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Oh dear lord.

So I come home to find out that my mother has adopted a new dog.

So we now have two dogs.

And my god do I hate the new one.

I know I complained about Duncan quite a bit, but the new dog-- Ollie-- puts Duncan in perspective. Harshly. It took this yapping little fiend for me to realize just how well-behaved Duncan is for a dog.

He starts barking his head off and won't stop for anything whenever I so much as think about entering the room. It takes every ounce of self-control I possess not to kick the little shit when he starts going at it, because he just will not stop.

He shits all over the deck and the patio because he doesn't like wet grass so now I have to brave that demon lawn of ours and mow just so this new thing can shit where he's supposed to.

He's also an attention whore of the first degree and can't stand it when Duncan gets attention instead of him. And Duncan is not nearly aggressive enough to take anything, including attention, back that Ollie takes from him. And the little prat is as selfish as they come.

God dammit. I just came back from dealing with an annoying roommate and a bunch of annoying suitemates. Now I come home and have to deal with an annoying permanent resident.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better.
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So, there's something I've been mulling around in my head lately. It feels suspiciously like a rant brewing up in there, actually; so I figured I'd get my thoughts out in writing, if for nothing else than the satisfaction of making them concrete.

So, here goes, I guess.

Warning: High Politics content. Consult a doctor before ingesting. )
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So, StumbleUpon has produced another rant-worthy gem for me today.

"Why do you bother being bothered by these things, Matt?" I hear you wondering. "Why not just let stupid people be stupid?"

"Well, frankly," I say in response, "because I am bothered by stupidity. And I reserve the right to be bothered by it. We wouldn't have science if nobody had been bothered by stupidity."

It's not as bad as the last one! Seriously! )
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So, I haplessly stumbled upon the colossal, mind-boggling time-waster that is StumbleUpon today. (Pun not intended in the slightest. I seriously could not think of another verb to use in that damn sentence. X-x)

I wouldn't be calling it a time-waster if it weren't fun; if it were boring, I wouldn't waste my time with it. But it did get me thinking about something, and put me in the mood for a nice rant. So YOU, my lovely little captive audience, get the privilege of coming along for the ride.

I've actually made an attempt to make it interesting to read, though. )
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You know those buttons at crosswalks that activate the crossing signals? You know how a lot of people activate them by pounding on the button four or five times?

Why the hell do people do that? Are they worried it'll forget?

In my experience, buttons generally react normally to being pressed, and pressed once. And yes, this includes crossing signals.

I don't know why, but it bugs the fuck out of me when people do that. It probably wears them down really quickly, too.
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So, Gaia Online has been tracking the development of its new evolving items through site-wide announcements of late. I was traipsing through the forums, when I come across a topic complaining about them, and I noticed that, in doing so, the person in question had made a not-so-subtle jab at one of my favorite book series, which Gaia has recently held a promotional event for.

"Way to be neutral, Gaia.
First its a movie/book quest in which the author subtly shoves his atheistic views in (yeah, in the end, he basically writes that his characters kill God. GG, Gaia. :| ), and now its evolution."
[cut for length and being on-topic.]

My response )
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I guess I ought to update on the stuff in my last entry.

My Dad opted to call my Mom instead of me. Typical of him-- he was probably too angry with me to talk to me. She told me he gave her quite the earful, too. Talked about how bad I was doing in Lit, and said I was "borderline failing" at Gov (which is utter bullshit, I currently have a B-. >o<) After that, my Mom called me up to talk to me-- My Dad had mentioned my shitload of missing work in Lit, and I told her that I'd already planned on finishing all of it over the weekend, to prove him wrong. It just so happens that I proceeded to do just that, too-- after my Dad had gone on forever about how it would be his responsibility to kick me into shape and get me to do that stuff. I figured that would get him to see the flaws in how he was treating me; after all, could I really be that inept if I could do all that myself, without being told even by my Mother?

Hah. I should know him better.

I got there today, and he gave me a lecture. I mentioned the fact that I'd finished ALL my late work without his intervention, but he just told me to be quiet and let him talk. Then told me to ask-- ASK, you understand-- before going to my Mom's early again. And he said if I was all caught up with my schoolwork, he would probably let me.

Dear GOD. Did I inherit a skull that thick!?

Needless to say, I think he somewhat spectacularly missed the point. I've half a mind to do it again just so I can have him ask me why I did it, and answer, "Because you didn't quite get it the first time." That would be SO satisfying. Maybe THAT would pierce his skull.

But alas, there's nothing I can do. You can't pierce diamond that easily, after all. -_-;;

EDIT: The point being that I left with the express purpose of escaping the highly stressful way he handles my schoolwork in the first place, in case you didn't get that yourself. >>;;
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I've always considered myself a linguist. Words are what I know best, after all. They're the tool I use to express myself, to make my thoughts into tangible reality. But why do they have to fail me when I need them most?

I decided to come over to my Mom's early this week. I didn't consult with my Dad about it, because I figured he wouldn't approve. I just got a call from Kris asking me why I came over.

I wanted to tell her the real reason. That I was tired of the way he handled things, and I wanted to prove that I could dig myself out of the hole I'm in in school without his help-- something he wouldn't ever let me prove. But when it came right down to it, what came out of my mouth?

"I wanted to."

DAMMIT. Where did THAT come from!?

I was put on the spot, I guess, and I got afraid. Like always. I got nervous and couldn't think. So, my words failed me. Like they always do.

I can NEVER say what I want to to either of them. I don't GET it. All the words are here in my mind. I want to tell them that I think they're treating me like a child, that I can be better if they let me, that I'm more than they think I am. But my own nerves won't let me. I stand in his shadow, and my gift leaves me. And so, he's left with his half-assed perspective of what kind of a person I am reinforced. What am I supposed to do!?

I hate it. There's nothing more stifling to me than lacking words. That may come as a surprise to some people that know me-- I'm not exactly the talker, after all-- but that only means I ration my words. I only use them when they count, and I use them to the best effect I can manage. But when I want to stand up to my Dad and Stepmom, I lose that ability. And it's sinking me deeper in with them.

The problem, I think, is the fear. I'm afraid of what they'll think. If I tell them everything that's on my mind, will they listen? Or will they knock my ideas down, like they always seem to do, and ridicule me for being thick-headed and childish? I don't know. But that's what I'm afraid of.

My Dad's probably home by now. Kris will have told him what I said. I'm waiting for his call, asking me to explain myself. And I don't know what to do.
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I've been thinking. You know how the phrase "teen angst" exists and is in common use in the english language? It's sort of a one-size-fits-all explanation for all the drama that teens go through in that critical seven-year period. Something to do with emotional and mental development, raging hormones and all that, no doubt. Got a histrionic, emotional teen on your hands? Oh, it's just that teen angst. They'll get over it, nothing to worry about.

What does that mean, exactly? Does the existance of such a phrase mean that all teens have an excess of drama, that hormones are entirely to blame? Does that mean that, were I an adult, I wouldn't observe half the grievances in my life as I do now? Am I being overdramatic when I observe how much my life sucks? It really does confuse me.

With this whole idea of hormones, I feel like my emotions are being played with. How many of them are real, and how many are hormonal outbursts? Who would LIKE being told that's all their emotions are? Who would LIKE being told that the grievances they experience are nothing but a part of growing up, to be grown out of, cast off, and laughed at later in life when looking through photo albums and attending high school reunions? They FEEL real, which makes it all the more confusing when you have an entire culture's worth of evidence that they're not. What's one to think?

You hear people take on the same sort of tone they use with "teen angst" when they mention "young love", too. What does that mean? You hear stories of how guys in ages past tatooed the names of their High School sweetheart to their arm or back or something (In fact, I've seen some present-day guys that have done just this), and ended up regretting it when the one they actually grew up to marry saw it. What should the countless number of teens in the midst of such "young love", as it's so tactfully put, make of that? Your love is fake? Your relationship is destined to fail? You do hardly ever hear of a successful High-School romance. The consensus seems to be that young people are never capable of understanding the concept of love in the first place, and that they'll only experience that "deep, meaningful love" later in life. What's one to think?

Are our minds really so governed by this monolithic "puberty" that we're not ourselves at all?
(EDIT: Perhaps I was exaggerating here a bit... Obviously one can't be completely governed by such a thing, but the question is, to what extent does it affect us?-- A question that can't be answered with any level of certainty, at least not here and now.)

I'm not sure I know where I'm going with all this. Maybe just a way of venting some troubled thoughts I've had of late. I don't really like the thought of any other force but my mind governing my emotions; it's been the source of quite the amount of unrest in the past months.

Hm. Funny thing... Now that I've typed out all my thoughts, a quote I heard recently comes to mind.
"Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young."
I'm not sure if this ties anything up or not, but it certainly seems relevant. I guess this is just a question I'm going to have to figure out in the years to come. Who knows? An answer may come even sooner than that.

Feel free to discuss your opinions on this, even though this is basically just a venting session. >.>;;

(EDIT AGAIN: That was kind of a hint that I wanted opinions. At least SOMEONE got it. ¬¬)
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Wow. I just found out today how much I really matter in the world.

I had planned a really fun and enjoyable day at the Puyallup Fair with my friends today. I was getting my senior pictures taken, and was running a little later than I had thought. I called Taylor a couple hours earlier to tell her I might be there by six, but wasn't sure if I'd make it. Traffic caused me to arrive about a half hour past that mark.

I had realized while the pictures were going on that I had left my free ticket at home. No big deal, I figured. I'd pay for a ticket rather than take the time to go all the way home and get it. After all, I didn't want to keep my friends waiting.

Imagine that.

Once I had paid the admission and entered the fair, I called Taylor to find out where she was.

"We're at the mall," she told me over the din of fairgoers' voices. "We left already."

I was dumbfounded. "Why didn't you call me and let me know?"

"I wasn't sure you were coming," she explained.

Apparently it wasn't important enough to be certain.

The signal died before anything more could be said. I decided to take off and wander aimlessly rather than waste the fair admission by leaving.

I suppose I should thank her. My head was getting a little big; I'd actually allowed myself to get the idea that I mattered, you see. But it's no big deal. I've grown very used to feeling insignificant, as it happens.

I'm sure you think I'm overreacting, Taylor. You would-- with that warm, fuzzy blanket of friends around you at all hours, I doubt you've ever felt unimportant in your life. But you guys were the first friends I had ever had. Oh, yes, how selfish I am to feel so rejected. Have I no shame?

But I suppose I'm a fool to act so indignant when all I want is an apology. I just hope that's not too much to ask.
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Dear GOD, this makes me mad. I have to RANT. NOW.

This may make some people angry. If you're offended by dissenting views on religious philosophy, or are sensitive about your religious beliefs, do NOT follow this cut. It may be your worldview I'm clobbering.

EDIT: Fuck it. EVERYBODY needs to read this. Taken out of the cut.

From an article on why the church opposes homosexuality I stumbled upon just now:

"Homosexuals and lesbians seldom are happy people. Theirs is a relationship that is unnatural, one not bound by fidelity, trust, or loyalty, and one totally lacking in the meaningful family relationships that marriage offers. Homosexuality often espouses emotional problems because of the constant insecurity inherent in a relationship neither sanctioned by nor protected by the law.

Because there is no legal bond, homosexuality too often encourages, or at least permits, promiscuity."

Okay, first of all. WHO is it that's trying virulently to make sure no possibility for a legal bond exists? Jesus, the hypocrisy, it BURNS.

Second, what the hell is up with the holier than thou act? Just because they aren't currently capable of obtaining an official legal bond, or a "sanctioned" pairing according to your parameters, they have no capability of being true to eachother? Their relationship can only be a committed one if you recognize it as a valid relationship? And because, since it's not between a man and a woman, this love is "fake", and gays will just go off and have sex with whomever they feel like? I notice that religious condemnations of homosexuality NEVER acknowledge it as actual love; as if straight people are the ones that are qualified to make that judgement. GodDAMMIT.

And yes, if you haven't figured out by now, I don't see homosexuality as a bad thing. And I hate discrimination with a PASSION. If you have a problem with that, you can kindly shove it.

And about opposing homosexuality "because the Bible sez so"? Yeah, NO. The Bible is merely a convenient cover; people aren't brought up to believe that any relationship besides the typical male-female is, quote, "natural", so they naturally see it as disgusting, because they can't wrap their mind around how any affectionate emotional bond would stray from those "natural" guidelines. But when one hates something, one must defend one's reasons for hating it, so as not to have said hatred appear as baseless and illogical as it truly is. So what's the best way to defend opposing something that you dislike without pesky logic interfering? The Bible, of course.

If you still argue "The Bible sez so", I can gladly break out the Leviticus 11:10 and Romans 7:6 arguments. Though if the controversy is half as heated as it sounds, they should have been done to death already. Should have.

And PLEASE, don't get me started on this ridiculous idea that gays have this monolithic "agenda" that homophobes are always invoking to instill some kind of irrational fear into the average family person. Even if there was such a thing as "recruiting", the gay community as a whole isn't nearly organized enough to have anything resembling an agenda. I have, however, noticed some oddly agenda-like movements within organized religion in America against homosexuality. Just a thought.

So, in conclusion, Jesus would slap the shit out of you. Thank you for tuning in to today's edition of Majutsukai Rants™, and have a nice day. ^-^
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Political rant under the cut. Not for those easily offended by liberal opinions.

Repent America: The picture next to 'Holier than Thou' in the dictionary )

Whew. I don't do nearly enough of those. >.>

Anyways, I finally got a cellphone. ^^ Now I just wish I could get custom ringtones onto the thing, but it's not internet capable. -_-'

Blech, I spent the whole weekend doing homework. >< I'm not going to like my AP classes, I can already tell. I'm buried in stuff already, but if I miss anything it's really going to start piling up. -_-

Also, Megaman Next is up to 13 episodes, and we're thinking about getting hosting on Bob and George. ^^
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Wow. My life genuinely sucks.
Not only is the homework still piling itself onto me, slowly becoming sentient and planning to crush me once and for all, but the terms of the deal have once again been changed. I now have to complete a note EVERY WEEK. And he expects me to wait till the last possible moment (so he can get up-to-date info, I guess), when I have no time to take care of anything that pops up at the last second. Which is precisely what happened this time. A bunch of things in Programming class took me by surprise; it's looking like this one might be the "problem class" of the bunch. Fortunately, he's letting me save the notes for weeks at my Mom's until monday, if I don't have them finished. But that's the extent of it. My stance is, he needs to be LESS involved in my school life, and let me sink or swim of my own accord. But, nooooo. He just tightens his vice-grip on my everyday life. I have more important things to worry about than making sure I have zero missing assignments (A mark very few achieve) every hour of every fucking day, dammit! I feel like a fucking elementary schooler. >_<
In other news, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday. And of course, I felt obligated to get him a gift. Damn this conscience of mine.
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Good news and bad news.
Good news: I did indeed get a note from all my teachers, and my privileges are restored for the break.
Bad news: As per his normal behavior*, my dad changed the conditions of the deal. Now I have to do one of those notes every other week before coming here in order to earn privileges for the following week. As if I have nothing better to do in class but prove that I'm not missing assignments. I just wish my dad would stay out of my fucking business, but no. He has to know everything about me every fucking waking moment. Not just this, either, but he expects me to tell him all the things I do on the internet, the only time he knocks before entering my room is when he tries to open the door and finds it locked (Not even the courtesy of knocking and coming in anyways, which is still pointless, but at least a little courteous) because I have no "right" to the privacy that I desire. I've tried to tell him many times over that it's not a matter of rights, it's not that I should get what I have legal rights to and nothing more, it's a matter of being NICE and granting me that little privacy that will hurt neither of us and do me a world of good.
OK, now that I'm done ranting about that.
I went to the bookstore yesterday; bought books 2-5 in the Narnia series (in the new distribution order). I've read the Magician's Nephew from the school library, and thoroughly enjoyed it; and I finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe earlier today. Loving the series so far. ^^
And, as my quota of herculean feats for this break, I managed to finish all my homework in one night. >_<
So, yeah. That's it.
(*He gets to know what he wants, when he wants to, honesty be damned.)
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Been a while since my last entry, I know. -_-
First thing: My friend Joey has gotten me hooked on the soundtrack to the Broadway Musical version of the afformentioned book, Wicked. "What is this Feeling", "Defying Gravity", "Popular", and "No Good Deed" absolutely r0x0rz ur s0x0rz. ^^
Second. A little rant about the governor election thing.
OK, let's take a look here. Rossi wins the vote, Democrats cry foul. Gregoire wins, Republicans cry foul. Hm, do we see a pattern here, children? Both sides are just sour about not winning and want to exploit the voting system to its fullest extent. I surely didn't hear Rossi complaining about an unfair election when he had won due to a large number of valid votes not being counted. Did we know "The will of the people" then? No. And who was the one protesting the idea of a recount? The dishonorable victor that we now find complaining about an unfair election only once he's no longer in the lead. ALTERIOR MOTIVE SENSES TINGLING! Of course that doesn't mean that Gregoire is the incarnation of perfection, but the fact remains. Is it possible to really know what the people want? No. Which means that my point is effectively now void, but that doesn't really mean I can't get out a little political rant once in a while, because I rarely do.
OK, now that that's out of the way, onto other stuff.
I have my speech for my Citizenship Project tomorrow. Not at all happy about that. As if the body of the project, with ten hours of community service and a full portfolio about it, wasn't hard enough, they have to throw on a speech about the damned thing that I didn't know about until monday of this week. I hate competencies... ;_;
Third. I have about 1400 megabytes of files I need to transfer to my new computer from the dinosaur I'm using at this moment. I can't write to CDs because for some reason that only God in heaven would be able to discern (Which means nobody knows) the new computer won't read CDs burned by the old. And I can't use a LAN connection because that would require a ton of software that I don't have, so it looks like the only option left is to use the 64 megabyte mp3 player/flash drive to transfer it a little bit at a time. That's gonna take a while, ne? -_-'


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