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2006-06-10 11:38 pm

Part 2

Well. I've graduated. I've got photos now, I may update with my thoughts and stuff later.

Here they are )

Taylor, Michael, Beth: IM me for copies, photobucket lowered the resolution of these ones.
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2006-06-02 10:42 pm

End scene. Roll credits.

Today... was the last day.

I guess I should be happy-- god knows everybody else is-- but I can't help but think more about the people I'm leaving behind than my newfound freedom from getting up at 5:00 in the morning. There are lots of people I talked with today that I may never see again, at least not after commencement. Then there are still others who I'll try my best to keep in contact with, but who I really fear I won't be able to. Add that to fears about college (still haven't applied, don't know how I'm gonna pay for it, etc.), and graduation really doesn't bring me any excitement at all. I guess I'd fooled myself into thinking I had a social life, but now that school's out I realize how integral a part it played in said social life. Now that it's out, how long are me and my friends going to keep in contact? Will I be able to make any more friends in college with my crippling social anxiety?

That's it. I just figured it out. For a long time, until near the end of Junior High, I really didn't have any friends. But now that I'm a Senior, I have a lot of them; my AP classes were especially opportune for making new friends this year, for example. But now that I'm leaving school, I'm realizing that all that progress is pretty much gone, and I'm starting with a clean slate. Maybe I'm just afraid of losing all that ground when it's so newly gained. It really felt good to have that for the short time I had it, so I guess the wide world and all its strangers daunts me a little.

But I should really cut out the sad stuff and get to the good parts of the day, shouldn't I? I decided to take my Mom's digital camera with me on the last day so I could take photos of all the people that made my school experience such a great part of my life. It's the end of an era, and it should be preserved as such. I took about 110 photos in total, but I have selected my favorites out of them to show to you guys here.

Here they are )

Well, from here I can only go forward. Go forward, and make a life worth looking forward to.

I'll let you know how that goes. >>;;