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I think I'm happier than I've been in a very long time.

This will be an amazing year.

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I has

Nov. 28th, 2009 10:53 pm
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a new laptop. :333333~

It's an HP. Wide screen, 500 gigabyte hard drive, dual core processor. Comes with Windows 7, which, surprisingly, has zero compatibility issues with any of the programs I use.

And I have an external hard drive with which to back up and transfer my files.

I am one happy fish.

P.S. Alpha got me into the habit of naming my stuff. I named the computer Antimony, and the external I've dubbed Reynardine. If you get this, you are awesome.

P.P.S., now that I've got a few days spare, I think I'm gonna activate my 7 free days of WoW subscription that they're doing for the anniversary event. Just to use until I get my textbook and need to start working on my kanji again.
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Dear Washington.

I know we've had our disagreements. I know things get rocky between us every now and then. But in spite of all that, I just wanted to say...

...Don't stop being you. I love this state.

That's all.

--Love, Matt

P.S., do work on that other 47%, though, huh?
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So I just got word from WWU. And GUESS WHAT I got accepted.

I should be really really happy about this (and it is really awesome!), but I still kind of have my heart set on UW. And going to Western will mean I have to get my own place and/or do student housing, since it's all the way out in Bellingham... and I'll have to have a job before the new year, and I'll be all on my own for the first time ever and holy shit this is scary.

I mean, sure, even if I go to UW, I still have the goal of eventually being on my own. But WWU puts a very sharp deadline on it. And if you know me, you know how I am with deadlines.

So... augh.

But I got into a good school! So... well... yeah, I'm pretty sure not being in school is scarier to me than even that. So I'll have a really good backup in case I get rejected from UW.

Wish me luck?
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Just to demonstrate what I was talking about before...

Image comparison )

I had to re-hook-up my old desktop and scrounge around in it to find the original image specifically so I could remaster it for the game, and now I can finally say I'm satisfied with the title screen. >w<


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:34 am
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Okay this may not seem too exciting to you guys, but I just found out a way to convert images to 256-color Bitmap with almost zero color loss. Holy shit this is amazing.

What that translates to is, I can now make custom graphics for the game without their colors looking shitty. I can finally ditch the default backgrounds and make my own!

My god I'm so excited

And on an unrelated note, looky my new icon. :D
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Remember all those books I had at my dad's before moving out, which I had thought he'd given to Goodwill?

Almost every single one of them turned up today. Turns out, there was a miscommunication, because he told me he only gave the really old, little-kid books away.

Translation: I now have all my Young Wizards books (the entire series, oh god I'm so happy), books two and three of the Artemis Fowl series that I'd been missing, my copy of Voyage of the Dawn Treader which I had thought lost, my copies of Holes and The Wish List, both of which I hadn't even realized I was missing, but I am still VERY glad are back, and this book I had all but forgotten about called The Supernaturalist.

I recall there being a book called Godless, which didn't turn up here... which is just as well, because it wasn't that great of a story and I don't really miss it. Just would be nice to have it, I guess. There were also a few books in the Remnants series that I had, only one of which turned up... but I never finished that series anyways, so I'd have an incomplete collection either way.

EDIT: I seem to be missing High Wizardry, so I guess I don't have the entire Young Wizards series back... but holy crap, I thought those books were lost forever!
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I'm really, really, a thousand times really happy now. A state brought on by a number of circumstances. First and foremost, I FINALLY figured out what was wrong with the internet connection on the computer in my room, so I'm no longer on 24/7 internet lockdown. I couldn't get on Livejournal for the longest time, because for the longest time the only computers I was allowed to use/ that were currently functioning were the ones at school, which filter out livejournal now for some odd reason. Yeah. Anyways, it's been many months since I lost internet in here, so I am recieving it VERY gladly. ^^
Second, I have a five-day weekend. Yup. Starting tomorrow. And only a very easy math assignment, and some reading for Mythology to get done.

My final for Programming is coming along VERY well; I'm about 99% done, and it will probably be finished tuesday when I go back to it. Then I may put the finished product up on my site, cuz I'm kinda proud of it. ^^ There are a few problems I don't know how to fix, or don't know how to fix without adding a ridiculous amount of code, rather. And there's already a ridiculous amount of code in the thing.

Just got double-team report carded today, at both my dad and my mom's. For the first time maybe in history, all A's and B's. ^^

Also, just recently started playing Megaman 7 again, for the first time in a long time. I have to say, and I don't know if I'm the only one that thinks this, but Burst Man is so hard, it's unholy. >_< And don't even get me started on the final battle, especially with that energy-draining pre-final battle that you have to go through to get to it. It's no wonder I never saw this game through from start to finish without cheating. x_x

As a final note, I'm thinking of releasing a Project Oracle alpha demo to a very select audience sometime soon, so's I can get some opinions on things and stuff.


May. 7th, 2005 06:24 pm
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I'm happy. Why? After at least two weeks of not being able to use this computer because I thought I threw away the disk and cost my Mom more money on my new computer, I find out that the mistake wasn't mine, and in fact no mistake was made whatsoever. Today she decided to let me on this computer so I could look for a downloadable driver for the sound card. I google my sound card and the word "driver", and I get a help page that says the drivers aren't available for download. Why? Because the card is connected directly to the motherboard in the computer, so the motherboard companies prefer to do the driver business themselves. That's when it clicked-- the only disk that I still had that came with my computer was the disk for the motherboard. So, I dash into my room, grab the disk, pop it in, and a menu comes up, one of the options of which is for my specific sound card. I install it, restart the computer, and am greeted with a very lovely startup sound. I. Am. Happy. ^^

But yeah. After more than two weeks of not being able to get onto livejournal (No internet in my room in either house because my dad turned on encryption on his, and the school computers now filter out lj), I had at least three, probably more pages of friends entries to catch up on. Guhhhh.

I also have an essay to get to, which I still don't completely understand. And I'm in a bit of a tough spot because I promised to make one of my mom's favorite meals, Chicken Fettuccini, tomorrow for Mother's day, but don't have the recipe (long story), and we're going to be going shopping for ingredients tomorrow. *dramatic pose* To the internet!

Also, I left my flash drive over at my dad's, so no Project Oracle this weekend. -_-'


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