Apr. 29th, 2005 06:59 pm
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A bit has happened between the last update and this one. First, I installed XP on my new computer, but now it doesn't recognize my sound card. This wouldn't be a problem if there wasn't a 90% chance that I threw away the driver disk. >_< So, being very angry at me for screwing it up, my mom told me I couldn't use this computer. Which is why I haven't updated until now.

Second, my mp3 player/flash drive went boom. And I had all the chapters of the scriptures stored on it. Which makes it a very good thing that I posted the first three chapters on here; I only had to rewrite chapter four.

Speaking of the scriptures, it may be worth it to note here that I don't use my normal writing style when I write them; I try to emulate the style I see most myths written in, just to get the myth "feel" into it. I decided after finishing chapter three that I thouroughly hate that style, so for the sake of consistency, I'll finish chapter four in it, then change back when I write the Hero Epic and Armageddon story. The former I plan to write in my normal style, and the latter will be written as a poem.

Oh, and I did end up presenting that philosophy thing. Because not presenting it would have meant an automatic zero. x_x
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I've actually managed to get used to this wierd schedule... That doesn't mean I'm happy about not being able to sleep in like the other half of the students, but hey, whatever.

I managed to screw up last week's note, though. Got three out of the four signatures I needed, then gave it to Jones-sensei, and never got it back. x_x So, this weekend was kind of boring. And I managed to get a truckload of homework, even despite having only half my classes. -_-

I'm thinking now that I want to post chapter three of the scriptures... but I don't really know if I'm done making all the alterations I want to. Ah, I suppose I'll post what I have.

Chapter 3: The Development of Religion )

Yeah, this one's really short compared to the other chapters.

Over the weekend, I had to do a homework assignment for Mythology on my philosophy concerning good and evil. It was, despite all expectations, kind of fun. >_< Never thought I'd be saying that about something we were assigned in Mythology. Anyways, I borrowed a little bit from what has now earned the name "Sartenian Philosophy", which is not intrinsically related to my myths, but rather it's philosophy I came up with while inventing the myths. I just may post a little exposé on it later on, cuz I'm actually kind of proud of it. ^^
...however, I'm supposed to present it in front of class on tuesday. Which I plan on refusing to do.
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Okay, got the chapter now. This one explains not only the origin of Humans, but of reptiles, hell, sexism, stuff like that... it may be worth it to note that this does not condone sexism, just attempts to explain where it came from. The first chapter was two pages or less, but this one's three and a half. x_x

Chapter 2: The Creation of Humans )

I may post chapter 3 some time in the near future, too.
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Gah. I'm not even taking the WASL, and it's still ruining my life. The rest of the juniors and seniors get to sleep in until school starts at 10:00 on testing days. But me? Dear me, no, that would be good. No, I don't have a means of getting to school at 10:00, because the busses still run normally. So, I have to hang out in the computer lab for the three hours that the sophomores are taking the test. And we can't get caught using the internet for anything non work-related. So what did I do today? I finished two chapters of the Sartenian Scriptures. That's a lot of fucking writing. And there's only 7 more days of that. joy.

I'll probably be posting chapter 2 of the Scriptures tomorrow. Otherwise, I don't really have anything else to say at the moment. Mostly because school lets out in less than a minute, and I don't have time to say anything else anyways.
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OK, here's the deal.
I've always had a fair amount of interest in mythology. That's why, since last semester, I've been working on my own set of myths based on my beliefs and values. In light of a recent assignment in Mythology class, which requires us to create our own creation myth, I decided to put some of the ideas in writing.
It's difficult to understand some of it without knowing the backstory. I've heard several theories being thrown around about how if there's a real god in heaven, he's evil. So, I thought to myself, "How would that work?", and Sartenian mythology was born. I eventually drifted away from that original idea, since one of the primary philosophies in Sartenian mythology is that there is no such thing as real evil. However, I've written enough in it that I've decided to share it with the world. so, submitted for your approval, I present to you:
Chapter One: The Creation of the Universe, and of Life )
As you can probably tell, I meant it also to be a unification and explanation of all the world's mythologies. You can expect a chapter on the development of religion later on. But the next chapter is the creation of humans, which I'm almost finished with.


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