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"You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think, "Wait a minute. Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from it. One-word answers seldom help anyone."

1. First Name:

2. Age:

3. Location:
Federal Way, WA

4. Occupation:
Does "jobless college student" count as an occupation?

5. Partner:
Never had, except for a couple online things. Those didn't work out. At all.

6. Kids:
Probably never going to happen, but I don't want them anyway.

7. Brothers/Sisters:
Two sisters and a brother, by marriage and not birth.

8. Pets:
Currently, one ~2-year-old long-haired Dachshund, name of Duncan. He's my Mom's and not mine, and don't let her tell you anything different. >_>

Previously: My Mom loves Dachshunds, so we've had several over the course of my life. First was a short-haired one named Gretchen, who they had before I was born. Died at the age of 17ish, I think, while I was in elementary school still. Second was a younger one by the name of Cuddles, whom we wound up getting rid of because she was a real asshole. Third was a Dachshund/Terrier mix named Wrangler, who we got rid of due to being too damned energetic.

I used to fancy myself a dog lover as a kid, but now I'm really, really not. Still, even I have to admit that our current dog is much less of an abject failure than the previous two. I like him okay... for a dog.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
* School coming up soon (BUT YOU GUYS KNEW THAT because I can't shut up about it)
* Uh... that's about it. 8|

10. Parents:
Divourced while I was in elementary school. Dad remarried, Mom didn't. I still have a hard time imagining how they could ever have been compatible enough to have gotten married, but what am I complaining about, it worked out well enough for me. ;o

Related: it is very, very awkward to be talking to your mom and discover that she had been married once before your dad, and to have not found out about this until you were in high school. That was surreal. My dad said it was my fault for not knowing, but honestly, how am I supposed to think to ask about something like that!?

11. Who are some of your closest friends:
In no particular order: Taylor, Michael, Beth, Alpha... did I miss anyone?

Part 2

Jun. 10th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Well. I've graduated. I've got photos now, I may update with my thoughts and stuff later.

Here they are )

Taylor, Michael, Beth: IM me for copies, photobucket lowered the resolution of these ones.
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Today... was the last day.

I guess I should be happy-- god knows everybody else is-- but I can't help but think more about the people I'm leaving behind than my newfound freedom from getting up at 5:00 in the morning. There are lots of people I talked with today that I may never see again, at least not after commencement. Then there are still others who I'll try my best to keep in contact with, but who I really fear I won't be able to. Add that to fears about college (still haven't applied, don't know how I'm gonna pay for it, etc.), and graduation really doesn't bring me any excitement at all. I guess I'd fooled myself into thinking I had a social life, but now that school's out I realize how integral a part it played in said social life. Now that it's out, how long are me and my friends going to keep in contact? Will I be able to make any more friends in college with my crippling social anxiety?

That's it. I just figured it out. For a long time, until near the end of Junior High, I really didn't have any friends. But now that I'm a Senior, I have a lot of them; my AP classes were especially opportune for making new friends this year, for example. But now that I'm leaving school, I'm realizing that all that progress is pretty much gone, and I'm starting with a clean slate. Maybe I'm just afraid of losing all that ground when it's so newly gained. It really felt good to have that for the short time I had it, so I guess the wide world and all its strangers daunts me a little.

But I should really cut out the sad stuff and get to the good parts of the day, shouldn't I? I decided to take my Mom's digital camera with me on the last day so I could take photos of all the people that made my school experience such a great part of my life. It's the end of an era, and it should be preserved as such. I took about 110 photos in total, but I have selected my favorites out of them to show to you guys here.

Here they are )

Well, from here I can only go forward. Go forward, and make a life worth looking forward to.

I'll let you know how that goes. >>;;
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There's another reason that I don't tend to say much.

I've noticed that words can have an effect on people. You can brighten someone's day with just a brief compliment, or destroy a friendship with a single, thoughtless comment.

Not too long ago, I advised Michael that it was a good idea to plan out in advance when you speak, so you know exactly what to say and you don't say anything stupid. Now I realize how idiotic that advice is. You can't keep yourself from being an idiot by just thinking, as paradoxical as that may sound.

The thing of it is, the human mind is inherently flawed. Words reflect those flaws. But they're bent mirrors-- they usually magnify those flaws, or make them seem small and unimportant. The latter sort comes from people who have truly mastered the art. But the fact remains, every scratch and dent in a person will show in their words in some way.
Our words faithfully reflect us.

So, what do my words reflect?

That's what I fear. Many times, you'll reflect something you don't want to. And those reflections can hurt people.

Why would I want to use something that can hurt people I care about? Why would I want to wield the blade that cuts where I don't want it to?

That, I suppose, is one of the main reasons I'm silent. My words are stronger than I am. And I fear that strength.

But as vagrant as my words can be, I'm still responsible for them. So when they hurt someone, I have to own up to it and repent.

That, I suppose, is the main purpose of this. I don't like to hurt people. I don't like to make them feel bad. Am I weak? Yes. Am I a coward? Definitely. But I'm no villian.

So, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. I feel terrible for being the pathetic, stupid idiot that I am. But don't let my stupidity bring you down.

That's all. Please don't hate me.
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Wow. I just found out today how much I really matter in the world.

I had planned a really fun and enjoyable day at the Puyallup Fair with my friends today. I was getting my senior pictures taken, and was running a little later than I had thought. I called Taylor a couple hours earlier to tell her I might be there by six, but wasn't sure if I'd make it. Traffic caused me to arrive about a half hour past that mark.

I had realized while the pictures were going on that I had left my free ticket at home. No big deal, I figured. I'd pay for a ticket rather than take the time to go all the way home and get it. After all, I didn't want to keep my friends waiting.

Imagine that.

Once I had paid the admission and entered the fair, I called Taylor to find out where she was.

"We're at the mall," she told me over the din of fairgoers' voices. "We left already."

I was dumbfounded. "Why didn't you call me and let me know?"

"I wasn't sure you were coming," she explained.

Apparently it wasn't important enough to be certain.

The signal died before anything more could be said. I decided to take off and wander aimlessly rather than waste the fair admission by leaving.

I suppose I should thank her. My head was getting a little big; I'd actually allowed myself to get the idea that I mattered, you see. But it's no big deal. I've grown very used to feeling insignificant, as it happens.

I'm sure you think I'm overreacting, Taylor. You would-- with that warm, fuzzy blanket of friends around you at all hours, I doubt you've ever felt unimportant in your life. But you guys were the first friends I had ever had. Oh, yes, how selfish I am to feel so rejected. Have I no shame?

But I suppose I'm a fool to act so indignant when all I want is an apology. I just hope that's not too much to ask.
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Whee, many things.

First: I made a modest title screen for Megaman Next, and I overhauled the stage select screen.

Clicky clicky yo. )

I've decided that I may make a sprite comic out of this after all, and make it a joint project with Taylor and Michael.

Second: I finally got to play my new NES, and it's fekking AWESOME. But I'm feeling the distinct sting of not having the option of using save states with Krion Conquest. ><
Apparently, this thing wasn't made by Nintendo. I'm not complaining about that, it's a spiffy little number, and it works fine. But it was originally designed for Japanese carts, which are considerably smaller than US carts, and it requires a rather large adaptor to use US carts. Not a friendly combination. The end result is that the cartridge sticks out further than the actual console is wide. With such a high center of gravity, and with the fact that it connects outside of the console with the adaptor, the cart is very sensitive to movement. A small nudge is enough to crash the game. The official term among my group of friends for crashing it in this way is "bleep". ^^;

Third: I got my classes. ^^ I have:

-semester 1-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Physics
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

-semester 2-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Psychology
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

whee, six out of my eight classes are full-year... which means that at the semester, I only change one class. x_x

Fourth: I went to Michael's Birthday party yesterday. There was much SSBM-ing and burger eating and NES Playing and Megaman discussions and cake and a whole bunch more ands than I care to go into detail about. T'was much fun. ^^

Fifth: I've started writing a Megaman/Megaman X story that's my interpretation of the connection between the original Megaman series and the X series. I'd post an excerpt, but I don't have enough written and this entry is getting long enough anyways.

Sixth, and finally: The "Anyone Out There" call from my last entry still stands. Comment!
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Um... I have nothing to say for the standard intro sentence. So, straight into the rambling on about my life that undoubtedly nobody cares about.

The party happened, and was pretty much a success. There were some crashing problems with rm2k3, so part of the PO debut had to happen on my Mom's computer. Of course, I went too fast past the dialouge in the first scene cuz it's really bad and I didn't want anyone to read it. But yeah.

We also got Taylor to play an 8-bit Megaman for the first time. Megaman 3. It's a fairly easy game, but she chose Gemini man's stage first. The poor girl. She also got to experience the evil of the Vanishing Blocks for the first time, in MagnetMan's stage. That one was pretty tame, though, Tay... You should see the Vanishing Block segments in Heatman's stage. They're enough to make grown men cry.

Also, I finally saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail during the party. So... now fifty percent of the inside jokes my friends have I now get. ^^

Oddly enough, less than a day went by between the time I finally got back the copy of Nuklear Age I'd loaned to Joey in time immemorial and the time I loaned it to Michael in exchange for borrowing Megaman Anniversary collection. A worthy trade. ^^ I think that, in my summer boredom, I'm ripping through it entirely too fast; I've already beaten Megaman 1, 3, and 6. Right now I'm at the final battle for 5 (and I'd have won by now if I'd had one more energy tank. ><). And, am I the only one that thinks that the remixed YamatoMan's theme completely rocks?

Finally, I'm doing Take II of the "Anyone Out There" call, meaning if you're reading this entry, please comment. And yes, I do allow anonymous comments if there are any anonymous readers. Please don't make me regret it.
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For some reason, I'm not updating as often as I used to. ¬¬

First of all, I finally got an NES! Well, it's been shipped at least. It's a top-loader system, so I don't have to deal with any of those nasty problems with the connectors or the moving parts. I also got Megaman 4 and Krion Conquest (Magical Doropie in Japan) to go with it. They haven't arrived yet either.

Second, my friends and I are going to get together tomorrow at my house. Whooo! I haven't seen any of them all summer. There's going to be game playing and movie watching and all kinds of cool stuff. And Project Oracle will make its first debut! ^^

Third, my computer's been acting up. I'm beginning to suspect it's suffering from overuse, it hasn't been quite right since it somehow turned itself on while I was away and stayed on for an entire week. If any of my friends on Messenger are reading this, the reason I haven't and won't be on messenger as much is because I'm giving the thing time to rest. I'm not dead, and neither is my computer!

The problem, more specifically, is this. Programs such as Windows Media have been crashing constantly, and the computer has spontaneously rebooted a few times. One of those times it wouldn't start back up again for a while, it would just keep rebooting when it tried to load the OS. If that ever happens and doesn't fix itself, then we may have a repeat of the Great Hard Drive Reformatting of '04, since that's sort of how it started.

Also, I need to get started on my summer homework for AP Literature. It keeps... staring at me. o.o
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Okay, perhaps I should explain my last entry. If you read Taylor's lj you got part of the story already, but I think I understood it a little better, so let me show you how it all happened. In IM log form. I'm Kuro Majutsukai, Joey is Burning Man, Taylor is NileGal, and Michael is Hinoryu.

Majutsukai, Inc. is not responsible for any loss of sanity as a result of reading this log. You have been warned. )

I don't think that a "calf of bessie" was the right thing to say. Bessies divided by Babies equal Calves. I think I confused Taylor accidentally by doing that. ^_^;;

Also, at the time of saying that, I actually had no intention of framing it. But, once the conversation ended, I figured, what the hell? So there it is.
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Image hosted by

Ha! I said I'd do it and I did it! ^______________^
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The Uwajimaya trip was a resounding success. ^^
Started off with quite a while in the Kinokuniya bookstore, ogling manga and J-Pop cds. I picked up Naruto #5, and #3 and 4 of Case Closed (still looking for 2 x_x), along with a couple packs of YGO cards. Then was eating at the food court (Where I leeched off the others; Teriyaki and General Tso's Chicken rock ^^) then a little bit of running around the grocery store section, where we picked up Japanese sweets (Hi-Chew and Kinoko no Yama. Heaven.). Then, we waited around and read manga whilst munching on our spoils for the day while we waited for our ride home. We then proceeded to be geeks for a while, wherein I had my first YGO game, against Taylor. I barely survived even when she was holding back on me, but when my dad came down to remind us the pizza was getting cold, she unleashed the pwnage on my fledgeling ass and ended the game in one turn. X_X
Then came food time, after which we watched most of Van Helsing, one of the movies I got as a birthday gift earlier in the week. Everybody went home, I speed-cleaned up the mess, then watched a documentary on dragons. Because you know there's nothing good on at that time of night, silly.
Easter celebration was mostly uneventful. I'm so glad, though, that my parents are cool enough not to have to go to church on Easter sunday. Yeah, me and organized religion don't mix.
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Classes are all squared away. It's a weird feeling, knowing that all my classes until graduation are now predetermined, set in stone; also slightly unsettling, because it makes graduation seem that much closer. o.o
Yeah. So, first semester I have: Contemporary World, AP English, Intro to Psychology, and Japanese IV. For second semester: Web Design, You and the Law, AP English, and Japanese V. Not necessarily in that order. For alternatives: Poetry, Chemistry, and Media & Society.
Seems that plans for the trip tomorrow have hit an unexpected hitch... Joey, one of my friends that's going along, hasn't been in school lately, so making plans as far as he's concerned has become somewhat complicated.
hoi... *yawn* How can I feel this tired this early? -_- School is the only feasible explanation.
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Well, this break has been pretty uneventful so far.
My stepmom maintains that it's a break from school, not a break from having to do stuff. So, I've had at least one job every day this week to do instead of the plain old resting that I've been wanting to do. I've gotten in a fair amount of that still, but she even tries to make me feel guilty for that.
Also, my dad has taken a bit of an interest in the sites that I visit. Maybe he thinks I'm going to sites that I shouldn't be going to (a patently ridiculous idea, beings that I know that he likes to keep a 1984-esque eye on the things I do on the computer already, and he knows I know), but at any rate, I now feel like I'm in a steel cage that prevents me from going to any site that he might misinterpret as bad.
Tomorrow is [ profile] hobbit_hunter's birthday party. My dad's supposed to be driving me there tomorrow, but he says that if he's called in for work, he won't be able to and I'll be stuck. >_< Not only that, but I have to take care of several (coughgiftcough)-related woes before noon tomorrow. Which is turning out to be a more definitive problem. x_x
As a slight un-burdening, it is REALLY annoying to have to listen to my stepmom and stepsister fight out in the living room (loud voices, especially from the latter). That's why I'm wearing headphones right now. ^^ *tunes out*
And, as a final note, I'm getting back into Chrono Trigger now that I have FF Chronicles, and secretly installed my old PSX at my mom's house in light of my restriction. :p


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