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Just to demonstrate what I was talking about before...

Image comparison )

I had to re-hook-up my old desktop and scrounge around in it to find the original image specifically so I could remaster it for the game, and now I can finally say I'm satisfied with the title screen. >w<


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:34 am
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Okay this may not seem too exciting to you guys, but I just found out a way to convert images to 256-color Bitmap with almost zero color loss. Holy shit this is amazing.

What that translates to is, I can now make custom graphics for the game without their colors looking shitty. I can finally ditch the default backgrounds and make my own!

My god I'm so excited

And on an unrelated note, looky my new icon. :D
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New icon.

Ganked from deviantart and photoshop icon'd by yours truly.

Yeah, that's all I'm posting about.
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So, I think we all know that the economy is in a bad way right now. Sometimes it seems like all one can do is pray.

Pray to, uh... wait, what?

Lol. That's kind of epic.

^My take on this.
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So, I figured I'd make a post about this, since I've been itching to make more of these things, but I lack only the motivation and inspiration to do so.

My SSBB photoshop miniproject. (tl;dr warning) )
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A fascinating look at what goes through my head when I'm taking Chemistry exams )

In other news, I got liquid nitrogen poured on my hand today. It wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. o.o I find that stuff amusing, though. I dunno why.
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I've repeatedly gotten comments that my character's old NX outfit made him look like a lawyer. So, I could only resist making this for so long. XD


Oct. 31st, 2006 07:35 pm
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So... I know that last year I waited for the anniversary of my new LJ to make a new background and such, but inspiration struck, so my journal now has a shiny new look. ^^ I based it off of a poem that I'm writing right now, you can see a little excerpt (which is also the temporary title) in the corner. All of it was done from scratch except for the image of the Angel statue, and even then I drew the tears in myself. ^o^ So, take a look and tell me what you think. XP
I should probably mention that the background is made specifically for 1024x768 resolution, so if that's not your screen resolution, it probably won't look right. Sorry. ;o;

Also, that meme is just too fun, so I'm leaving it up for just one more post. >>'

Under a cut for the health and wealth of Friends pages everywhere. )
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So, the Comics page is done now. The splash page is still broken, so I'll link you directly to the main page.

Yes, I know, I know. I'm really sorry about the crappy angelfire site, I'm looking into finding a different host. Until then, you'll have to bear with me.

Also, I apologize for the comic browsing layout, it's weird for two reasons: 1) I'm not very skilled at HTML, and 2) I don't remember the dates for most of the strips I have posted, so a date-based format is right out.

I'll TRY to get some of the other pages in soon, but I don't know how soon.

By the way, I'm giving a cookie to anyone who can name all the characters and their games in the header. :3
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New list item )

First off-- I may or may not have lied when I said the 19th was the anniversary of my lj. The "date created" on my info page says it was the 20th, but my first entry was dated to the 19th. (O.o) So, I just picked the date that would allow me to appease my boredom at that particular moment.

But, at any rate, the holiday season is now done, and with it comes the update to my lj's layout. Gasp and amazement, it's NOT an abstract collection of random photoshop filters. >.>;; However, I'm dissapointed-- some of the good quotes got cut off, they're below the bottom of the screen. Oh, well. -_-'
EDIT: Rearranged the quotes so my favorite ones are visible. Woot.

Speaking of the holiday season, it would perhaps be a good time now to detail some of the gifts I got for this yearly gift-giving festival.

>Metroid for the NES
>The entire NES Megaman series (XDDD)
>.hack//SIGN on dvd
>Family Guy season 1 on dvd
>X2: X-Men United on DVD
>$100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card (WOOT!)
>$55 in cash
>$40 Target gift card (Yay? >.>;;)

Those were the highlights, at any rate.

Also, bah. I have to read Pride and Prejudice in its ENTIRETY over the break. Woe is me. ;___;

And finally, since I KNOW not everyone got around to commenting, I'm linking to my last entry here.
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[\] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[\] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[X] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[\] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[O] Study for SATs
[ ] Cut down on video game/computer time
[X] Get up to date on Hamlet Journal ><
[ ] Senior Project work
>>[X] Come up with an idea
>>>>[ ] Get idea approved
>>[ ] Find a mentor
>>[ ] Start workin on the damned thing

No real checklist update today... except that I lied when I first checked off the Hamlet Journal item, but it really is finished now. >.>'

Anyways, we took the final last week, and I don't think I did that bad on it. Then we got Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to read over the weekend, that was kinda funny. And we had a party-like day on friday as celebration for finishing the Hamlet unit. We got cookies, donuts, pretzels, and we're watching The Renaissance Man. W00t for teacher-sanctioned goofing off in class! ^^

Also, if you haven't noticed yet (you probably haven't if you're viewing this entry through your friends page), I made a christmas remix of my old background, partly in celebration of the christmas season, but mostly as a celebration of the fact that I FINALLY GOT PHOTOSHOP AGAIN! ^___________^ So yes. W00t.

And, on that note, I also made a new icon. Ph33r. X3

Went to Barnes & Noble friday to get a few things. New line-up for today: Son of a Witch (sequel to Wicked), by Gregory Maguire, Wizards at War by Diane Duane, and... Hamlet. Since I'm going to have to return the school copy next week. I've done scattered reading of all three over the weekend, mostly when I should have been doing homework. ^^

Hm. What else...? Oyeah-- I made it to the final battle on .hack//MUTATION the other day. Got pwned, and haven't bothered to try again because I've been working on homework.

Eh, that's about it. I gotta go get breakfast now. x_x
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First off, take a look at my shiny new icon! Well, as shiny as my limited photoshop skills will allow, at least. Homestar joke. ^^
Second, yesterday I went out to break my new Barnes & Noble Gift Card in, and from that I got volume 6 and 7 of the english Yu-Gi-Oh Manga (my favorite so far) and the novel Wicked, by Gregory Maguire (Which is turning out to be excellent so far ^^). There was a lot more that I wanted to get, but I had to resist for the sake of having spending money left on the thing. ^-^'
And third, I probably won't update for the rest of the week, cuz I'm back to my Dad's later today, which means back to technology restriction. Graahhh... >_<
And now, please excuse me, for I have to finish a one-page paper that I just remembered I had yesterday before that time comes. Ja, mata!


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