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Oct. 6th, 2009 12:50 pm
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It's no secret that music is the main thing I use YouTube for.

So I took a look at a few of my favorite videos today.

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Sometimes I wish the term "politically correct" had never been coined.

Not because I disagree with it in the strictest sense? But because it's been hijacked.

It's been hijacked both by people that support it and by people that are against it.

In many peoples' minds, "PC" has become something that people strive for for no real reason.

On one end of the spectrum, you have the outrage over Disney's new movie, The Princess and the Frog. What's wrong with a black character named Madison? Nothing.

But on the other end, you have people defending anti-(insert-demographic-here) slurs on the grounds that not using them is "too PC".

Somewhere along the line, on both sides, we lost sight of the human element.

Seriously. Whatever happened to just... not being a dick? I'm pretty sure that's what this whole "PC" thing was originally supposed to be about. Remembering that these are real people you're talking about and that they have real feelings.

People overly concerned with what is now called "political correctness" forget that they're supposed to be worrying about things that real people care about. And "anti-PC" people forget that when people are offended or hurt by something, they're offended or hurt for real, human reasons.

Can we just... start over? Try being nice to each other?

Is that possible?
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Some days, I love Square-Enix.

Some days, though, I think they need to die in a fire.

What the fuck, Square. What the FUCK.

I... was even considering buying CT:DS, as it happens. But now, I'm gonna need to take a long hard think about my priorities with respect to this company. This behavior is nothing less than ludicrous, and if it's all for the protection of their financial success from such a... frankly imaginary assault, then I frankly want no part in said financial success.

Their rationale is that the makers of CT:CE intended to encourage the illegal download of ROM images (I think their wording was that they "[intended] to instruct others how to circumvent [their] copy protection"), which is grade A horseshit. As is tradition in the modding community, they never encouraged the illegal download of ROMs, and in fact adamantly encourage others not to partake if they do not own a legal copy of the game. (And CT doesn't even have copy protection.) And the use of ROM images as a backup copy of games one legally owns has a history of being upheld in court as an example of fair use. Legally? They might be able to win this thing, if they had the money to take it to court.

But that's just it:

"We do not accept the validity of Square Enix's claims, nor the legal rationale underpinning their position. Nonetheless, we are complying with their demands so as to avoid the expenses and burdens of litigation, because, frankly, they can afford a frivolous lawsuit more than we can."

Realistically? I don't think I can see myself opting out of a couple of their future releases, so I know this is all going to fall flat in a few months, but... argh. I just want to stew for a while. I can't believe the sorts of things people can get away with by throwing money around.

And that, really, is the saddest part, if you ask me. Square Enix gets to throw a spoiled hissy fit like this, they get to play Goliath to the fan community's David, and at the end of the day? People still want what they're marketing. I'm not even an exception. That's the worst part.

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I try, you know? I try damn hard.

In a world where everyone seems to hate everyone else, I try to be the one that sees the good in people. I try to be the optimistic one-- to not let a dram of evil spoil all the noble substance, as it were.

So why does it seem like people are trying so damn hard to disprove that outlook? Everywhere I look, there seems to be a counterexample. Is there no room in this world for optimists?

Assuming the best of people always seems to get you screwed over, too. So I'm naive, then? Is the line between optimism and naivete so fine as to be nonexistent?


A lot of what's bothering me is people's attitudes towards other people. Sometimes it seems... that ideas are more important than people.

What do you mean by that, Matt?


(I'm only using this overly specific pseudo-hypothetical situation because I failed at racking my brain for a purely hypothetical situation to explain what I meant.)

Say there's a thread in a forum about a controversial topic. Well... not even controversial; this "debate" is pretty one-sided, with the majority of people having severe objections to one particular side, with varying levels of rationality.

The OP of the thread, however, is picking up the unpopular side and defending it. He does this pretty competently-- but takes a lot of flak for being on the "bad side", whether or not he actually "agrees" with it, as such.

Say that I then decide to post in this thread. I say that I don't really agree with the unpopular side, but admit that my reasons for doing so may be irrational, and for that reason I'd rather not debate for or against it, given that I'm uninformed on this topic and find it uncomfortable to discuss anyways. Additionally, I state my reservations against the prospect of depicting the other side in a strongly negative light, given that I myself have had opinions that have been treated this way. And finally, I commend the OP on his courage for taking up such an unpopular side and defending it, in spite of all the abuse he's getting.

Cue the crapstorm. I'm accused of pandering to this side, of being "hyper-PC", and basically am looked at as a wet noodle. And, of course, you can tell by the language that the response uses that I am now officially lumped in with the unpopular side.

A lot of people's reputations in the forum in question are tainted due to the fact that they dared to defend the "bad side".

So... yeah. Ideas become more important than people. My efforts to support a person got interpreted as support for an idea, as if the two had become synonymous.

Of course... ideas are important. I won't pretend they aren't. But where's the line? When do they become so important that people stop mattering? And how many people am I going to alienate by thinking that they really don't?

And that's the kicker, really. If you try not to alienate people, you get alienated.

And this isn't even all I'm complaining about. Just a small bit of it. There are countless other ways that optimism seems to become a flaw, a maladaptation.

So, is that it? Am I in fairyland for still wanting to be that kind of person? Am I naive?

Fuck me sideways. I'm too optimistic to believe it.


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