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So I actually reinstalled and tried Maple yesterday.

Tried out the Knights of Cygnus and the Aran. It was actually surprisingly enjoyable-- especially the latter, which is surprising since normally I won't touch melee classes with a 40-foot pole.

Quests have, in fact, been balanced out. There are storyline quests now that will actually take you from level 1-17 on quest experience alone, which is a major turnaround from the Maple of my day, where the sole method of leveling up from like level 5 on was just whacking a bunch of monsters for hours on end.

Other quests seem to give better experience now, too. I'm curious to see how far I could get on quests alone, without any aimless grinding. Though the gaps between the storyline quests are getting larger with each successive quest, which may make that difficult.

But I suppose the point is moot anyways. A lot of shit went down last night, and it looks like I may be quitting both Maple and Mabi again.

So it goes.
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Uh-oh, looks like it's time for another one of Matt's opinion pieces.


Okay, so I'll admit it. My time on World of Warcraft has utterly changed the way I think about MMOs.

Those on my flist may or may not be aware that I've recently gotten back into Mabinogi. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I ever quit was because Alpha had stopped playing, and the game isn't really any fun alone. It's a fun game, and sufficiently removed from the train wreck that was Maple Story.

Between quitting and starting up again, though, a lot of time passed and a lot of things happened. This isn't about the game being different; this is about me being different. Despite all the updates made to it, Mabinogi has stayed the same more than it has changed. The game hasn't stopped being fun, but it has started to feel alien.

Take this announcement on the official Mabinogi forums, for instance. Reading this thread, and the responses to it, has driven home just how much my outlook on MMOs has changed.

Two years ago? I probably would have been singing the praises of this announcement right alongside many of the other posters in there. Things looked much more black and white to me back then.

Now, though, I've had the experience of what a game is like when run by a company that actively supports the modding community. And it could not possibly seem more mystifying to me that these people are so fervently against "modders", and that Nexon would have a blanket ban on all mods, both harmful and harmless.

I'll admit that some the "hacks" that get used in Nexon games are a far cry from the mods enjoyed by the WoW community-- many of them are outright malicious, and these games certainly have their share of cheaters-- a problem not remotely as rampant on WoW as it is in Mabinogi, and on Maple Story especially.

But I have a very big problem with the fact that strictly aesthetic mods are being tarred with the same brush as such hacks. That's what Nexon is doing.

Many of my friends will know that I make a minor hobby out of custom soundtracks. Since the music in Mabinogi is stored externally in .mp3 format, it's a cakewalk to replace the music files with my own in order to customize the soundtrack-- but uh-oh, I guess that makes me a dirty modder. You can get banned for that, can you believe it?

This is one of the reasons that I now feel like I'm nothing more than a guest in the world of Nexon MMOs.

I'm a little dumbfounded that this is what they're focusing their attention on, rather than combating the rampant botting that goes on in this game. It's disgraceful how easy it is to bot in this game, and how difficult it is to go five feet without tripping over a gold-farming bot. And this, while I could get banned for my custom soundtrack? It's almost farcical how out of line their priorities are.

I'm not quitting the game over this, don't get me wrong. I just find it utterly surreal how alien the Nexon MMO culture seems to me now. And it is a culture, make no mistake about that.

I'll just continue in my role as outside observer of the indigenous peoples and their strange folkways.
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So, day one of Group Dynamic Activities was pretty grueling, physically. I was exhausted and my feet were sore and I just wanted to go back to bed by the time it was over. But I felt like I learned a lot, and it was generally a pretty productive day.

On the bus ride home, though, I noticed some girls talking to eachother in Japanese. Now, normally, I can't follow conversational Japanese. They just go too quickly for me. But I was listening to these girls, and I just... understood them. I barely even had to try in order to follow the conversation.

Hm. Maybe I leveled up.

(Note: I was going to share this anecdote on the day it happened, but I never got around to it. Now it's a bit out of place, chronologically, since I've already gone through both days of the class. Oh well. There it is, though, more or less reproduced how I imagined it being worded when I was thinking about it that day.)

In other news, I need to get a new damn icon. I've long since washed my hands of Maple Story.
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I've repeatedly gotten comments that my character's old NX outfit made him look like a lawyer. So, I could only resist making this for so long. XD


Dec. 16th, 2006 11:55 am
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So, guess what. My friggin' power went out.

So, yeah. No internet for me. I'm at a friend of my mom's right now leeching internet, but I won't be here for long. So yeah, if you were wondering where I was... yo.

Grah. I've already missed the 2x drop event on Maple, and it's not looking too good for the 2x exp event tonight. ><;;

I hate this freaking weather...


Nov. 22nd, 2006 11:01 pm
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Wow. I have seriously been neglecting this thing, haven't I?

I don't have anything much to say at the moment. I'm at my dads for Thanksgiving, and I won't be back until friday. That means no MapleStory (for those of you to whom it applies) and maybe no MSNger, because the program's apparently being pissy right now. So, yeah.

However, I have been meaning to announce a major update to the Majutsusoft, Ltd. site. First, I finally fixed the Splash page, so there's a new graphic there instead of a red X. Second, I added an "Under Construction" message to all the currently unavailable pages, so you guys don't have to sift through a bunch of 404s. (Something I should have done from the start, I know, but better late than never. ><') Finally, I've added the Notebook section, the section where I'll put my random writings and such for the public to see. The first addition to that section is also my first published fanfiction; it's Maplestory, so if that's not in your interests, then tread with caution. ^^ That's, in case you'd forgotten/didn't know.

School is... fine. Not a whole lot to say on that front.

So, until the next time I drop in to update this thing? XD

Edit: Seems Messenger is working now. ^^
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First off, MMN has been updated. Two new comics for ya today.

Second, I'm starting college tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous about it. This is relevant to the current topic because A) It will mean less time for updating the comic, and B) because this is my LJ and I'm allowed to talk about what I want to in it. So there. >o<

Third-- apologies in advance, Michael-- MapleStory is my new addiction. Someone make a character on Bera and come see me or something!

And that, my friends, is all for now. I bid you farewell.


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