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So I found out earlier what Final Fantasy's "Beastmaster" class is called in Japanese.


(Before you comment about the character's name: I used a save file from the english translation patch on the japanese rom. >>;)


Jul. 2nd, 2006 07:48 pm
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Well, for the first time since the trip started, I've been able to get on the internet somewhere that's NOT an internet cafe. So, I actually have enough time to update my journal now.

Oh, yeah, did I mention to everybody else that I'm in Japan?

Yeah. Been about two weeks now. So far, we've gone to... Oh, let's see...

Tokyo for three days.
Himeji for two days.
Nagasaki for two days.
Osaka for five days.

And while in Osaka, we took day trips to Kyoto and Nara.

Needless to say, we've been kept quite busy. O.o;;;

Too freaking many things have happened to recount all of them right here. When going, I kind of counted on being able to update regularly from internet cafes, but I didn't really count on the fact that I'd have so many emails to write and other things to do in the time allotted that I wouldn't really have enough time to update. >_<;;; However, I very nearly updated from my PSP in Himeji, but I pressed the wrong button and lost the whole thing. And typing on a PSP is such a pain, (and REALLY, I mean a PAIN) that I decided I wouldn't try a second time. I only managed half an entry before reaching the PSP's text limit, and that in itself took like a half hour of constant typing.

BUT. I suppose I can outline and briefly describe some of the sights and scenes we've encountered.

In Tokyo:

Meiji temple, a neat little temple surrounded in forest. Got some good photos here.]

Harajuku, a shopping district. Pretty neat, but really the girls were more enraptured by it than we were.

Tokyo National Museum. You haven't lived until you've seen a plushie Haniwa. XD

Akihabara. An electronics district described by Michael as "The Geek Mecca". I got a Cactaur plushie there. >DDD

In Himeji:

Himeji Castle, an ancient Japanese castle. Pretty neat.

The garden near the castle. Pretty boring.

In Nagasaki:

The Atomic Bomb museum. Self-explanatory, no?

Peace Park, a little park with monuments erected in memoriam of said bomb and the ensuing explosion. Pretty heavy stuff, but also pretty cool.

Glover Garden, which is explained adequately here.

In Osaka:

A history museum the name of which I can't remember.

An aquarium, the name of which is in a similar state as that of the previous.

Osaka Castle, which was closed anyways. ><;;

In Kyoto:

A whole freaking bunch of temples. To name them: Kiyomizu-dera, Kin-kakuji, and Ryoanji.

In Nara:

Deer feeding. I have some funny pictures from this. >DD

The Big Buddha (hereafter referred to by its proper name, "Dai-Butsu".)

And in Tsuruoka, we've stayed overnight at the youth hostel. The real story-making stuff, as I understand, is still yet to come. I'll update you on that when I can.

Well, until next time, I think this entry has gotten long enough. XDDD


Oct. 16th, 2005 10:35 am
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Apparently, it's been exactly two weeks since my last update. >.>;;

First off-- I moved into the room downstairs. I have internet, plus cable and my own bathroom now. It would be 100% effin' cool, if not for the fact that my brand new wireless connection is a little... shall I say, sensitive. ><

Second-- I just listened to the Advent Children version of One Winged Angel, and it thouroughly ROCKS. ^______^ I love the new lyrics.

Third-- Apparently, my N64's RFU adaptor is fried, so not only can I not play N64, but I also can't use my precious Gamecube. ;_;

Fourth-- I am actually satisfied with the Naruto dub. Not only did they pronounce "Sharingan" correctly, but they said it with a Japanese-style "r" sound. ^^

Fifth-- I watched the Hitchhiker's Guide movie last week. I have to say, I consider myself an H2G2 purist, but that was the first book-to-movie in history that I have actually been satisfied with. Nothing of vital importance was removed that didn't remain in the deleted scenes, except for the Guide entry on towels; that was the only glaring omission. Besides all that, they actually added to the plot, without taking very much out. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy recieves the coveted Majutsukai Stamp of Approvalâ„¢. ^______^

I've been wanting to update for a while, but have lacked the motivation. Well, now I've done it. x_x
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I've actually managed to get used to this wierd schedule... That doesn't mean I'm happy about not being able to sleep in like the other half of the students, but hey, whatever.

I managed to screw up last week's note, though. Got three out of the four signatures I needed, then gave it to Jones-sensei, and never got it back. x_x So, this weekend was kind of boring. And I managed to get a truckload of homework, even despite having only half my classes. -_-

I'm thinking now that I want to post chapter three of the scriptures... but I don't really know if I'm done making all the alterations I want to. Ah, I suppose I'll post what I have.

Chapter 3: The Development of Religion )

Yeah, this one's really short compared to the other chapters.

Over the weekend, I had to do a homework assignment for Mythology on my philosophy concerning good and evil. It was, despite all expectations, kind of fun. >_< Never thought I'd be saying that about something we were assigned in Mythology. Anyways, I borrowed a little bit from what has now earned the name "Sartenian Philosophy", which is not intrinsically related to my myths, but rather it's philosophy I came up with while inventing the myths. I just may post a little exposé on it later on, cuz I'm actually kind of proud of it. ^^
...however, I'm supposed to present it in front of class on tuesday. Which I plan on refusing to do.
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Yup, that time of year is here again... As of ~8:10 this morning. Another year, another...what? I honestly don't know. I'm not 18 yet, so there's still no hope tha my dad will back off of me. since I'm still in school now, I've yet to actually open gifts, so, still waiting for that. But, the birthday trip has been squared away, so that's good. ^^
In other news, we were talking about that lady in the almost-coma (forget her name right now) in Mythology... I can't believe that there're any people that side with her parents! I mean, come on, she's grown up now, her parents aren't responsible for that decision, plus she's married, and her husband said to take the tube out... So, where's the argument? If you ask me, the moment they sidestepped her last wish, they were no longer giving her the right to live; they're giving her an obligation to it. just let the poor woman die! >_<
Well, looks like I have to get back to class now. Ja!

Break time

Feb. 18th, 2005 10:42 pm
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Well, the last week of school before mid-winter break has officially drawn to a close.
One thing: I got signatures from all four of my teachers, even in programming, where circumstances seemed dead set against me succeeding. How is it that three separate assignments that I did and turned in could just dissapear into the void, anyways? Yeah, that caused a little bit of a pain in the ass for me, but I managed to wrap it up today.
Another: For the first time this semester, I managed to get homework in all four of my classes. o.o That means that I have Adv. Algebra (Story problems for systems of equations with three variables. Not fun. x_x), Programming (Making a game where you mix and match hats, heads, bodies, etc. to create a character), Mythology (ten essay-type questions on The Last Unicorn, which was actually a fairly decent movie), and Japanese (A Sakubun. This is going to be common terminology for me now, so it's a composition, basically a Japanese free-write). In other words, predictably enough, I got an amount of homework proportional to the amount of time I have off. Mochiron.
And another: STILL haven't fixed the internet on my new computer, which is turning out to be a major pain in the ass. And to exacerbate the matter, I'm being told not to use my old computer until I fix it, which effectively cuts me off from the internet. Which is why I had to wait until such an ungodly hour to post this. Shush! Naijo da.
As for the specifics, they have me baffled. The USB chord is firmly connected, the computer acknowledges a connection, everything. The only thing that's missing is the actual internet.
So, that's all for this session. I currently lack a clever way to close this entry. So, yeah.
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Been a while since my last entry, I know. -_-
First thing: My friend Joey has gotten me hooked on the soundtrack to the Broadway Musical version of the afformentioned book, Wicked. "What is this Feeling", "Defying Gravity", "Popular", and "No Good Deed" absolutely r0x0rz ur s0x0rz. ^^
Second. A little rant about the governor election thing.
OK, let's take a look here. Rossi wins the vote, Democrats cry foul. Gregoire wins, Republicans cry foul. Hm, do we see a pattern here, children? Both sides are just sour about not winning and want to exploit the voting system to its fullest extent. I surely didn't hear Rossi complaining about an unfair election when he had won due to a large number of valid votes not being counted. Did we know "The will of the people" then? No. And who was the one protesting the idea of a recount? The dishonorable victor that we now find complaining about an unfair election only once he's no longer in the lead. ALTERIOR MOTIVE SENSES TINGLING! Of course that doesn't mean that Gregoire is the incarnation of perfection, but the fact remains. Is it possible to really know what the people want? No. Which means that my point is effectively now void, but that doesn't really mean I can't get out a little political rant once in a while, because I rarely do.
OK, now that that's out of the way, onto other stuff.
I have my speech for my Citizenship Project tomorrow. Not at all happy about that. As if the body of the project, with ten hours of community service and a full portfolio about it, wasn't hard enough, they have to throw on a speech about the damned thing that I didn't know about until monday of this week. I hate competencies... ;_;
Third. I have about 1400 megabytes of files I need to transfer to my new computer from the dinosaur I'm using at this moment. I can't write to CDs because for some reason that only God in heaven would be able to discern (Which means nobody knows) the new computer won't read CDs burned by the old. And I can't use a LAN connection because that would require a ton of software that I don't have, so it looks like the only option left is to use the 64 megabyte mp3 player/flash drive to transfer it a little bit at a time. That's gonna take a while, ne? -_-'
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First off, take a look at my shiny new icon! Well, as shiny as my limited photoshop skills will allow, at least. Homestar joke. ^^
Second, yesterday I went out to break my new Barnes & Noble Gift Card in, and from that I got volume 6 and 7 of the english Yu-Gi-Oh Manga (my favorite so far) and the novel Wicked, by Gregory Maguire (Which is turning out to be excellent so far ^^). There was a lot more that I wanted to get, but I had to resist for the sake of having spending money left on the thing. ^-^'
And third, I probably won't update for the rest of the week, cuz I'm back to my Dad's later today, which means back to technology restriction. Graahhh... >_<
And now, please excuse me, for I have to finish a one-page paper that I just remembered I had yesterday before that time comes. Ja, mata!
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Boy, is it ever Sunday.
Our top story today: I won the auction, so I am now the proud owner of Banjo-Tooie on the N64. ^^ And it only set me back $8.25, too; pretty good, considering some auctions were going as high as $20.50. @_@
So, yeah. Been workin on PO a little bit; As well as a little Games Factory project I've started that's basically a Homestar fangame. So far, you can play as Homestar on the set of The Show (A reality/game show where the goal is literally to survive), Strong Bad in Techno-Chocolate land (As referenced in email "Monument", Based off the Aztec city Tenochtitlan), and the King of Town in the Dortugese Highlands (inspired by the Super Kingio Bros. Minigame in one of the H* halloween toons; don't worry, it's actually possible to win). At this point, Techno-Chocolate Land is the most finished world, with one and a half levels out of three finished; Dortugese Highlands has one, and The Show about one sixth. I may add The Cheat as a playable character later, and there will be hidden levels where you can occasionally play as hidden characters, such as Stinkoman and Strong Mad. It's not a project I expect to finish, but it's still fun to toy with. ^^
Anyways. Have no idea when that game is due to arrive, but I can honestly say I can't wait. :p
Oh, one more thing:

Become a God or Goddess.
by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofChildren
Animal Companion:Phoenix
Weak againstIce
Quiz created with MemeGen!

YES! Ph33r mah Phoenix! XD


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