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[\] Research Colleges
>>[ ]Apply?
[\] Research Scholarships
>>[ ]Apply?
[X] Look into extracurricular activities
[X] Renew permit
>>[ ] Practice!
>>[ ] Sign up for drivers ed
>>[ ] Get a license
[\] Read the pile of handouts from Beyond High School >.>;;
[X] Decide on Major
[ ] Decide on Minor
[X] Study for SATs
[\] Cut down on video game/computer time
[ ] Senior Project work
>>[X] Come up with an idea
>>>>[\] Get idea approved
>>[\] Find a mentor
>>[\] Start workin on the damned thing
>>>[X] Benchmark I
>>>[X] Benchmark II
>>>[ ] Benchmark III
>>>[ ] Benchmark IV
>>>[ ] Benchmark V
>>>[ ] Benchmark VI
>>>[ ] Benchmark VII
>>>[ ] Boards


I haven't felt like updating for quite a while now (still don't), so I've got kind of a surplus of things to talk about. I've forgotten most of them, so this won't take long. ^^;;

First, took the SAT today. It was... meh. Not too difficult, but I had a hard time switching back and forth between English and Math mode constantly. I probably bombed the essay, since mine was really short. Eh, as they say, brevity is the soul of wit. ¬¬

Second, I'm dissapointed in you people. I expected more comments on my last two entries (now pretty old, but whatever), especially on the new layout. HINT. >o<

Third. My dad has restricted me from my room. Let me know if and when I start to appear mentally ill. Something's fixing to snap here.

Fourth, Taylor has gotten me to play World of Warcraft. It = win.

Fifth: I've been feeling kinda depressed of late; I'm not really in a good mood very much anymore. I think it's just the sum total of everything that sucks in the world and my life is weighing on me right now; we'll see if I can get it figured out.

And finally: I watched High School Musical and liked it. Screw you if you have a problem with that.
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