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Okay so

You can love or hate Obama as much as you friggin' want, but

Are we SERIOUSLY criticizing him for BOWING in a country where BOWING IS A POLITE GESTURE!?


Oh my god, people, shut the fuck up.

shut the fuck up and learn something about a country that isn't your fucking own.
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Dear Washington.

I know we've had our disagreements. I know things get rocky between us every now and then. But in spite of all that, I just wanted to say...

...Don't stop being you. I love this state.

That's all.

--Love, Matt

P.S., do work on that other 47%, though, huh?
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So, there's something I've been mulling around in my head lately. It feels suspiciously like a rant brewing up in there, actually; so I figured I'd get my thoughts out in writing, if for nothing else than the satisfaction of making them concrete.

So, here goes, I guess.

Warning: High Politics content. Consult a doctor before ingesting. )
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There was a debate tonight?

Shit, I missed it.
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Wow. My spacebar spends... I dunno, a half hour or less being oddly attached to the keyboard and working a bit oddly... and now I have to reacquaint myself to the keyboard. O_o

In other news, today was election day and I didn't get my ballot finished. ~_~

Oh, well. I didn't know enough to choose between Clinton and Obama anyways. I guess I'll get my chance come the general elections.
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Augh! DDD:

It's election day, and I haven't so much as touched my ballot, let alone done any research. >_________<,

I have failed. T-T

EDIT: LOCAL elections, silly. >>'
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First off: Icon. X3

Second: I started playing FlyFF. Is there anybody else who, reading this right now, was not previously aware of this fact, and also plays? I need more friends on that game. Srsly. >>;;;

Third: I bought, read, and subsequently finished Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass. Argh, now I want to read the next book, but I don't have the money to get it. ><;

Fourth: Brawl is going to have a Stage Editor. FUCK YES.

Yet another reason for me to whine about not having a Wii. <<;

Fifth: I got my first absentee ballot in the mail a bit ago. Funny, I've procrastinated so long on registering to vote, but now that I've finally done it, I find myself... woefully underinformed. I don't even know what most of the positions ARE, let alone who the people running for them are, and FORGET the best candidates among them. And that's not even getting into all the initiatives/referendums/what have yous. I feel like I've dropped the political ball here. What would my AP Government teacher say if she knew? <<;;;

What else. I'm certain there was something else, but it escapes me at the moment. So I'm just gonna leave it at that.
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Political rant under the cut. Not for those easily offended by liberal opinions.

Repent America: The picture next to 'Holier than Thou' in the dictionary )

Whew. I don't do nearly enough of those. >.>

Anyways, I finally got a cellphone. ^^ Now I just wish I could get custom ringtones onto the thing, but it's not internet capable. -_-'

Blech, I spent the whole weekend doing homework. >< I'm not going to like my AP classes, I can already tell. I'm buried in stuff already, but if I miss anything it's really going to start piling up. -_-

Also, Megaman Next is up to 13 episodes, and we're thinking about getting hosting on Bob and George. ^^
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Moving right into the play-by-play:

The bus problems apparently haven't been fixed. I had to ride on a train of two busses because the first was completely full when it got to my stop. The upside is that it filled up right before I got on, so I got to get on the completely empty second bus. ^^

First period was OK, we got our textbooks. However, today we started in on the review. Blech, I don't like review. At all. ><

Second period, we also got textbooks. Started with the work, that was fun. >< Funny thing about metrics, seems like nobody in this entire damned country knows how to use them, but they're actually much easier than our normal system. But everybody says they're hard because they're different.

Lunch. Packed with people, since this year we're newly restricted to eating in the commons and the gym lobby. Michael's the only person I know with that lunch, that's awkward. >>;

Third period was kind of bleh. We discussed the one-pager from yesterday because we didn't have enough time yesterday (even though I've more than enough experience doing these accursed things >.>). Then we took a test based on the summer homework, and I probably got a C on it. Bah, it's only the things you miss that are on the test.

Fourth period was nice, though. We discussed current events, like Hurricane Katrina and the stampede in Iraq. (it wasn't the stories, but the discussions that were nice. ><) I think I'm probably going to like that class. ^^

In other news, I might finally be moving downstairs at my mom's sometime soon. So long as we run the cable down there, I'll have internet, plus TV, and be able to actually use my NES in my own room. Plus, the space! ^^

Also, I might get a cellphone soon. *left behind by technology* >.>
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Yup, that time of year is here again... As of ~8:10 this morning. Another year, another...what? I honestly don't know. I'm not 18 yet, so there's still no hope tha my dad will back off of me. since I'm still in school now, I've yet to actually open gifts, so, still waiting for that. But, the birthday trip has been squared away, so that's good. ^^
In other news, we were talking about that lady in the almost-coma (forget her name right now) in Mythology... I can't believe that there're any people that side with her parents! I mean, come on, she's grown up now, her parents aren't responsible for that decision, plus she's married, and her husband said to take the tube out... So, where's the argument? If you ask me, the moment they sidestepped her last wish, they were no longer giving her the right to live; they're giving her an obligation to it. just let the poor woman die! >_<
Well, looks like I have to get back to class now. Ja!
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Been a while since my last entry, I know. -_-
First thing: My friend Joey has gotten me hooked on the soundtrack to the Broadway Musical version of the afformentioned book, Wicked. "What is this Feeling", "Defying Gravity", "Popular", and "No Good Deed" absolutely r0x0rz ur s0x0rz. ^^
Second. A little rant about the governor election thing.
OK, let's take a look here. Rossi wins the vote, Democrats cry foul. Gregoire wins, Republicans cry foul. Hm, do we see a pattern here, children? Both sides are just sour about not winning and want to exploit the voting system to its fullest extent. I surely didn't hear Rossi complaining about an unfair election when he had won due to a large number of valid votes not being counted. Did we know "The will of the people" then? No. And who was the one protesting the idea of a recount? The dishonorable victor that we now find complaining about an unfair election only once he's no longer in the lead. ALTERIOR MOTIVE SENSES TINGLING! Of course that doesn't mean that Gregoire is the incarnation of perfection, but the fact remains. Is it possible to really know what the people want? No. Which means that my point is effectively now void, but that doesn't really mean I can't get out a little political rant once in a while, because I rarely do.
OK, now that that's out of the way, onto other stuff.
I have my speech for my Citizenship Project tomorrow. Not at all happy about that. As if the body of the project, with ten hours of community service and a full portfolio about it, wasn't hard enough, they have to throw on a speech about the damned thing that I didn't know about until monday of this week. I hate competencies... ;_;
Third. I have about 1400 megabytes of files I need to transfer to my new computer from the dinosaur I'm using at this moment. I can't write to CDs because for some reason that only God in heaven would be able to discern (Which means nobody knows) the new computer won't read CDs burned by the old. And I can't use a LAN connection because that would require a ton of software that I don't have, so it looks like the only option left is to use the 64 megabyte mp3 player/flash drive to transfer it a little bit at a time. That's gonna take a while, ne? -_-'


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