor even a final list of people who are coming. >_<
Not much else to say on the whole. Except that I'm now throwing in the towel and going to bed. *clicks off light*
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This note business is quite a bit more exasperating than it sounds... I've currently got 1 out of 4 sigs.
We had Advisory today, and we're now choosing classes for next year. I've decided to take Japanese 4 and 5, Intro to Psychology, Web Design, You and the Law, and the required courses for seniors. I need one more elective in order to fulfill my graduation requirements, and three alternates just in case I'm not able to get what I want. Stuck for ideas so far. x_x Also found out that the new High school, Bonney Lake High School, to which a good number of our student body are transferring next year, doesn't have a Japanese class. Poor saps. ^-^ *taunts the losers*
As of this moment, I'm missing assignment free, and working on a class project in Programming. We're making a Visual Basic version of the Casino Game "Craps" (Of course, tastefully renamed "Chance", since this is, after all, a school. -_-'). I know I'm going to guilt myself into taking it home to work on it over the weekend, since I was supposed to work on it yesterday, but was working on missing work, and should be doing it now, but am updating my Livejournal. Better get on that.
(PS: Japanese Field Trip squared away, I am officially going to Sakuracon! ^^ Looks like we're not going to the Uwajimaya this semester, a trip we look forward to every semester in Japanese, so we may schedule a trip for my upcoming birthday party. Hopefully with a full stock of gift money in wallet. :p)


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