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Moved in and got the internet set up in my dorm room.

Roommate's stuff was moved in when I got here, but otherwise he's been a no-show. I can only assume he'll be here later tonight.

(EDIT: Roommate arrived, and I met my suitemates too. Man, I'm gonna have a hard time fitting in with this crowd.)

Dinner in the commons is at 5. I've basically just been killing time till then.

Probably make a more detailed post later, after more stuff has happened. >>;

(P.S.: Taylor, get a twitter! >8U )

EDIT: Augh I completely fucking spaced and forgot to get my student card. No dining hall for me tonight. :c

Part 2

Jun. 10th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Well. I've graduated. I've got photos now, I may update with my thoughts and stuff later.

Here they are )

Taylor, Michael, Beth: IM me for copies, photobucket lowered the resolution of these ones.
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Today... was the last day.

I guess I should be happy-- god knows everybody else is-- but I can't help but think more about the people I'm leaving behind than my newfound freedom from getting up at 5:00 in the morning. There are lots of people I talked with today that I may never see again, at least not after commencement. Then there are still others who I'll try my best to keep in contact with, but who I really fear I won't be able to. Add that to fears about college (still haven't applied, don't know how I'm gonna pay for it, etc.), and graduation really doesn't bring me any excitement at all. I guess I'd fooled myself into thinking I had a social life, but now that school's out I realize how integral a part it played in said social life. Now that it's out, how long are me and my friends going to keep in contact? Will I be able to make any more friends in college with my crippling social anxiety?

That's it. I just figured it out. For a long time, until near the end of Junior High, I really didn't have any friends. But now that I'm a Senior, I have a lot of them; my AP classes were especially opportune for making new friends this year, for example. But now that I'm leaving school, I'm realizing that all that progress is pretty much gone, and I'm starting with a clean slate. Maybe I'm just afraid of losing all that ground when it's so newly gained. It really felt good to have that for the short time I had it, so I guess the wide world and all its strangers daunts me a little.

But I should really cut out the sad stuff and get to the good parts of the day, shouldn't I? I decided to take my Mom's digital camera with me on the last day so I could take photos of all the people that made my school experience such a great part of my life. It's the end of an era, and it should be preserved as such. I took about 110 photos in total, but I have selected my favorites out of them to show to you guys here.

Here they are )

Well, from here I can only go forward. Go forward, and make a life worth looking forward to.

I'll let you know how that goes. >>;;
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whew. The only word that could accurately describe the first day of school is "chaotic". ><

Started out at 5:00, cuz I STILL have to get up early, since my mom goes to work too late to drop me off. Get everything ready and leave at 6:00, as per usual, and get to my dad's at 6:30ish. Five hours of waiting then, because now that 9th graders have been added to the school, half the student body needs an orientation. Ride a bus route that was changed since last year, probably because of the addition of Bonney Lake High School. Get to school at 12:15 or so and talk to friends for a few minutes, then it's off to the stadium for an assembly discussing new rules and stuff this year. Then classes start; since it's less than even half a normal day, each class is about twenty minutes long.

Period 1: Japanese. The only class in which I have friends. v_v Got a small packet to do, but otherwise it was fairly uneventful.

Period 2: Physics. Once again, got a packet, uneventful.

Period 3: AP Lit & Comp. Discussed the summer homework and found out that my Characters page was a little too sparse to get me a good grade, so I ended up having to add on to it tonight. Got a "before and after one-pager" assignment that I've gotten now three times since I started high school, and I swear that the assignment sheet has been identical every time. It's a one-page construction paper-style assignment that has information about ourselves, as well as "before" (before we started school) and "after" (more recent) photos of us. That's due monday, but I'm going to borrow a couple of things from my previous one since I haven't exactly changed significantly in the last year.

Period 4: AP Gov't & Politics. Got the summer homework that I'd missed since I registered for this class late. Talked about some current events, but that discussion didn't exactly last long because twenty-minute classes aren't really conducive to discussions of any sort.

Then came the bus ride. Oh, the bus ride. Apparently, the people that run the bus routes don't exactly excel at planning. Everything was fine in the morning because no freshmen, sophomores, or seventh/eighth graders were riding the bus. But in the afternoon, when everyone had to ride the bus, it overflowed. The route had to be split between two busses. At least that gave me time to hang out before the second one arrived, though. That's pretty much the only silver lining. The bus had a driver that knew nothing about the route, nor the area, and was full of whiny freshmen all trying to direct her at once. It was nothing but "Can't you stop here? My house is right there!" and "I'm gonna be late because of you!" the whole way there. That's an experience I'm none too eager to relive.

Fast forward to tonight, when I finish off my summer homework and start gathering stuff for the other two AP assignments. At least the one in AP Gov't has stuff that focuses on our personal political views. ^^

All in all, I don't think I can accurately judge what the coming year will be like until I actually go through a whole day of it. There will probably be an update tomorrow.


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