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Political rant under the cut. Not for those easily offended by liberal opinions.

Repent America: The picture next to "Holier than Thou" in the dictionary.

(New Orleans, Louisiana) An evangelical Christian group that regularly demonstrates at LGBT events is blaming gays for hurricane Katrina.

Repent America says that God "destroyed" New Orleans because of Southern Decadence, the gay festival that was to have taken place in the city over the Labor Day weekend.

"Southern Decadence" has a history of filling the French Quarters section of the city with drunken homosexuals engaging in sex acts in the public streets and bars" Repent America director Michael Marcavage said in a statement Wednesday.

"Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city." Marcavage said. "From ‘Girls Gone Wild’ to ‘Southern Decadence’, New Orleans was a city that had its doors wide open to the public celebration of sin. May it never be the same."

"Let us pray for those ravaged by this disaster. However, we must not forget that the citizens of New Orleans tolerated and welcomed the wickedness in their city for so long," Marcavage said.

"May this act of God cause us all to think about what we tolerate in our city limits, and bring us trembling before the throne of Almighty God," Marcavage concluded.

Grah. People like this piss me off so much. They exploit this terrible disaster for the sole purpose of advancing their own agenda. Why is it that people always want a scapegoat when something bad happens? And don't get me started on treating homosexuality as a sin. I could go on for pages about that. ><

I keep hearing about people going to Katrina-stricken New Orleans to preach and hand out Bibles, and that makes me mad too. I'm not saying that they should never be allowed to promote their own religion, but really, people! There's times for preaching, and there's times for prayer, but this is a time for action. Instead of toting around Bibles, bring some food and water for the starving and dehydrated citizens that are still trapped in the city. Donate money. Hell, if I had any money, I'd have donated it by now, so don't call me a hypocrite either.

And one last thing: For those of you treating Bush like a hero for how he's dealt with the situation, check your facts. Back in 2001, one of the top third disasters FEMA projected to be most likely to befall the US was, guess what? Levee breakage. In New Orleans. Caused by a category 5 hurricane. (one of the others was a terrorist attack on New York, but I won't get into that.) And now I'm hearing that he still cut funding for the upkeep of those specific levees back in 2003. And where did he funnel that money? The war in Iraq. Because a battle on the other side of the planet is much more important than keeping us safe within our own shores.

In conclusion: Don't be an asshole, take action, and don't tempt fate. It doesn't like that.

Whew. I don't do nearly enough of those. >.>

Anyways, I finally got a cellphone. ^^ Now I just wish I could get custom ringtones onto the thing, but it's not internet capable. -_-'

Blech, I spent the whole weekend doing homework. >< I'm not going to like my AP classes, I can already tell. I'm buried in stuff already, but if I miss anything it's really going to start piling up. -_-

Also, Megaman Next is up to 13 episodes, and we're thinking about getting hosting on Bob and George. ^^

Date: 2005-09-07 10:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Agreed. If you were going to try and say that any religious thing was involved with Katrina, it was because according to the bible New Orleans was VERY corrupt and immoral. God did a Sadum and Gramora to New Orleans if you look at it that way.

My question, why didn't the damn govenor actually try to put money into supporting the levees!? roar.

Date: 2005-09-09 08:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I second the motion. These religious fanatics are making God out to be the one thing the bible says he's NOT. Tyrannical. Cruel. EVIL. Yes, I'm sure our creator, our FATHER, is sitting up there with his Natural Disaster Panel going "ALRIGHT, where're those homo fuckers hiding. o.o Gay Festival. In New Orleans. NOT ON MY WATCH! *Hurricane*"

Nono. If God exists to his book's standards, he loves his children regardless. That's what good parents DO.

Also, the Governor of Louisiana is a dumb bastard. He's a fucktard, if you will. I'm not particularly happy with the way Bush has handled this situation either. The truth of the matter is simply this. An easy mathematical equation.

Iraq's Problems < Our problems.

And no one better turn around and tell me "Iraq IS our problem". Iraq is a problem, but so is an estimate of 10,000 deaths in OUR OWN COUNTRY. 10,000 innocent people are suspected DEAD. And we're too busy KILLING THINGS in ANOTHER COUNTRY? I'm sorry, no. Iraq < New Orleans. Funding goes to the biggest problem. These people are drowning in the streets. There are BODIES floating around New Orleans. I'm not looking forward to seeing the death uncovered by the lowered water level.

These people need help. Many of them stayed of their own free will. Wanted to "Weather the storm". I have no sympathy for these people, but neither will I condemn them. Everyone in America needs to rally support for our fallen Southern brethren.

I came. I saw. I ranted.

-Joey out.


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