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Jan. 27th, 2011 09:03 pm
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majutsukai: still, it was only my second time healing and there were quite a few hiccups
majutsukai: the time I accidentally cast Levitate instead of Greater Heal on the tank
majutsukai: honestly, so many "hand-with-glowy-sparks" icons, why does Levitate even have an icon like that
majutsukai: it's like Death Knight skill icons, all skulls and weapons caked with varying amounts of blood
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: I keep the utility abilities seperate from my actual stuff, but yeah, I know what it's like
majutsukai: I don't even know why I was going for my action bars, I have most of my primary heals hotkeyed
majutsukai: panic I guess
majutsukai: saw the glowing hand icon, CLICK
majutsukai: speaking of click, I completely forgot my clique binds
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: Hehe, reminds me of Dara O'Briain
En ik ri-j op een mammoet in het rond.: "Oh my god I'm in a gun battle! Which of these ISN'T crouch?!"

majutsukai: Okay my mind is officially no longer allowed to wander
magnus charm: ??
majutsukai: Okay so I get up at 8:30 in the morning because I have to meet with my group to plan out a presentation for Phonology, right
majutsukai: so my mind is idly wandering as I'm getting ready to go out, and I start thinking about WoW-related stuff
majutsukai: specifically, I start thinking about Night Elf Mages.
magnus charm: yesss
majutsukai: so I'm thinking to myself, "yeah, there was a lot of wank about those guys when they were first announced, but now that I've seen them they actually add a unique flavor to the race that wasn't there before"
magnus charm: highbourne
majutsukai: and my brain immediately snarks off and makes fun of my word choice by saying
majutsukai: "yeah, they used to only be available in boring old Druid Sour Apple, but now they're available in... Blueberry Arcane Explosion."
majutsukai: so my brain proceeds to go off on a tangent coming up with a flavor for every class.
majutsukai: Druids: Emerald Sour Apple Dream
majutsukai: Mages: Blueberry Arcane Explosion
majutsukai: Shamans: Totemic Appleberry Blast
majutsukai: Death Knights: Black Licorice Bloodbath
majutsukai: Warlocks: Felfire Lime Apocalypse
magnus charm: HAHAHHAHAHA
majutsukai: Holy/Disc Priests: Holy Banana Nova
magnus charm: /dies
majutsukai: Shadow Priests: Mind Grape
magnus charm: banana.... yum.
majutsukai: what's left. warriors, paladins, and hunters? am I missing anything?

(sidenote: yes I know I was missing rogues, shush)
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