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So I'm wary of doing this because then I'll have a ton of people to get back to and I'll have to reach to come up with stuff. But I figure, hell, I could use some activity in this journal, so comment away.

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

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1. Writing
Hehe. Yeah. I love writing, but I don't do it nearly often enough. I still need to get back into my Time Travel story, but I lost my motivation to continue when a computer crash lost like... what, three paragraphs of work? Still sucks. But anyways.

There's just this, like... warm fuzzy feeling I get when I read something that I put together myself, you know? Even when it's something for school. And an even warmer, fuzzier feeling when people comment on stuff that I write (like, "I liked it when this happened, and I have a question about that" sorta stuff, where people talk about specific things.).

Vaguely related: I'm a pedantic little grammar/spelling freak. I always want to point out people's mistakes for them-- it's this weird thing I do, I always want to "get out the red pen", as it were-- but I never do because most people seem offended when you do this. I never understood that. If I correct your spelling, I'm helping you out, not insulting your intelligence, you know?

The above is a good reason why I would probably make a good professional proofreader/editor. I might want to consider that as a career path. >.>

2. Hitchhiker's Guide
Oh, DNA. What would we do without your wit. I'm not 100% sure whether or not I'd call H2G2 "top 5-worthy" among my fandoms, but it's a close call.

3. Gamer

4. "Quiet IRL, V. talkative in /g"
Yes I copied your wording exactly. I'm gonna generalize this a bit, though: I'm wordy online in general. More so in venues other than WoW guild chat. I was surprised you thought I was talkative in guild chat, actually-- I hardly ever seem to talk on there. O_o Online in general, though? Just look at the word vomit you're reading right now. Yeah, it's a lot easier for me when I get the opportunity to articulate my thoughts and refine them before presenting them-- which is something you can do in an LJ post or even in an IM, but not in face-to-face.

That's not to say I dislike face-to-face interaction? I'm just not as good at it.

Lol. That's two now that're about writing, but I think I can forgive that. XD

I like Warcraft lore. Main thing holding me back from writing more about it is the fact that I'm still learning it. I think it's interesting and I enjoy the prospect of writing about it though. Alpha can tell you all about how... into it I got when I was writing lore for my Maple Story fics god knows how long ago... same thing carries over here, except I don't have to invent the lore myself.

Though I did like inventing my own lore.

Which reminds me. I have officially written a character with the name Axzem in three fandoms now. Of course, two of those were actually the same person, since Mabinogi's lore allows (actually necessitates) its characters to be from an outside universe. That was Axzem Byakko, who was literally the first character ever to bear the name-- I seriously made it up when creating my first Maple character, though I've used it like everywhere ever since. (That name is now stamped on a Maple character, a Mabinogi character, a Flyff character, a DOMO character, a WoW character, and a Guild Wars character; it would be stamped on a Gaia avatar, but SOMEONE ON GAIA HAD ALREADY TAKEN THE NAME, SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE THE CHANCES. gawd.) The Axzem of Azeroth is not the same character, sad as it feels to let the original one go. The new one is Axzem Hildebrand, who very much originated in Azeroth.

Speaking of, that name has a story behind it, though not a very long one. When I was trying out Guild Wars, I of course had to have a character named Axzem... but imagine my surprise and disdain when I find out that Guild Wars characters are required to have last names. So I flail for a while, then do a search on some name sites to come up with something that works sufficiently well. Eventually I came up with Hildebrand, which-- even though I've now abandoned that GW character-- I've now decided is a good name for the new Axzem.

Bleah I put too much thought into my characters.


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He went on

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[Several hours later]

...and on.

But, he really got into it, and it was sort of cute to see him all bouncy and flailing about these wonderful and indepth bits of lore that he was making up. It made me smile. And I only drop hints of being irritated by it, Matt, because I loev you. :3
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