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2011-01-27 09:03 pm

WoW banter

majutsukai: still, it was only my second time healing and there were quite a few hiccups
majutsukai: the time I accidentally cast Levitate instead of Greater Heal on the tank
majutsukai: honestly, so many "hand-with-glowy-sparks" icons, why does Levitate even have an icon like that
majutsukai: it's like Death Knight skill icons, all skulls and weapons caked with varying amounts of blood
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: I keep the utility abilities seperate from my actual stuff, but yeah, I know what it's like
majutsukai: I don't even know why I was going for my action bars, I have most of my primary heals hotkeyed
majutsukai: panic I guess
majutsukai: saw the glowing hand icon, CLICK
majutsukai: speaking of click, I completely forgot my clique binds
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: Hehe, reminds me of Dara O'Briain
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: "Oh my god I'm in a gun battle! Which of these ISN'T crouch?!"

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2009-12-21 01:18 am

(no subject)

Uh-oh, looks like it's time for another one of Matt's opinion pieces.


Okay, so I'll admit it. My time on World of Warcraft has utterly changed the way I think about MMOs.

Those on my flist may or may not be aware that I've recently gotten back into Mabinogi. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I ever quit was because Alpha had stopped playing, and the game isn't really any fun alone. It's a fun game, and sufficiently removed from the train wreck that was Maple Story.

Between quitting and starting up again, though, a lot of time passed and a lot of things happened. This isn't about the game being different; this is about me being different. Despite all the updates made to it, Mabinogi has stayed the same more than it has changed. The game hasn't stopped being fun, but it has started to feel alien.

Take this announcement on the official Mabinogi forums, for instance. Reading this thread, and the responses to it, has driven home just how much my outlook on MMOs has changed.

Two years ago? I probably would have been singing the praises of this announcement right alongside many of the other posters in there. Things looked much more black and white to me back then.

Now, though, I've had the experience of what a game is like when run by a company that actively supports the modding community. And it could not possibly seem more mystifying to me that these people are so fervently against "modders", and that Nexon would have a blanket ban on all mods, both harmful and harmless.

I'll admit that some the "hacks" that get used in Nexon games are a far cry from the mods enjoyed by the WoW community-- many of them are outright malicious, and these games certainly have their share of cheaters-- a problem not remotely as rampant on WoW as it is in Mabinogi, and on Maple Story especially.

But I have a very big problem with the fact that strictly aesthetic mods are being tarred with the same brush as such hacks. That's what Nexon is doing.

Many of my friends will know that I make a minor hobby out of custom soundtracks. Since the music in Mabinogi is stored externally in .mp3 format, it's a cakewalk to replace the music files with my own in order to customize the soundtrack-- but uh-oh, I guess that makes me a dirty modder. You can get banned for that, can you believe it?

This is one of the reasons that I now feel like I'm nothing more than a guest in the world of Nexon MMOs.

I'm a little dumbfounded that this is what they're focusing their attention on, rather than combating the rampant botting that goes on in this game. It's disgraceful how easy it is to bot in this game, and how difficult it is to go five feet without tripping over a gold-farming bot. And this, while I could get banned for my custom soundtrack? It's almost farcical how out of line their priorities are.

I'm not quitting the game over this, don't get me wrong. I just find it utterly surreal how alien the Nexon MMO culture seems to me now. And it is a culture, make no mistake about that.

I'll just continue in my role as outside observer of the indigenous peoples and their strange folkways.
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2009-07-16 11:41 pm
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(no subject)

Looks like my WoW subscription is expiring in 3 days.

I think I'm just gonna let it. ~_~ No money right now.
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2009-03-21 03:57 pm

(no subject)

So I got a ton of books today. Among them is War of the Ancients-- it's a compilation of three books, and hoooooly shit this thing is huge.

I also got some other books I've been looking forward to reading.

I haven't had this warm fuzzy feeling since I first saw how thick Order of the Phoenix was. X3
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2009-03-12 04:43 am

Stolen from various.

So I'm wary of doing this because then I'll have a ton of people to get back to and I'll have to reach to come up with stuff. But I figure, hell, I could use some activity in this journal, so comment away.

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

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Try out this Meme

Brought to you by NardVille

Lol auto-generated post.
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2009-03-05 01:40 am

(no subject)

I can barely remember the last time I did an entry in this thing that was about my life, and wasn't a one-liner and/or joke. So, hell, why not.

School. This is my last quarter at Green River. Holy crap, that's scary. I'm going to be out of school for at least one quarter, though, Re: deadlines and stuff. Which is actually even scarier. *exhales*

Work. Still none. Probably going to be using my off time to get a job, provided I even can with this economy and my complete lack of job experience.

Life (daily). Holy crap what am I going to do with my time when I get out of school. It'll be the first quarter I've ever had where I genuinely have nothing to do and nowhere to go, and that's part of what makes it scary.

Life (social). I'm trying to be more outgoing with some of the people at school, so that I might have something other than my education to take away from my time at Green River. Up till now-- that's for the past two years-- I haven't been very sociable at all at this school, and I'm starting to think that that was the biggest mistake I have ever made. In my entire life. With only a couple weeks left, it's starting to look like too little, too late.

On a lighter note: when you start thinking of a situation like the above in terms of "ranking up S. Links", you know it's time to get a life. >.>;

Life (biological). So I'm turning 21 soon. And no, I don't want anything to do with alcohol, on that day or any other. I still kinda want to do something, though, I'm just not sure what yet.

WoW. Hit level 60 not long ago. I got enough reputation to buy a Swift Mechanostrider, but I'm still several hundred gold from being able to afford my Artisan riding skill, aaaaarrrrggghhh. And the cost of skill training is making the raising of money a lot more difficult. *squirm*

Love. Hahahahahahahah. Ohhh man. Why did I bother to put this here, I'm too private about this stuff.

So yeah. I should really try to do this more often, but I hardly ever feel like it anymore *shrug*
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2009-02-10 03:38 am

Writing lol.

So since Taylor is starting her Warcraft writing project, and I got inspired to create my own original character to go along with my WoW character... I wrote out a short scene involving him and Malygos, the fractured leader of the Blue Dragonflight. I figured I'd post it here. Is this what they call... drabble?

If you want more info on the character, you can read my comments in her entry for a basic overview of him. You can also check out The Blue Dragonflight and Malygos on WoWWiki.

Anyways, without further ado...

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2008-12-26 03:12 am

(no subject)



Wrath of the Lich King
$30 WoW game card
Gift cards: $50 GameStop, $25 Best Buy, $25 Wal Mart
XKCD jacket (but it was a size too small, so instead I'm getting this.)
The Dark Knight on DVD
Stocking stuffers: hygiene stuff (trust me, my dad and stepmom stuff EVERYONE'S stockings with that) and... hot sauce. Dead srs. Three bottles of it.

The GameStop card has already gone towards Persona 4, which should be arriving in 5-10 business days. /o/ (Taylor, Michael: WHEN IT COMES, WE MUST MEET UP AND I WILL BRING IT. FOR GREAT JUSTICE.)
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2008-12-21 06:32 am
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2008-12-20 05:29 pm

(no subject)

So my computer is currently angry at me for letting it overheat. And I'm currently angry at it for constantly shutting off while I'm playing WoW.

Honestly, whose bright idea was it to put the vents on a laptop computer on the bottom? Where the lap goes?

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2007-11-22 08:09 am
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Lol marketing.

WoW recruits Mr. T and William Shatner for their new commercials

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Maple. But WoW does the advertising thing SO much better than they do. -.-
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2006-01-28 04:32 pm

I am, in fact, alive

revised and updated )


I haven't felt like updating for quite a while now (still don't), so I've got kind of a surplus of things to talk about. I've forgotten most of them, so this won't take long. ^^;;

First, took the SAT today. It was... meh. Not too difficult, but I had a hard time switching back and forth between English and Math mode constantly. I probably bombed the essay, since mine was really short. Eh, as they say, brevity is the soul of wit. ¬¬

Second, I'm dissapointed in you people. I expected more comments on my last two entries (now pretty old, but whatever), especially on the new layout. HINT. >o<

Third. My dad has restricted me from my room. Let me know if and when I start to appear mentally ill. Something's fixing to snap here.

Fourth, Taylor has gotten me to play World of Warcraft. It = win.

Fifth: I've been feeling kinda depressed of late; I'm not really in a good mood very much anymore. I think it's just the sum total of everything that sucks in the world and my life is weighing on me right now; we'll see if I can get it figured out.

And finally: I watched High School Musical and liked it. Screw you if you have a problem with that.