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Well, this break has been pretty uneventful so far.
My stepmom maintains that it's a break from school, not a break from having to do stuff. So, I've had at least one job every day this week to do instead of the plain old resting that I've been wanting to do. I've gotten in a fair amount of that still, but she even tries to make me feel guilty for that.
Also, my dad has taken a bit of an interest in the sites that I visit. Maybe he thinks I'm going to sites that I shouldn't be going to (a patently ridiculous idea, beings that I know that he likes to keep a 1984-esque eye on the things I do on the computer already, and he knows I know), but at any rate, I now feel like I'm in a steel cage that prevents me from going to any site that he might misinterpret as bad.
Tomorrow is [ profile] hobbit_hunter's birthday party. My dad's supposed to be driving me there tomorrow, but he says that if he's called in for work, he won't be able to and I'll be stuck. >_< Not only that, but I have to take care of several (coughgiftcough)-related woes before noon tomorrow. Which is turning out to be a more definitive problem. x_x
As a slight un-burdening, it is REALLY annoying to have to listen to my stepmom and stepsister fight out in the living room (loud voices, especially from the latter). That's why I'm wearing headphones right now. ^^ *tunes out*
And, as a final note, I'm getting back into Chrono Trigger now that I have FF Chronicles, and secretly installed my old PSX at my mom's house in light of my restriction. :p


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