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OH HEY I just remembered that I updated my site and added two new videos like a week or two ago. But forgot to make a post about it here. OOPS. My bad.

Part 1
Part 2

Michael and Taylor will have already seen all the stuff in these videos, so this is for everyone else.

Game page with some additional information

I've made some major progress since posting this stuff, so there may be another update soon once I can cobble it together into a presentable format. oAo;

And on another note,

I'd like to ask, one more time

for anybody who can see this site:

to help me fetch some sprites from it. The site is having some host problems; a payment was late, so the site was offline for a while; now, however, the bill is paid, but only some people can see the site; everyone else sees the "domain has expired" placeholder page.

If you can see this site, please please PLEASE help me get some sprites from it. There are some sprites I need for the game that are only on that site; I won't be able to work on the game at all before long if I can't grab some NPC sprites I need.

If you're willing and able to help, please refer to my last post for how you can.

Augh. This is frustrating.


Oct. 6th, 2009 04:45 am
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So apparently, some people can see this site and some people-- like me-- will only see the "domain has expired" page with a bunch of random advertisements on it.

Here's the thing. I need some sprites from this site.

If anyone on my flist can see the site, would you send/re-upload a sheet for me? It should be located at Other > F > Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, and it's probably labeled "NPCs" or something like that.

Can anyone help? ;;'
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Video here. :D

Two brand new characters, fully sprited, fully animated, and... passably statted. See the description on the video for more info. :DDD
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I spent all day yesterday completely revamping character and battle animations. And now, I have a video up. :DDD

The whole thing with the characters jumping around the screen, plus the spell casting animations, are brand new. They came out awesome-looking, and I'm so excited about it. XD I just had to take a video of it; the fights in this game look WAY better now.

I'll be uploading a demo of some revamped dialogue sequences later today or tomorrow, possibly. I'll make a post when I do.
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So, the Comics page is done now. The splash page is still broken, so I'll link you directly to the main page.

Yes, I know, I know. I'm really sorry about the crappy angelfire site, I'm looking into finding a different host. Until then, you'll have to bear with me.

Also, I apologize for the comic browsing layout, it's weird for two reasons: 1) I'm not very skilled at HTML, and 2) I don't remember the dates for most of the strips I have posted, so a date-based format is right out.

I'll TRY to get some of the other pages in soon, but I don't know how soon.

By the way, I'm giving a cookie to anyone who can name all the characters and their games in the header. :3
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Wheee, I procrastinated the hell out of my summer homework for AP Lit, and it's finally biting me in the ass. ><

Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer. -_-' I may have said it before, but I am not looking forward to the senior project at all. But if it weren't for that, I would actually be moderately excited for the up and coming school year. ><;;

I bought Super Mario Bros. for the NES at a second-hand store last week, and have been playing the hell out of it since. I wonder what it is about simple games that makes them so addicting. >.>

Been thinking on that whole Megaman Next sprite comic thing, and I decided to go through with it. Right now I have about eight pilot strips made, but I'm still debating over some elements of the main plot.

And in other news, I have done absolutely no work on Project Oracle recently. I need to get back on that.
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Whee, many things.

First: I made a modest title screen for Megaman Next, and I overhauled the stage select screen.

Clicky clicky yo. )

I've decided that I may make a sprite comic out of this after all, and make it a joint project with Taylor and Michael.

Second: I finally got to play my new NES, and it's fekking AWESOME. But I'm feeling the distinct sting of not having the option of using save states with Krion Conquest. ><
Apparently, this thing wasn't made by Nintendo. I'm not complaining about that, it's a spiffy little number, and it works fine. But it was originally designed for Japanese carts, which are considerably smaller than US carts, and it requires a rather large adaptor to use US carts. Not a friendly combination. The end result is that the cartridge sticks out further than the actual console is wide. With such a high center of gravity, and with the fact that it connects outside of the console with the adaptor, the cart is very sensitive to movement. A small nudge is enough to crash the game. The official term among my group of friends for crashing it in this way is "bleep". ^^;

Third: I got my classes. ^^ I have:

-semester 1-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Physics
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

-semester 2-

Per. 1 - Adv. Japanese
Per. 2 - Psychology
Per. 3 - AP Lit and Comp
Per. 4 - AP US Gov't/Politics

whee, six out of my eight classes are full-year... which means that at the semester, I only change one class. x_x

Fourth: I went to Michael's Birthday party yesterday. There was much SSBM-ing and burger eating and NES Playing and Megaman discussions and cake and a whole bunch more ands than I care to go into detail about. T'was much fun. ^^

Fifth: I've started writing a Megaman/Megaman X story that's my interpretation of the connection between the original Megaman series and the X series. I'd post an excerpt, but I don't have enough written and this entry is getting long enough anyways.

Sixth, and finally: The "Anyone Out There" call from my last entry still stands. Comment!
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Whooooo... There's not much to do. >_<

In light of my recently procured photobucket account, I've decided to put the first Megaman Next (fake) screenshot up for the Majutsukai-reading public (a small minority, I'm aware) to see.

Press Start )

I've started picking out a soundtrack, and designing stages (in my head at least), but this is not going to become an actual game. It's just a parody work.

Other than that, I got HP6 yesterday. ^_________^ It's taking Herculean effort not to just finish it off very quickly, because the story is very interesting. I loves it! :p
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Bleh. I don't have a lot to say. My dad decided that since I don't have my license yet (and as he and my stepmom reason, despite my protests, won't), it was time that I start learning how to use the bus system. So, this week was filled with extremely tiring and exasperating research-based "homework" that involved finding bus routes from one specific place to another, and finding out how the fare system works. It took three or four days for me to get it right, since I tried it one day and he nitpicked it to a million pieces and told me to do it right the next day. We actually got into a fight over a misunderstanding we had with his directions, and my stepmom said that she had never heard us yelling at eachother like that. I still believe that I'm right, but I stopped fighting back since I'd have a considerably better chance of convincing a brick wall. Those who know my dad would be nodding in agreement and smiling knowingly right now. ^^;

Yeah. He also decided to get me up when he left for work the last two days because I didn't get up at a time he liked. That means I had to wake up at 6:30. For a grand total of 5 hours of sleep each night. This is even after I showed visible constraint and didn't go to bed at my favorite bedtime, 3:00. I would be HURTING right now if I didn't do that.

So, generally, I'm mad at my dad right now. I could rant on and on for several pages about all of the things he does that absolutely infuriates me, but I'll hold it back for now. It's a strain on my already weakening willpower, but I'll manage.

Otherwise, not a whole hell of a lot's going on. I recently got back into my dust-gathering Animorphs collection that I hadn't touched since elementary school. I own every book 1-30, including Megamorphs, the Andalite and Hork-Bajir Chronicles, and Alternamorphs (blech), except 4-11, which are the ones that my elementary school's library had, so I didn't need to buy them. In all the books past number one, the writing is fairly good, despite all the inevitable slang-based difficulties pre-requisite to books written in the early 90's. The first book had a lot of plot to introduce in a very short span of book (maybe as thick as your palm), so it seemed a bit rushed in spots, and was generally not very good, but it ironed out later. I may be reading under my level, but I like it for the nostalgia value. I still think that Applegate's Everworld series is much better than Animorphs.

I also beat Viewtiful Joe today. I didn't save after the final battle because I missed a lot of the dialogue in the last scene before the battle (courtesy of my talky stepsister, whom I hadn't seen in a while, coming into my room at that moment), so I'll have to fight the dissapointingly easy King Blue battle, and the moderately difficult Captain Blue battle, again.

And as a final note, I've started on a Megaman spriting project, hereby titled "Megaman Next". It started out when I decided out of the blue to make an 8-bit sprite of Milkman, a mock robot master from a Megaman flash I saw, then one of Bibleman-- an actual bible-based superhero you can watch on tv (hella funny stuff). The idea sparked in my head to make 8 custom Robot Masters and put them on a Megaman Stage Select screen. From there came Blademan Man (A shameless Homestar reference), w00tman, PoliticianMan (Name idea courtesy of Taylor ^^), Ushiman (ANYBODY in my group of friends will get this joke), Cinderellaman (neither a boxer, nor indeed a man as her name would imply), and PhDman (Someone I invented just so Bibleman could have a punchline-worthy weakness). I'm going to design a weapon order, and I've started with preliminary ideas for what their stages will be like. I've even done some of the boss chambers for an MMN sprite comic idea I had but will probably not do. It's difficult coming up with so many tilesets when all I have to use is edited Megaman 1 tiles. x_x

Er... I guess I DID have a lot to say. How bout that.


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